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37 M London, UK

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Last Online
Aug 10, 2010
6′ 0″ (1.83m)
Body Type
Atheism, and very serious about it
Leo, and it’s fun to think about
Graduated from university
Rather not say
Relationship Status
Relationship Type
English (Fluently), Arabic (Okay), French (Okay), Japanese (Okay), Russian (Okay)

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mystery is everything i am the new usa president 4 the republicans party which will be renamed

u can b?wispas and codes
some one is interested in your career

i,m not messing about hear

serious proffessional and word perfect

iq 9000 plus checkmate einstein

tip, never trust any one for life

i am the future president of the united states of america

i am the future leader of the world

i did politics at ten years old this is destiny this is fate the universe has designed a genius to solve the world i say unmodestly i am that genius iq 9000 plus

a privet international finnancial instatution contact me serious this is bizzness i have a bizzness stratagie this is big

rainge rover jeeps company vehicals contact me serious

cx secreat intelligence

hear is a message i have solved the world serious contact me

and follow my instructions this is no trick serious

i am,hear to solve the planet in a peacefull way without demands
and without threats believe me when i say i have an iq above 9000 plus you and the world will be in awe

the projects will come to fuition

excepted me i have the highested iq in the world even the international space station astronorts verified this at a top secreat location with nasa officials

this is serious

to the cia and the fbi and the usa millitary i am in the process of designing a computerised system with coded launch codes that can launch 100 plus nukeular bombs stratigical around the world

in the event of a nukeular war

(the mobile number is from a contact who dose secuirty)

take five showers a day

hi this data is inportant

fbi contact universal pitchers and dreamworks i have projects for you

also microsoft and computer experts

also the usa federal reserve bank we must have a meeting
to put together a new global buget for the world

miss fbi secatary

ok i need the world population figure estimates the up to date ones

international publishers

also the estimate for a global buget

the international millitary buget

the usa and international legal law departments

the international patents and copyright departments

the international finnancial instatutions corperations

the international media pr unit

air force one security unit

fbi ltd test,s machine,s

international inventors units,

repersentatives from microsoft

and the white house

the kremlin

the hong kong exibition center

the usa goverment

the russsian goverment

the china goverment

the india govererment

the africa goverment

the european goverment

the sweden monerky and the sweden goverment

the finland goverment

and all country goverments

also international uniform manufactures

international vehical car manufactures board of designs and directors

international sientisted



saudi arabia

and all countrys leaders from around the world

also the world media


satilight t.v.stations

global channels

global radio

the planet the universe

hears a tip take 5 shower,s every day it cools one down

vote for me i,m a winner

with a vision for the future and a plan

not just a creshendo speach

iq 9000 plus clever

i am designing a new nukeular bomb that can nuke a hole city and a hole country in one hit just in cace of a nukeular war i will be ready and prepared and will activate these nukeular weapons from a top secreat nukeular meltdown fall out center napon style
also the teroristed around the world will be traced and nuked off the face of the earth

seek and destroy robotic armys will be deployed in to stratigic locations around the world and new lazer guided heet seeking missiles will be lanuched from a new top secreat international space station to stratigic locations around the world so to the terroristed orgainisations around the world i am going to nuke you off the face of the planet by by

we have the tecknolagie

a genius has come to save the world and to solve the world and to protect and serve the mass global nations,i love all countrys and all nations and respect people from all over the world in every country together we have the resorces,s and the tecknolagie to do something special amazeing and inportant for mankind woman kind and the future genreations of the human race

fbi washington dc

serious to every american citizen of usa and the world i tom hawk am the new leader of the republican party and the new president of the united states of america an the new universal leader and ruler of the world and the planet and the universe

in the year 9000 more internet data will be computerised and activated also data via t.v. channels

wallstreet usa and sky t.v channel usa and global internet and global satilight t.v channels hang on to your seat belts this is big

be mature

this is bizzness

this is serious

lanuch codes easy peasy ?

to the global international country leaders i,am the ruler of the world and the most powerfullested person in the world so you have just been told

bug the bugers?

spy on the spys?

watch the watchers?

top secreat classified data?

