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My self-summary
I'm a total peace loving hippy so if you cant hang with that you should probably stop reading right about now. ;)
If you want to play, connect, love, and experience what i call a one of a kind muse that is me, then please message me. freethinkers please, im looking for my soul peeps. :)
i seriously need some friends, message me. :D im awesome!

jan 9, 2016
i seem to change my way of life every 6 months looking to better myself in everyway i can. i read some of my profile and i dont even recognize the person i use to be. lol its funny how much you can change when u are on a self discovery journey like i have been for the last 5 years. my interestes havent changed, i still like what i like, but the way i look at life is so different. perception is everything to me now. i have learned to let people be who they are and let them find their own journey. before i was trying to help everyone i knew become awake to the atrocities of the world. now i am at peace with it. i do what i can in my own life and hope to be a beam of light in someones elses. i know my soul lover is out there, come find me! i am learning to be happy on my own for now, but a girl does need some friends. lol i moved to reno in oct of 2015 and i dont know one soul here, not one. i had secluded myself from society to do some deep soul searching, but i am ready to get back out there and socialize. i am a vegetarian with vegan tendencies. i do not care if you eat animals. i have found that by excluding meat eaters from my life im leaving a huge hole of differences to learn from. i am a very loving person and practice compassion and empathy everyday. i have found my light and just want to share it with the world. if you would like to be my friend and teach me something or learn and grow with me then please by all means message me. :) this first paragraph is who i am, please try and not judge me for my past writings. i just dont have the time to edit this thing. plus it is good for me to remind myself where i came from and how much i have grown. <3 i really am not trying to exclude anyone anymore. i feel that was a very closedminded way to live life. i gravitate towards positivity, kindness and selfworth. everyone is beautiful in their own way and we could all learn from eachother. love and light to all. <3 :)

june 5, 2015- im independent, a traveler, im tired of other peoples bullshit, looking for my tribe, i dont shop at corporate stores or restaurants, i only buy second hand and dumpster dive, i dont dye my hair anymore or use chemicals in my life, ive been weeding out plastic which is extremely hard, i do my best and what i can in this hypocritical world we live in, i have 2 teeth missing and only want people in my life that arent superficial and hung up on appearances, i also stopped shaving my legs and couldnt be more happy about it, i hardly ever wear makeup anymore and i dress to be comfortable, im not interested in having a lover that still has kids at home, thats not the life i want. im a unicorn through and through, no one will ever be able to understand me and im fine with that, i want to meet people that truely know who they are and make no excuses for being who they are, i dont live in modern society, i dont believe in our government or paying taxes, i recycle more than i throw away and i pick up trash and litter everywhere i go, mother earth is my god, animals and insects are my friends, i never hold back how i feel and will tell you the truth no matter how much it hurts you to hear it, i dont sugarcoat or pussyfoot, im not looking to hook up with anyone, im only looking for like minded souls that are compassionate, learning every day to be a better version of your earlier self, passionate in everything u do and free thinkers and lovers. i dont drink, smoke, do drugs, drink coffee or soda, i dont need to escape or alter my reality, im a purist, i dont judge u if you do these things though. please dont contact me if you eat animals. i seriously just want to get away from that frame of mind, youre funding murdering egotistical psychopaths and helping to fund the distruction of our planet. i understand everyone has a path and am just looking for souls that are near or around the places i am awake to in my life. there, ive said my peace :)

With the ever so changing life of technology, i find myself using my phone to do everything. its so weird.

So i feel i need to state a few things since i now know a bit about meeting people from online. I in no way misrepresent myself on here. Everything i have stated is true and honest. My pictures are clear and recent and i dont hide behind some excuse like i dont want other people i may know seeing me on here. I in no way want to be friends with someone that isnt up front and honest about how they live their life. If you do not have a picture please do not contact me in any way for any reason.

