41 Emeryville, CA
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My self-summary
If brevity is the soul of wit, then I am not nearly as witty as I might think I am.

I think part of why these things are difficult to write is that while it's important to relay a clear focused description, it's those contradictions that give us that imperfect humanity versus some poorly written one dimensional character. So with that in mind, I offer you my self summary contradictions included.

I enjoy outdoor or urban hiking, backpacking, camping, etc. (though am perfectly happy to spend the entirety of a weekend bumming around the house.)

I'm actually really happy with the life I've carved out for myself (and yet here I am on OKC). (I mean, is it greedy to want even more in life?)

I like the aesthetic of a book (but have multiple e-readers and my book purchases now are probably 10 or 20 to 1, e-book to "real" book).

I like the idea of living a spartan life (but looking around... yeah, not so much).

Coworkers consider me organized, productive, and a systems guy (this is as a result of coming to terms with the fact that I'd never get anything done otherwise and can contrast dramatically with my non-work behavior.)

I'll often jot things down and will occasionally follow up social conversation with an email with links to things referenced in conversation (this being a consequence of having a terrible memory.)

I'm fairly intolerant of deist religions. (I suppose the only contradiction there is I consider myself to be otherwise easy going and tolerant of whatever. I've just run out of patience for groups of people agreeing on a delusion (and then often fighting with another delusional group).)

All this is also to say, I'm suspicious of individuals who don't recognize their own contradictions. I suppose it could exist, but it seems more likely to be an oversimplification. Keeping that in mind, in the rest of this profile I endeavor to covey the shades of gray that make me who I am. (Oh, gawd, I'm not making any reference to the book/movie, thinly veiled or otherwise.)
What I’m doing with my life
I'm enjoying it. I stay in the "now", but I am cognizant of the hazards of just letting life happen to me. On a given weekend, you might find me on a hike, on a golf course, or maybe just some quiet time at home.

Work wise, I do technical stuff. (Many of my friends do not, so don't feel the need to be able to nerd out, but be aware that I will on occasion.) Work is fun and can be challenging, though I appreciate that it is not universally interesting.

As far as in my free time, I've historically been serially passionate to the point of being obsessive about hobbies. As I've "matured" I'd like to think I've learned a thing or two about moderation. I'd love to hear about your passion. If you are passionate about it, I'll be fascinated. There's nothing like seeing someone light up talking about something they really love.
I’m really good at
Lots of stuff. For no good reason, I would like to be better at party tricks, but that's off topic...

A friend once said if I were a superhero, I'd be Empathy-Man, "With the power to feel your pain!" Which would be a pretty unimpressive superpower, and mighty boring superhero.

The last time I donated blood I was told, "You're a really good bleeder." "Thanks? I guess?" For the specific circumstance where I want to fill a bag with blood this is great, but I'm not sure how comfortable I am with being "good" at this... (BTW, if there is anyone out there who can explain to me how a healthy body does not FREAK THE HELL OUT when it loses that much blood, I'd love to know.)
The first things people usually notice about me
Perceptive people notice that my right ear is 1/8" above my left ear.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have a real hard time with this section. I'm not a top 10 kinda' guy so I'm just going to generalize.

I tend to read crap. Best seller thriller or bad horror or tech stuff. I read for fun, and I tend to reread books.

I'm not a movie guy so much, but I realized what I do like is pretty dark. (Seven, Up in the Air, History of Violence, Lord of War, Falling Down, Eternal Sunshine...) I'll enjoy the mindless eye-candy or the thought provoking stuff as well.

I'm enjoy most genres, but don't seek out country, rap, pop, or R&B. My default is "alternative" but that can cover a lot of ground.

I subscribe to 20 podcasts, but do not keep up with all of them. They are somewhat evenly a combination of news(ish), informational, general conversation, interview, and entertainment.

I don't watch much traditional TV. Sports is probably the only reason I'd have any broadcast TV on. I've found myself consuming a lot of content from YouTube; probably half is comedic and half is "infotainment". I'll binge watch Netflix on occasion. At this point, there seems to be more good content then I have time to consume.

I like good food, but that can be anything from the local mom and pop place to fine dining. Day to day, I try to abide by Michael Pollan's rule of "Eat real food, not too much, mostly vegetables."
The six things I could never do without
I hate this question. So instead I'm going to list words that feel like I should be using for whatever reason:

1. Zugzwang
2. Heuristics
3. Schadenfreude
4. Strudel

* I have no idea why these are mostly German...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The technological singularity, CRISPR, political systems, energy production, perception, conservation, is that person crazy or on a Bluetooth (sometimes I'm in downtown Berkeley), was that a backfire or a gun (sometimes I'm in West Oakland), how do I articulate the difference and interplay between race and culture, should I be wearing the brown or black belt with this, how is this OKC profile coming across...

Also, stories. Story telling is in our DNA, and so I think it's a natural way for us to engage with the world. Everyone and everything has a story. I think the trick is maintaining the honesty of a story while still being engaging.
On a typical Friday night I am
You might find me winding down from the week/day, having a pint with friends, having an early evening for the day ahead. I'm not sure how "typical" any of my Friday nights are at this point.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've tipped twice because I didn't think the cashier saw me do it the first time.

I went to the internet to find a better way to tie my shoelaces... and found it.
You should message me if
Do you know what you're about? With that knowledge, do you realize you don't need to take yourself too seriously? Do you appreciate the world around you? Are you passionate about something? Do you feel like your life is pretty good and the right partner in crime would just make it that much better? Well me too. Say hello and let's go exploring.