36 Columbus, OH
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My self-summary
Well let’s see if I can make this a 1,000 words long as this OkCupid app says it should be.

Hello, my name is Jeff and I have lived in Columbus for 7 years, and recently switched jobs (6/11) to a job where I work 50% from home and 50% traveling the east side of the United States. I am in the midst of making some serious changes in my life and it is starting with getting in better shape. I have always been viewed as a “bigger guy” but have NEVER seen myself the way other might. So I am working on getting myself to look on the outside how I have always felt on the inside. This is not some phase, this is something that I am totally committed to the change of lifestyle, and if you are not able to help me keep things on track then I am defiantly not interested.

I have dropped 40 lbs. since starting my change in Aug 2010 and planning on keeping the progress going. My shirts might fit better, and others notice the changes, but I still can't tell a big difference. I see a little difference in my face but not in the areas I want to see the biggest changes. I always enjoy going for a hike, a walk in the metro park or I usually prefer a good bike ride. My average ride is probably around 15 to 20 miles, but I’ll break out into a 30+ miles bike ride every weekend or every other. I am still working up to bigger distances. I have honestly say that I really wish Ohio winters were not so darn cold and snowy. Maybe I need to take up skiing but I would be more likely to take up sledding (Is that an option at the slopes?)

This spring with my bike riding, hiking, and walking I will be taking up jogging at first and transiting into running. I have already spent some of my money and signed up for my first race, a Warrior Dash in Logan, Ohio! If you do not know what it is you REALLY need to Google it, the race is in June and I need to get people to come out and support me and shoot some photos of ME. I know it's no Iron Man but you have to begin somewhere.

I am the youngest (not the baby) of four; I have a brother and two sisters and NINE nieces and nephews. I grew up in a small town about hour fifteen minutes north of Columbus, Tiffin. This is where my siblings and parents still live. I’m sure they would love to see me move back but I can’t say that I will or will not, maybe someday if I have a family.

I love love love to travel, I have been to Italy, India, Virgin Island, Bahamas, Canada, and New Jersey (that last one is so different it deserves to be on the list). I am currently putting together my dream domestic vacation which will be seeing the sights and sounds of the western USA. It will be at least a two week road trip and if I can afford the time off of work and afford it monetary I will make it a third week. If you have been out there or know of places I just must see, please let me know.

I love to shoot photos, and my last camera body purchase was a Canon 7D, I also have a Canon 20D that is now my backup body and I shoot mainly with L series of lenses. If you have any clue what that all means you also should drop me a line :-), if you do not know what it all means it will give us something to talk about. If you shoot with Nikon, I don' judge, we can still be friends ;-) we just will not be able to share lenses, but they say opposites attract! I am always willing to learn and would love to go on a photo walk or a metro park to shoot photos and exchange tips.

I am always looking forward to the future and finding the good and fun parts of it. I know to admit when I am wrong and defend when I am right. I am privileged to have a lot of diverse friends from all walks of life. I get passionately involved in my big interests in my life. I like the fall more than the winter and spring more than summer. I prefer character to cute, puppies to kittens and dancing in the rain to dancing in the club.

I am affectionate, have my romantic but original moments, I am creative and exploit it with my photography. I have been a computer nerd, a bad dancer, a good lover, a great uncle, an amateur photographer, but mostly I have tried hard to be a good man and a better friend. I love to be silly and goofy, but know when to be serious. I will be a lot of other things before I am done, but I would most like a woman to share my adventures with and someone that can keep things exciting....

You can make me smile even when you are not with me. You can be passionate and spontaneous. You don't live in the past and expect the best of the future. You can smile even when soaking wet playing in the rain. You would never take me too seriously and could make me laugh in case I took you too seriously. You know how to change your mind at the last moment and make it seem the most sensible thing in the world.

...well, I think I've met the 1,000 words that OkCupid thought this should be, I know it ramble on, but it's not easy to type this much.

Please drop me a line and lets start a conversation!
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