Now as for me i'm like a good book you just can't put down. I've been told I'm very intriguing. And if you like to read intriguing things then you will love my book of a profile. LOL What can I say to get you to message me? That's what this is all about right? Well all I can do is be myself. which is pretty damn awesome! ;) I'm an open book. Very, very open. :) to a fault almost. lol Please ask me anything. I will always tell you the truth. No matter the question. It would be nice to get some actual questions for a change instead of hi or a smiley face. come on people you can do better than that. LOL you know at first I was answering every message. I was trying to give peeps a chance you know, (trying to live my life like the movie yes man) but then I realized people that just say "hello" or "youre hot" well to put it nicely, that's all they have to say. Sad really I think. But what can you do. People are going to be people. So yeah..... I've stopped answering those types of messages. LOL see I can still learn things ;p

What I don't like doing is having sex with random strangers, so stop trying u perverts! Lol if u want to get in my pants we have to be friends first. period. end of story! and not friends that just fuck and thats it. friends that hang out, go out to eat, do things together, friends you learn to love and care about like they are your own family. i do travel a lot so if your not in NV thats fine to i love penpals lol but seriously if im on the road i always try to make stops to see my friends that live in other states. And I'm on the road a lot.

I love deep conversations with good interesting subjects. I find that if you can not communicate about important things, then there really isn't going to be anything between us. Please forgive my writing skills. I'm dyslexic so it kinda trips me up a bit with my phrasing. What I lack in book smarts, I make up with life experience, common sense and street smarts. i promise you, you will not be disappointed, If you just give me a chance. Intelligence really turns me on in every aspect of my life. That is why I try to learn something new everyday. Everyday is a new day to better myself. For some reason I have a hard time explaining myself eloquently through words and how I phrase them. My words are always true to heart and i feel thats all that matters. I know I am an editors worst nightmare or maybe their greatest achivement. Depending if they really like their job ;)

I actually like how this site gives percentages of how we connect with each other. That's really important to me. I have found in past relationships (being friends or partners) i don't work well with others i have nothing in common with. with that being said please dont message me if u are below a 80% and if you do ill know you didnt read my profile. :( And just so u know the only people that I have met on here and are friends with were in the 90%. i am looking for friends that i have almost everything in common with. I just feel its a waste of time and effort if there isn't going to be that connection there. i want us to think the same, like the same things and even have the same vices. even the same eating habits are very important to me. very! i have changed my way of living lately and i really just want positive and like mined people in my life. if you message me and you are below 80% you better be fucking god damn funny, awesome, positive, and all around a really good kind hearted person. sorry to be so in your face about this but ive been getting so many messages from people that just arent even on the same wave length as me. so frustarating........ i dont like being bitchy and rude but sometimes you guys just wont take no for an answer. wtf.......

Things I like:
all water sports, not being a consumer, Making a difference
dancing my ass off, rocks stones crystals, music-going to shows
anti government, not being a sheep, mind body soul, energy n outer space, suicide girls, red heads, freckles, sushi, stars (the shape), the color green, insects, animals, well all creatures big and small,
organic living, Star gazing (actual stars), protesting, growing ur own food, knowing what I want, people that smell yummy,
gardening, things that make u feel alive, passion for life,
building legos with my niece, fun jewelry, Being positive,
Tree hugging, randomness, camping, snow boarding, motorcycles,
skateboarding, Thrill Seeking, being active, hiking,
good tattoos n their stories, cell phone charms,
trying anything once, roller coasters, traveling, the theatre,
Fashion, art, Creating, Movies, disney, Cartoon characters,
cute morbid things, taking pictures, making things, decorating,
driving fast, eating weird foods, horror n scary things, skeletons,
asking questions questioning everything, anything that grows from the earth, old cars, the 50s 60s 70s, vintage clothing,
saving the earth, eating n living healthy, recycling everything,
Ocean creatures, very colorful things, things that are out dated,
fixing things instead of throwing them away, learning from the past to better my present, enlightenment, that light bulb moment,
Everything Asian, learning how to do everything
What I’m doing with my life
im not looking to sleep with anyone. i truly want to find someone that wants to get to know me for who i am as a person. is there anyone out there like that anymore? looking for love, real unselfish love. ive been empty for so long and i just want to have someone's love live inside me again. <3 i have love to give and im hoping to find someone to share it with. :D
finding enlightenment, working on a better me everyday, learning lifes lessons, opening my eyes and heart to everyone and everything, dealing on how to live without my dog daughter in this physical world, its hard, very hard. sharing compassion with everyone i meet even if i dont agree with you,

money wise... since i sell online i can basicly work from anywhere there is a post office and a cell signal. which is good for when im traveling around in my RV. When i moved last i left all my stuff and inventory in storage in cali. my plan is to drive out there and bring it all back to reno and start selling again. This is what my future holds.....

