38 San Francisco, CA
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My self-summary
i don't seem to receive "likes," so if you "like me," shoot me an email!

i'm a cheeky, fun-loving, and independent lady with a good sense of humor and a great sense of rhythm (according to my kindergarten teacher-funny story). i grew up in the bay area - moved around a bit in my 20s and 30s - and made my way back to sf in 2011.

i'm a berkeley grad (GO BEARS!) and an attorney by trade, but i've changed gears a bit recently...i love what i do for a living. ask me about it.

more than anything else, i value my relationships with family and friends. my parents are from great britain and are still (happily?) married after 45 years. i grew up catholic - not practicing now, but the catholic guilt remains. i spend a lot of time with my sister and my three nephews. i love them to pieces. i also feel really lucky to have great friends from every stage of my life. i've been friends with my best friend since we were five!

i love to laugh and to make others laugh with my somewhat sarcastic sense of humor and occasional self-deprecating stories (you know, the whole british thing). i enjoy going to shows - aziz ansari was my last show - he was hilarious - made some great observations about the downsides of this on-line dating thing!

i love to dance (that is a huge understatement).

i keep up on current events and i enjoy a good debate. the new york times, the pbs news hour, and npr are my daily sources of information. i grew up listening to the bbc on my dad's short wave radio. an awareness of the world outside of the bubble that is san francisco is really important to me.

music - i love how a song can transport you to a certain time and place. my tastes range from jt to depeche mode. i've been forced to renounce my former music snobbery (i went to the taylor swift concert this year). just like heaven by the cure is still my favorite song of all time - it makes me smile on the inside and want to spin around in circles.

exercise - i work out four or five times a week. mostly body conditioning (i've got some guns!) and bikram yoga (i can be a hot, sweaty mess!). i tend to get a bit grumpy if i don't work out regularly, and i tend to make decisions about my social life based on whether there is a class i want to take in the morning.

sports - i love going to CAL, 49ers, and Giants games. still haven't made it out to see the sharks, but would like to. i'm a bit obsessed with the olympics, and several of the items on my bucket list are sports related-olympics, world cup, superbowl. i went to the world series in 2014 (game 5). it was amazingly fun! i play golf (terribly) and i've recently picked up tennis. any interest in a match?

travel - like so many others on this site, i'm planning the next stamp for my passport. i have a general rule not to go to a place where i've already been - but i have had to break it a few times in the past few years - my friends keep getting married in places that i've already visited. damn them! i've traveled all over europe and central america and spent some time in the middle east.

who i'm looking for - a kind, funny, smart, and perhaps irreverent man, who won't be embarrassed when i start singing into my finger microphone, and might start singing into his own (not required), who wants to travel the world, go to the gym or on a hike, and head to a show or a game. someone who can make me laugh and who will laugh at/with me! someone who values family and friends, can communicate his feelings, and is not afraid to open his heart to me.
What I’m doing with my life
livin it
I’m really good at
dancing, karaoke, backbends, making brownies, making fun of myself, playing hide and seek, and completing puzzles (my nephew's favorites)...i also do a mean glaswegian accent and mix a lethal cocktail!
The first things people usually notice about me
my smile? my laugh? depending on my clothing choice, perhaps my cleavage? who the hell knows-no one ever tells you that! actually, one thing people do say - i look younger than my age.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books - i love a good story, so i tend to read fiction. i've always got a book on my nightstand. just finished the road. all time favorites? paula, kite runner, the namesake, middlesex, a prayer for owen meany, and anything by david sedaris, he cracks my shit up!

music - arcade fire, the shins, the decemberists, death cab for cutie, jt, jayz, oldies but goodies - new order, the cure, the smiths, depeche mode.

shows - i'm not afraid to admit that i own and watch television. some favs, mr. robot, mad men, breaking bad, house of cards, homeland, arrested development, parks and rec, the daily show, frontline, the news hour-i'm a sucker for mark shields...i wish he was my grandpa (although i think he's younger than my dad)!

movies - i don't go to the movies in the theater much, but i enjoy watching comedies, dramas, and documentaries...i don't do scary. all time favs? royal tenenbaums, garden state, the breakfast club, the princess bride, dirty dancing. coincidence that they all have great soundtracks?
The six things I could never do without
exercise - yoga, weight training, hiking, spinning
a good cup of tea (pg tips preferred!) and a good book
ice cream
Giants/Niners/CAL football (i'm a glutton for punishment)
yes, that's seven, six is a random number anyway!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
when will i be able to take down this profile?
am i the last facebook hold out?
will CAL ever make it to the rose bowl?
why do so many men on this site take selfies in front of the bathroom mirror?
is social media killing our ability to relate to one another?
On a typical Friday night I am
happy hour and/or dinner...hopefully out with friends and having a good time!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i cried during the last colbert report. i knew that i loved stephen, but tears, really?
You should message me if
you can make me laugh, you enjoy cutting a rug, you want to grab a drink and have a chat, and see where it goes...

please don't message if you are looking for a pen pal - who has time for that?