47 Canberra, Australia
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My self-summary
Starting off with "likes" seems easy: I like reading, music, museums and galleries, travelling, restaurants, cocktail bars and talking. And lots of other things, actually.

Oh, and I'm from NZ and I spent about 5 years in London. I'm in Australia as of five years ago because my girlfriend at the time lured me here. And hey, the money's decent. :-) I'm fairly introverted in terms of new people and situations, but I certainly don't lack social skills: once I'm warmed up, I'm all good. But I tend to prefer lovers/partners who are more extroverted than I am, for obvious reasons.

Regarding relationships, I'm into polyamory, so I'm not exclusive, but I do know the value of boundaries and commitment. I am not, however, into swinging or orgies (but if you're keen, go to it). I also have a kinky side I'm exploring at present, although that isn't a compulsory thing I require from other people (bonus, though!)

I'm not at all girlie - am actually fairly butch in a non-macho kind of way - but I do like kick-arse non-butch women. Oh, and I don't do boys (much), or your boy if you're a couple looking for a Hot Bi Babe. I also have no problem at all with bisexual or "no label" women - in fact, many of my partners have been bisexual.

I'm extremely opinionated about many things, including queer issues, feminism and leftie (anarchist-leaning) politics. Don't worry, I don't do political rants constantly, although if you don't consider yourself to be a feminist (small or big "f"), and habitually vote conservative, it's probably not worth wasting our time. I do, however, manage to maintain my sense of humour about many things - in fact, I have a pretty good capacity for silliness too. I can also manage to keep my mouth shut in front of the parental units or the boss. But if strong opinions bother or embarrass you, I'm probably not a person you'd want to hang out with. I also swear LOTS. Again, not in front of grandma, but I'm also not apologetic about it.

I also have a Dreamwidth/LJ, so feel free to catch me there if I haven't sufficiently bored you already. :-)
What I’m doing with my life
Working working working. Eating. Sleeping. Travelling to Sydney or NZ or Europe or wherever when the mood takes me (and I have the money).
I’m really good at
Reading. My job (computers). Having fantastic friends and lovers.
The first things people usually notice about me
God only knows - the opinionatedness, and that I have a sense of humour, I think. Oh, and the swearing LOTS.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - too many to mention, but mainly good sci-fi/fantasy, detective and GBLT fiction, with a sufficient numbers of interesting non-fiction reads. Last non-fiction I read was "Taste", a social history of England via food.

Movies - again, those with GBLT or indie themes, always excepting "Claire of the Moon" (unless you want to mute the sound and invent your own dialogue). I think Bound has been about the best movie in the queer genre, although When Night Is Falling and High Art are fantastic. Bladerunner is probably my absolute fave movie, although I think most SF movies are crap compared to modern SFF literature, with notable exceptions like District 9 and Aliens. My next favourite movie, however, is probably La Dolce Vita, as pretentious as it may sound. I love its sporking of various personalities and levels of society, and it's still relevant today. I have a weakness for chop-socky kung-fu movies, as long as the humour is balanced by cool martial arts moves. Although I do love Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and that's not exactly a laugh a minute. Tampopo and Wing Chun are also faves in terms of movies from that corner of the world.

Music - I like a variety, but not normally what's in the top 40, or country, or modern "RnB". I suppose my favourite genres are breakbeat, such as DnB and trip-hop (showing my age), and other electronica, dub, dubstep and certain kinds of indie rock and industrial, but I can do anything from Bach to Kylie, depending. Faves are NIN, Massive Attack, Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Red Snapper, The Upbeats, Shapeshifter, Tiki, Concord Dawn and many more.

I like FOOD. Particulary Asian cuisines or Mediterranean. Japanese and Vietnamese are my absolute faves. I don't eat much in the way of red meat tho' (no reason, just don't like the taste much). I love Assam tea, good locally roasted coffee (whatever local is) and I like nice wine, craft beers, cocktails and single-malt whisky (I'm a wimp, so I prefer the Speyside malts to peaty Islay ones).
The six things I could never do without
Friends, food, sex/love, music, books, natural beauty (and in this capitalist world, money).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The above items.
On a typical Friday night I am
At home reading, or having a nice espresso at a cafe, or listening to music, or playing around on my computer.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Nothing at all. Friends are for private things. But I'm pretty much "what you see is what you get".
You should message me if
You can compose a message with a few words in it. Things like "winks" don't really give me a handle on what you liked about my profile! :-)

Oh, and guys, DON'T BOTHER.