32 Jakarta, Indonesia
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My self-summary
According to Jung Huhn personality map i am categorized as
the rarest ENTP, the weirdo.
Smartass, somewhat arrogant, little bit stubborn, but open to critic and ready to receive opinion. Contradictive aren't I.

I love singing, enjoy dancing, like watching movies or theater. I play football and i go to sing at karaoke. I sing pretty damn good. Rock, Rap, Metal, Pop, Brit, Techno even Dangdut... BRING IT ON!!!!

Went study abroad, and now working at an IT Company.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm not living the best as i wanted. But at least i have job, and i am grateful to God for it. I'll continue walking on this road. There are still dreams to catch and there are destinies to be fulfilled.

I also play video games a lot my favorites are:
Final Fantasy

とりあえず今は布石、将来インドネシア大統領を目指す。頑張れ!!俺!!どう頑張る?俺? これを読めるやつはぜひ連絡をくれ、日本語でな。グーグル使わないでください変な日本語になっちゃうからさああ。
I’m really good at
Technowiz. I know how to use gadget/ electronic unit just by a couple minutes or a couple of ten minutes tickling it. And then woila i use as well as i am the one who create it.

Language learning.
Analyzing problem and deducting solution.

I bestowed by the highest power, with some ability that even i cannot understand how to use it. Empath, psychic, somehow i know what will happened. That's why you'll find out on my profile that i'm a Piscean and i'm laughing about it. Who needs astrology if you can figure it out by yourself.

I am also somehow what they call Rainheart, Windcaller and Stormbringer. When i feel down, it rains in my heart and it rain outside. I can call the wind at my best ease, with easy steps but under conditional circumstances. I can change the shape of the cloud as my wish using the wind. But about Stormbringer i am just exaggerated about it... So please forget it....
The first things people usually notice about me
Big stature, scary looks. My slanted eyes.
The six things I could never do without
1. My Soul, and My Body (my limbs and my hands), my brain and 5 senses, etc.
2. My PC
3. Books (anything to read)
4. Mp3 player or Radio.
5. Internet connection.
6. My Android
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How am i gonna get laid...
Well, i've been good all this time still have no girlfriend. My exes were taken away by some old shag and my friend. What a life... But i'm no quitter and i've stop whining. There are more girls in this world. I just have to pick for a time or for a life.

I also think a lot about physics (astrophysics and quantum physics; you call the latter as Nuclear Physics). It's difficult but i enjoy it. It's amazing if you know how the universe began and comparing it with atom in your body, clothes even blackberry.

I am always thinking why i do exist in this wicked world in this wicked era. And the powers i have... How can i use it to the fullest, like Superman may be. But i am no Hero like in the Heroes. I am just what i am.

i guess that's all for now. I'll update it more later.
On a typical Friday night I am
I worked overtime while waiting to play futsal with my colleagues. Sometimes i just go to watch movies or to bookstore read and buy some books.

Lingering in the mall, enjoying a sip of coffee or tea while reading book. It's kinda my tranquil and elegant time...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I regularly shave my private parts.

There is one day, i was sitting with one of colleagues in lunch break. From the way i was sitting, he deduced that I HAVE HIGH LIBIDO.... God damn it... how could he know that? He said he knows it from his girlfriend... AAGHH..... So there are possibly many women know that i have hi libido. Will that change the way they think about me? Come on, I've been hiding that for more than 14 years... Sorry...
You should message me if
1. If you are human and you are alive and living up your life by having good times. Please invite me i'm bored to death.
2. If you have strange dreams, tell me about it. I'll listen to it how ridiculous it is.
3. If you have strange ability. like talking to animals, being naked suddenly in the middle of the crowd without clue, and pyrokinetic, etc.
4. If you want to talk about plenty kinky and pervy things with me. *squirt!!!** noseblood*