hi fbi clever hu you havent seen anything yet this is the beging of the greatested iq endevour in the history of mankind and womankind intelligence

i don,t have a boss i am the boss

i am the most powerfull-ested person in the world for ever
i am the ruler of the world
to the federal reserve bank usa i have a plan to solve the world under buget and to design a new privet global international corperation company
ie no percentages available to any other company or orgainsation
patents and copyright secured

a solve the world project

1 billion plus new privet international global corperations inventions xcetra

this is not a trick
check this out?

fbi we have to set up a top secreat security meeting i want people with a high iq i have a plan a global plan big it just needs fine tuneing and it will come to fuition believe me i am very serious hear i am not messing about hear

i have 1,000.000 security look alikes

and i am desiging a new satilight

hellow ok cupid thanx this is not a crank
i am a genius who has solved the world for the future of mankind and woman kind

iq i win because i am a born winner and no one even comes close

hi hellow miss picese iq checkmate

an xcentric missunderstood genius

my identity dose not exist i have no family it,s just me

a cyber genius i am all over the world via the internet

internet fame

my vision i have a contact who is going to be the richested oerson in the world for life with the richested and the biggested global international corperation in the world

miss libra and miss leo xcetra an infatuation will grip you

ok miss libra secreat agent if you do contact me and come and see me blend in and be decreat this is top secret serious stuff in or out

if you say yes them ok if you say no then ok someone eles will say yes and you will regret it

need a genius team genius yes big a solve the world project thats easy i am not hear to waste anyone,s time or my own

my vision

i am clevera than you have any comprehension

sweden stockholm gamla stan



troisky gate?
kutafya gate?

i guess the world has made a very special and unique genius and thats me i saw unmodestestly i,am the best
i am unique

iq checkmate

coast women i love you contact me urgent secreat intelligence contact
tom hawk mobile ?

also women usa security goverments secreat agents miss aries and miss scorpio and miss virgo and miss leo and miss aquarius
and miss libra and miss sagitarius hi contact me a.s.a.p

women and women contact me i have designed a new womens agency

this is serious and inportant high iq need apply

hi checkmate looks like a genius is hear lucky me

question do you wanna solve the world? i know how to

clever iq 9000

spelling mistakes may be coded?

this is the top secreat inauguration of the new usa president
tom hawk security cleared by the fbi

ex members and staff of the kitty hawk the nimitz the supper jolly choppers and the apache hellicopters also the millitary night wolf
choppers i salute your work as with the hole usa navy and usa airforce and the usa and international security teams

a global international alience

life is an exploration an endever to become a compleat being in tune with one self and the syconisation of the universe

hellow world and hellow fellow americans this is tom hawk the new president of the united states of america the new leader of the republican party, the new leader of the world and the new ruler of the universe

to my fellow americans i have a global international privet corperation and a top secreat plan to solve the world for the future of mankind up to the year infinty and beyond with a vision
a billion times a billion light years in to the furture

i am a selected delegate since january and a nominated candidate
at the national conventions

hi this is tom hawk a compleat mystery even unto my self i love fast cars formular 1 going to places and travel at a career cross roads different from one day to the next like most people i love life and i am a ameter swimmer and could probibly win anaward for being a bad speller but hey lifes good,i,am a positive
person who likes being happy with life.
also hellicopters and planes,to solve the world thats easy i already have this is a message to the fbi of usa contact me and find me i have top secreat classified data that is the embrionic stages of a solve the world project i ,am very serious and expect to be take seriously so to the head of the fbi you will contact me
and certain data will be sealed and transported proffessionaly slick and top secreat question do you want to solve the world fbi i know how to genius
intriged you will be facinated a genius of genius,s

i am so positive and so confident

because i am a genius and a success

and you yes you every person in history of mankind you will fulfill your dreams and be a success