brief history lesson-
5 years ago i was fired from my job
i found it to be a wake up call and a time and place to look at my life and find out what the hell was going on. i found that i had no meaning, no love, no happiness, no pleasure, no passion. i had turned into someone i didnt know. someone i hated. i lived in a world of lies. i was so miserable in every aspect of my life. i had fallen into the trap. the trap of working to pay bills and not actually living. living pay check to pay check never doing anything for myself. only worrying about how i was going to pay off my debt. i said enough is enough and i started the process of getting my life back and my soul. i am now the person i wanted to grow up to be when i was in high school. i am doing my lifes dreams. i am living the life i have always wanted.
i know what i want and i go after it and get it. i know the true meaning of freedom now. i started my own business, something that i love doing. everyday is a new day to be happy. im finding new ways everyday to disconnect from the sheeple way of living. i hate our government and i hate what this country has become. i would love to live off the land and disconnect completely . this is where my goals are going towards . some kind of communal living with like minded people. with lots of organic living :)
peace, love, happiness and understanding :) <3

FUN FACTS: about me of course ;)
Turning negativity to positivity. Starting a new chapter. Really wishing this had a spell check. I don't care what other people think about me. I am harder on myself than anyone could. Is it weird that I like filling out these things? I want to be able to use big words some day. Dreads, glasses and beards really turn me on. I'm finding out in my old age that I really like talking. I also have noticed that it is very hard to not be a hypocrite in the present day that we live in. I want things to be black and white and yet I keep finding grey. I have been made fun of my whole life. I feel it has made me stronger. I love food. My sweet tooth will be the death of me. I never look the same for very long. If I could live in the ocean I would. I am funny and sarcastic. I over think everything. I'm a giver, Animals are not pets they are family. I will always look at something and see how it can be done simpler. I don't like wasting time. I work good under presure. I like puzzles. I have driven across the country more times than I can count but yet haven't been to every state. I want to travel the world. I have lived in four states, one of them twice and one of them more then I care to. I have only been to 5 other countries and that is sad to me. I never want to go back to a 9 to 5 job. I wanted to join the peacecorp but they only take college graduates. I want to have my own blog someday. everyday i speak and share the word of truth on my facebook. I like to challenge my body. I think what I eat should be good enough for my partner to eat. I'm a creative cook. I want more tattoos. I have a toering on every toe. I love to dance and wish I could get paid to do it. I write in a journal. I hope some day that it will turn into a book. I run, take pilates and do yoga. I have lived through many natural disasters. I am awesome, but can be shy at times. I eat leftovers. I don't waste anything. I love horror movies and halloween is my favorite holiday. I'm having a hard time finding movies that scare me. I believe in aliens. I want to live on a houseboat. I want to live in alaska. I love cold weather and snow. I love sharing. I have nothing to hide. I never pay full price for anything. You will never know someone else like me.
I’m really good at
I'm really good at a lot of things, because I choose to be. Life is about living. And living to me is about feeling alive. I put all my effort and passion into everything i do. No matter the task, job, how small or how big, I do it to my best. I put everything I have behind it and I get it done right and to a point perfect. I am not perfect! But I definetly try to do things that way.

-being a good friend n lover
-giving n caring for others
-telling you how it is
-being creative n artistic
-being passionate n loving
-handling money n being responsible
-being honest n respectful
-being true to my unique self
-listening and giving good advice
-anything i want to be good at

and yes i am braging ;p I don't find anything wrong with braging so as long as you can back it up. Trust me I only do it with things I know I can :)
The first things people usually notice about me
i would have to say my energy that glows around me. or....
either my......
-my hair
-my eye make up
-my piercings
-my tattoos
-or my clothes
which is a direct view into my personality :)
and yes i wear my heart on my sleeve
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
FOOD- vegetarian/vegan raw organic foods period! Fruit, veggies nuts and berries, whole grains. and vegan cheese!!!! I'm TRYING to be a purist. i dont eat chemicals, GMOs are the devil, finding clean water, soil and air is almost impossible but i try :( i truely feel that our government is trying to poison us through every aspect of our life. Damn the man! i will not be controlled!
i love food though. i loving going out to foreign restaurants and eating yummy goodness.

