31 Chicago, IL
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My self-summary
Self-summaries are hard. Everyone on the internet says so.

I'm a (current) student, a (former) nanny, a (former) chef, a friend, a lover, and an all around good time. I don't tend to care for sitting through movies, but I love watching TV shows, and I have a nasty addiction to the internet. I went to culinary school, and so while you might think that would make me perfectly suited for cooking romantic meals, I'd rather cook together. That said, cook for me, even box mac and cheese, and I will love you forever. Well, unless its the Velveeta mac and cheese. I don't eat that shit. Powdered "cheese" only, please.

I'm polyamorous, and currently sharing my local love life with the amazing chitownhero. I am also super fortunate to have several mindblowingly great long distance partners. Basically, what I'm saying is that I'm super duper fortunate, and also super duper busy. This isn't me telling you not to email me, but to keep your expectations casual. My interest drifts mostly towards female identified people, but my dating history skews to the male end of the spectrum. I'm really goofy and nerdy, but I am fiercely loyal and take my relationships seriously. If going out on dates, cuddling and making out, and watching a lot of Netflix together sounds fun, let's see how we match up OFF of OkCupid! I'm really not that swell at random introductions on the internet. I also kind of loathe the process of dating. It can feel a little like a job interview.

I am mordacious, intelligent, and more introverted than you'll think when you first meet me.

Meyers Briggs type INFJ, for whatever value that may hold to you.
What I’m doing with my life
After a decade as a chef, I've decided to go back to school to get a degree in nutrition. My favorite job was teaching underemployed/unemployed people how to cook and get jobs as prep/line cooks. Now I want to take all of that experience, add a little more book knowledge to it, and go back to changing the world.

After I get sick of changing the world, though...the circus! Except for that nasty phobia of clowns I have, I'm sure it could work out. I always wanted to go somewhere where I felt like people saw the world the way I do, bright and colorful and very, very strange.
I’m really good at
I don't know about "really" good, but I'm good at cooking and singing...sorta. I kind of have a deep seated love of karaoke, but if you ask me about it to my face, I may deny it. I'm a pretty first rate snuggler, too.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm told that most people notice my smile first. I'm pretty animated. I keep hoping that it will be something cool like the third eyelash from the center on my right eye, but that just hasn't happened yet. I'm beginning to wonder if I should grow another appendage so that I can have something original and unique to put in this here little section.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Game of Thrones series, In Defense of Food, Harry Dresden series. I LOVE to read, and there are very few books that don't interest me.
Movies: Not a big movie person, but I will admit to loving big action movies with scads of special effects and scantily clad people. I'm not a cinema buff, and I make no claims to be one. If you are, that's totally cool with me, just be prepared to explain what you're so excited about.
TV shows: I vastly prefer TV shows to movies. Coupling (the British version), Community, and early episodes of Good Eats are favorites.
Music: Modest Mouse, Nellie McKay, Marilyn Manson, The Killers, Aesop Rock, Dessa, opera and classical, etc...again, eclectic is awesome.
Food: I'll eat just about anything. I love traditional ethnic cuisines, and any seafood. If you pick a decent restaurant to go to or cook me something delicious, I will be a happy person. I've finally learned to like specific types of olives, and I'm allergic to bell peppers, but most any food is interesting and enjoyable to me :)
The six things I could never do without
-my laptop (See multiple references to internet addiction)
-my iPhone (Siri and I are BFFs, or something)
-my chefs knife (Its shiny and big and sharp, and it loves me)
-my stuffed elephant (Her name is Ellie and if you buy me a drink, I might be coerced in to telling you about her)
-my cat, Trysten (she's super adorable and quirky...just like every other cat on the internet)
-a car (I like to go places that aren't wherever I am)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
New recipes, random sexual scenarios, whether or not I should consider the internet an addiction or if I could give it up if it was.
On a typical Friday night I am
-hanging with friends




-out having adventures
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am way kinkier than you, and that's okay with me. No, I'm not kidding. Telling me about the shitty plastic handcuffs you keep next to your bed will NOT interest me, but asking intelligent and informed questions about this admission, or sharing something similar, will.

Also (bonus private thing!) - People that present as female tend to make me stammer, blush, and in general act like a shy 12 year old boy. I like ladies, I do! I just...can't really manage any passable conversation at first. I warm up in time!
You should message me if
SHALLOW EDIT: if you look like or sound like Tom Hiddleston, please apply within. Quickly. Good god.

if you know something I don't and want to tell me about it. I have an almost fetishistic desire to understand things I know nothing about, so even if the thing you're passionate about means nothing to me, I can get pretty excited about it. If you're not passionate about it, though...don't bother.

if you like low-key dates and queer identified people that think chapstick and mascara is a makeup routine, but also love having an excuse to get all dolled up.

if you're tall.

if you like to try new restaurants.

Or...you know, if you're bored. (I have GOT to stop using ellipses so much.)

Also, if you'd kiss me first.

You should NOT message me if:

You voted for Mitt Romney or plan to vote for Donald Trump (frankly, I'd be startled if you made it this far in my profile if you met either of these conditions).
You feel it necessary to tell me how no, really, you are WAY kinkier than me.