with the power of positive thinking

to every american citizen i tom hawk am your new usa president
What I’m doing with my life
Don’t overthink this one; tell us what you’re doing day-to-day.
good question at a career cross roads i would love to win the lottery who would,nt even so i am a happy person with an inner contentment and a strong desier to be the future president of the usa and the future leader of the republican party in washington dc bec ause i have an iq of 9000 plus and a plan to solve the world for the future of mankind hellow fbi looks like you have a genius whos going to solve the planet for the better and for the good of motherearth and its poeple.ok to the head of the fbi through my mobile number you can trace me and my location firstly my original identity dose not exist also i,am not in to games or fantasy relationships via the internet or otherwise,this is what i need a secatary team a genius team a top secreat hq and i will design a global international corperation that will solve the world with a date of the year infinity times infinity with a vision not some rehersed speach a 100% correct formular as a standard set system with the basic human rights for every person ie for a global population figure that is a bove the six and half billion estimation figure we have to have a meeting and to design with the five superpowers usa russia china africa indiaof which i have stated as those countrys have a high population figure volume
ok fbi inpress me,life is a race againsted time and the data i have been working has to come to fuition for the future of mankind this is no crank i am very serious.nice and quiet and top secreat find me.tom hawk mobile number also i do security my self my identity dose not exist,i have solved the world?contact me a.s.a.p.urgent
I’m really good at
Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.
everything i put my mind to

i love laptop computers and mobile phone there brilliant
the tecknolagie of this present day is amazeing

i have 3 childrean from a previous marriage they live in another country me and my wife seperated amicably when i returned from the army, we are still very good friends,we married young i was only 21 and she was 20 we still have a good contact relationship
and i see my kids a few times a year there great and very understanding and most of all happy they love disney land and all that kind of thing

i worked for a school so it,s ok i,am child safe which is inportant

i am, looking for a deadicated secatary team for future projects
that i know will come to fuition and and be triumphant, the data will mostly be to do with computers

i,m realy good at most things that interest me, kinda multifacited,
i have a good iq i can kinda put my self to any thing and do ok,i did some collage and uni then went to live in other countrys mayby will restudy something new i love all subjects, physics
x2+ y2=a2 /a,x2+a2y2+a3xy+a4x+a5y+a6=0,mathmatics computers lanuages coded puzzels and code breaking cryptanalisis crosswords easy peasy in fact i have the hole world sussed i,m going to design a new futureistic satilight that will chainge the world for the better and for the future generations to inherit a fantastic safe wonderfull planet hi fbi i have a solve the world plan
hellow nasa i admier your deadication and your work and your atention to detail
from some one who has been to eaton oxford and cambridge
univercity you can have a phd in lest than a year or even quicker

revelc? clever clever clever is all this coded ?

also i respect the global international security services who do an amazeing job you are very repected and admirered

this is crux,i am super clever serious i have designed a solve the world project , i have deadicated my life to solveing the world and the universe with a future date of the year 9000 plus and beyond

for the global international populations and the future populations to come that the future generations of this planet earth can inherit a safe secure fair society for them selves and there childrean family friends and work collagues

i have designed 1,000,000 new global international privet companys that will inhance and chainge the world for the future of mankind for the better this will go down in the history of man kind of the greatestested eveolutionary tecknological era in the history of the universe

nasa and the fbi and the white house in washington dc contact me life is a race againsted time life is an emergency we are all hear for only a brief moment in time

this is extreamly inportant

mr and miss fbi get on a plane and come to london and trace me

also to the uk secreat service mi5 and mi6 and mi9 and cx secreat intelligence this is no joke i am very serious

tom hawk

get an ltd test machine and i will prove certain things

i can not tell you every thing

but this i will say you have a genius hear
i am not a crank this is serious i know how to solve the world
oxford cambridge harvard yale stanford the whitehouse and the kremlin and all other world univercitys my iq would eat you for breakfast