MUSIC- all music!!!!! But seriously telling u what I don't like is easier I feel. Will not listen to country, RnB, gospel, 80s hair bands, cock rock n some in the metal genres.i love women singers and rappers. i listen to classical a lot when i drive to calm me down. I like music that makes you want to get up and dance. 311 is my favorite band and i havent found one person with the same love i have for them. Music that makes you feel the emotions behind it. I am always open to learning new artists, bands, singers, DJs, instruments and genres. im really into hip hop though if i had to pick a favorite genre. i love to dance and hip hop always gets me going. lol

i love the theatre, MOVIES n tv SHOWS but im trying to push them aside for now. there are way more important things to consume in my life right now. but i really do enjoy every aspect of how all of them are created and the art behind them. I collect movies. i have over 500, half VHS and half DVD. Infact i kinda like to think of myself as quite the critic. i love to dissect movies. The only ones I don't like are true sad stories. I watch movies to escape reality why would I want to cry about the horrible things that I want to wish away like they never happened. Anything that can make me laugh is A ok in my book. Romance is always good so is some awesome action. But what I really like is fantasy, syfy and horror. my dream job would be a set decorator, prop master or costumist. ahh... dreams <3

BOOKS- books and i have a weird relationship. i love them, but they hate me. but i havent given up on them. they will come around im sure of it. :) in the mean time I enjoy magazines and kids books lol they have pictures ;) no seriously i read. i am an information sponge. i love learning so im normally reading something that can better myself or my intelligence. i do a lot of philosophy and self help. i also read about my many interests like rocks, crystals, insects, art, decorating, recycling, gradening, saving the planet and people i find fascinating. my library card sees more action than i do. ;) lol
The six things I could never do without
physically- mentally-
1. art 1. love
2. music 2. freewill
3. nature 3. honesty
4. animals 4. strength
5. the sky 5. compassion
6. the ocean 6. knowing right from wrong

my answers just really impressed me right now :)
Notice there is no material objects in those lists.

and im really mad that i took the time to space these into 2 columns and when i saved it it ended up looking like this :( blah fuck you ok cupid for fucking with my mojo!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Thinking is all I do! "Who knows where thoughts come from they just appear"
My thoughts are my greatest comfort, my dreams are just that, my imagination is my best friend.

Some things I think about are...
why things are the way they are
why people are the way they are
why people do the things they do
how the world became the way it is
how people became the way they are
How can I change the world
How can I make my life better
How can I live the life I want
How i attract the wrong people
Why i cant seem to find what im looking for
Why are some days easier than others
When will other people learn
When will the madness end
When will the suffering end
When will there be love
When will there be peace
What will i work on today
What will i learn today
What is in my food
How was this made
What am i really putting in my body
How much damage have i done to my body in my ignorant years
When will the damage be repaired
How im going to do all the things i want to do
On a typical Friday night I am
doing what life brings me. i dont believe in typical i believe in adventure!
Expanding my mind in some way
Sharing time with someone interesting
Getting into something
Not doing the same thing every friday
watching movie after movie
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Im willing to admit anything and everything i don't do secrets but....... If I have to say something I guess that sometimes the laziness takes ahold :( lack of motivation is my biggest weakness.
You should message me if
if u really want to get to know me n not just sleep with me
Please don't message me if you haven't read my profile all the way through.
If you are funny I love funny!!!
If you like to get high on every level
If you hate the world around you and wish you could change it
If you believe life is filled with moments
If you believe things happen for a reason
If you think I'm hot and can't live without me, but you better be damn Funny lol

How about things you shouldn't be :
If you have contacted me before and forgot we talked mr. Bad memory. you laugh but its happened three times now
If you're not an animal person
If u are a racist, selfish bastard
If you are a dirty old man or woman (meaning older than what age i specified in my profile)
If you're into violence and war
If u have no soul or heart
If u don't care about what u put in your body
If u litter and contaminate the earth
If you aren't kind and nice to everyone you come into contact with
If you're not funny
If youre a smoker or an alcoholic
If you don't like adventure
If you can't have a conversation with me. im always so shocked at how many people dont know how to hold a conversation.