25 Helsinki, Finland
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My self-summary
How about meeting someone who talks like they write and they know how to write and life will be captivating. Just this once.

(you don't know if I'm talking about you or me and neither do I)
What I’m doing with my life
Learning. Improving. Sometimes unimproving.

I look at that graph that's supposed to describe my personality and I feel funny, in both senses of the word; and it's a good feeling, and I wonder if it makes me less soft, and how much that makes people feel they wouldn't like my rough edges.
I’m really good at
skimping on sleep, neglecting adult things, over engaging in conversation and disposing of material possessions. Need to get rid of something? I can totes help you assess how much you don't need it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Non-fiction literature. Occasionally a bit of fiction too, to balance things out. Just not fantasy (except that one time...). Sorry. I know, we'll never work out now. Maybe in another universe.

Sci-fi, horror and the most retarded comedies you can think of (not Monthy Python); Breaking Bad is the only TV show I've ever truly loved. one luv

Music lover of acoustic guitars, banjos, violins, cellos (basically any string instrument), long post-rock tracks verging on classical and folk, sad sad songs with soft voices and for variety, sometimes I put on some dubstep or Cult of Luna/ISIS/Agalloch (why do these bands form a seemingly sacred triangle?) -- or that one screamo-punk-hardcore-black-metal band you've never heard of and wouldn't enjoy anyway. I'm a disgusting hipster.

Please know how to cook or be willing to learn (with me). Food is sexy. Let's be sexy motherfuckers together. In a completely non-sexual way.
The six things I could never do without
I'll do without most things. The less I own, the better.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
language; grammar. How infinitely complicated (people-)things are. What you're thinking right now and how nice it would be to talk about it. Silly things that spice up the mundane. Jokes. Endings and new beginnings. How we became who we are at present. Wondering where someone I don't yet know but someday will is right now or if they ever wonder about hypothetical me's existence. Wondering where I'll be a week, month, year, decade from now. Plans; destroying plans. Undoing the very fabric of who we are as if it were a lego puzzle you can pick apart and reconstruct in various ways. Writing. Space. Science-y things. Dreams -- both the ones we have at night and the ones we weave during the day.

How am I so submissive? Does this algorithm interpret my apathy towards most questions as 'submissiveness' or what? My not giving a fuck is not exactly the same as going along with or being accepting of X.
On a typical Friday night I am
singing along to this song
You should message me if want us to have a story. Oh, what kind of story will it be? Probably not the kind where a romantic subplot ruins an otherwise perfectly decent adventure. Those are the worst. Well those and topless photographs. Please no.

...your profile does not start with an explanation of how bad you are at putting yourself into words and/or those words do not consist of 'geeky' and 'nerdy'. For the love of god (irony +1) please be interested in yourself so that the rest of us might give it a try.