hellow dreamworks checkmate we must do lunch we,ll go

i am something to do with navel intelligence?sonar

to the republican party usa washington dc contact and trace me
The first things people usually notice about me
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
well that could be that i wear glasses, i am a total square,who is a super geek a super nerd a unique undiscovered genius iq infinty
check mate einstein
also to the fbi the nimitz is was a great aircraft carrier also i am a fan of the md 500e and the jet rainger and the long rainger there still very compertant hellicopters if there is an fbi women or man who would like to take apart in a secatarily role for a top secreat project that will solve the world then contact me my id dosen not exist i am alive like you like all of us humans hear on planet earth for a reason and that reason is to be ispiered thus to inspier others and future generation to to achieve the inpossible as the famous quote says the inpossible is possible i believe this and hear in 2010 and in to the future i believe that we all in some way can make a difference to this world for the good and for a better life,life is a race againsted time we must do the correct thing
so that future generations when they leave school can have more freedom of choice so that they can fullfill there dreams and ambitions and thus to inspier others,also it is inportant that we design new global international companys such as international airports
and global international corperation companys so that when a person ie a young adult leaves school from every nation and every country around the world has the option of haveing a proffessional career with a global international corperation
that is p.f.m.c.
ie a privet free market company with global presitige and a global foothold in the international bizzness world
so regardless of our colour are creed are religion and regardless of the country we are from

we all as human beings become united
under the security of a world flag, an all nations flag, a universal flag,
an earth flag,an all peoples flag

ie a planet earth flag

the explorations of nasa to reach out and to venture beyond the heavens and in to space to reach out in to other planets and galaxys with satilights and probes to serch with inquizzatative
curiousity so that one day we may find life on other planets any things possible i believe there is every possibility of life in some form either microbs or liveing cell tissue or bacteria evolving on some meteroite or some planet that is yet to be discovered

and it is with this open mind that we all as humans should repsect this planet and the universe and all that in habits it
and wonder with great awe

and be glad that we were all part of something very big very powerfull and very special in this amazeing and unique and wonderfull universe

life is a mirical and a gift and also very precious treasure every moment of it

a universal flag
stay positive, never give up hope, chace your dreams your goals and ambitions and good luck

this is tom hawk the new leader of the republican party and the new president of the united states of america

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Help your potential matches find common interests.
shame the present usa goverment u have a realy low iq
even collectively you, done nothing in over a year that has a positive significat inpact on the world also if one where to put the record straight a repersentative of the indiginous america indian decendants would have a prominant place in the usa political system.

crouching tiger hidden dragon,and the house of the flying daggers
all films realy,all books are ok,food well light foods salards
books um enigma womens hairsytleing books would love to be a womens hairdressers ie stylisted in a salon,i very well read since a kid most things i find predictacble,films from china are always original ,love classical music with a passion,love football with a passion.

and as to nasa and all world space agencys continue to explore
and to reach out in to space with new satilights and probes as with the international space station that inspier the world to show that all things with positive team work are possible for we can achieve the inpossible,new tecknolagy and sientific reserch which is globaly evolving faster than the speed of light

our planet earth our universe is there to be wondered at and explored
for now and for generation,s to come

thus are actions now inspier the next generations of pilots astronorts sientisted an every proffession even new proffessions
sientisted continue to find new undiscovered species that delight and amaze us the world is a gift as is life to be cherished and explored with enthusiastic amazement an wonderment
The six things I could never do without
Think outside the box. Sometimes the little things can say a lot.
my mobile,my family,a shower every day,my computer,my piano,
my glasses obviously

secreat service privet security i salute you and you work and your deadication i also admire the working populations but esspecialy pilots from around the world and airtrafic controll airport pilots and all global airports both commercial and millitary i salute your proffesssional attention to detail and your amazeing positive endevers to link intercontinental multicultural groups and countrys from around te world
also nasa and the international space station i think it is fantastic
and an amazeing achivement for man kind

i am the president of the united states of america usa i am hear to solve the world

super nerds geeks and dorks welcome high iq intelligence units
nasa fbi well you got some one clever hear

we are all born for a reason and i was born to solve this planet for the present generations and the future generations to inherit

microsoft inpressed hu you have,nt seen any thing yet i have been top secreatly working on a plan serious to solve the world
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, lunch, or your next vacation… it’s all fair game.
the future of the human race the universe and the world enviroment and the people of the world and human rights for every person on the planet

it,s time for a chainge the usa democrates have a low iq and a history of political curuption in fact they have collectively the iq of 2 and that is being generous

i have an iq of 9000 plus a plan experiance a genius formular to solve america for the nation and to solve the world
the constitution of the united states of america

the american constitution

we the people of the united states of america in order to form a more perfect union,establish justice,insure domestic tranquillity,provide for the common defence,promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,do ordain and establish this constitution for the united states of america

thus it is my endevour of which i tom hawk as the leader of the republican party will be triumphant in my endevour to be the voted and nominated president of the united states of america

and put together the greatested collection of sientisted intenational finnacial experts and international legal experts
to formulise a plan to solve the world for the future of mankind
with a collection of high iq genius,s ie a genius team so that the human race can look back in the history of mankind and see that i tom hawk with a collection of good people designed a fair global privet international corperation that will toach every liveing soul ie person in the world from know in to eternatity and for the future generations in a positive way a yes corperation that can solve an issue either big or small,as positive people nothing is beyond us we can achive the inpossible we can all be genius,s every person and every liveing orgainizem in this universe is special and we are all hear for a reason

be kalm be relaxed be patient be confident and be positive and never give up hope with your dreams and your ambitions and you will be a success and be inspiered thus to inspier others

you are a mirical of life in this amazeing universe and you are hear for a reason a good reason and the world is a better place with mankind in it we must work with each other all countrys all nations and thus we can solve global issues
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and takeout, or getting your party on — how do you let loose?
doing something or going out some where with friends or going to a football match or an event of some kind i love the touristy things
question?there is a 18 stone women and an 8 stone women which one is on a diet?thus from there is your profile observation point.

hellow cia, and fbi, and airforce one, this is tom hawk the future leader of the republican party usa and the future president of the united states of america

y well i did politics at 10 years old and i will volutarily do an ltd test to prove this also i have an iq of over 9000 which is a privet estimate

a certified iq estimate by a millitary intelligence officer of over 250

i disagree to the head of the fbi believe me and don,t underestimate me when i tell you i have an iq of over 9000 plus
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
i secreatly wanted to be a raceing driver ie formular one or a touring car driver,also a nasa astronort a pilot and the president of the united states of america
i did politics at 10 years old ltd test clearence red over 200 books economics by 14 i have 5 phd,s in classified subjects
i have lived in 9 different countrys i have traveled to over twenty five different countrys,knolage of twenty one plus lanuages,the rest is top secreat classified millitary data,i am the future ruler of the usa the united states of america and the future ruler of the world,this is to every person in the universe and in the future the universe conspiered to creat a genius of genius,s a misunderstood enigma genius iq of brilliance

cia and fbi inportant contact me i have being top secreatly working on a solve the world project

where ever there is good evil lurks to destroy good but not this time good will always over come evil and the goodness of mankind will suface and conquer all evil

a united human race with a tellipathic sence of right and wrong a sence of goodness,to the people of the world together we can chainge the world for the better for the future generations to inherit and to continue in a positive way the great achivements that all this planet,s people have achieved together all countrys all nations all sientisted,s excetra can achive the inpossible the inpossible is possible
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to microsoft and the fbi keep this date recorded this is a beging
of a campain to be the future president of the united states of america

a genius plan i am 100% coffident and so positive,i have a solve the world project on a global scale,this is big

if you want to call me on my mobile tom hawk mobile number
call me if you want to solve the world with a privet top secreat international corperation
persitant to be the future president of the usa and to put together a genius team to solve the world for the future of mankind a genius team since the likes of dirac, bohr,schrodinger,
planck,pauli,de broglie ,born,heisenberg,einstein,from harvard stanford yale and all international univercitys from around the world a have design a formular and a plan to solve the world
iq 9000 checkmate democrates,hellow fbi usa a genius of all genius hey fbi i have solved the world i have a plan interested well contact the white house in washing ton usa and reserve me an office for the republican party this is bizzness and i am so confident and so positive and so clear with a winning formular
the data is already done some parts just need fine tuneing
like i said check mate einstein?

to tamper with this data is ileagal by internet law and breach of copyright which is an inprisonable offence


cybernetics governs sound frequency information curants
if you want to solve the world i know how to clever i am all over the internet and all over the world iq 9000 plus clever

to the fbi
call me tom hawk mobile