43 Portland, OR
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My self-summary
lots of both/and: treasuring solitude and connection with others, thinking and feeling deeply, playful and steady, light-hearted and deep-diving, salad and dark chocolate. needing stillness and movement, quiet and sound. long days of full-on engagement, days with extra time and space. order and improvisation. complexity and simplicity. expression and listening. breathing in, breathing out. repeat...

I can dig in deeply to independent projects, creative and intellectual. a good collaboration makes me happy. as does multi-modal (kinesthetic/image-making/sound-making/verbal/interpersonal/intrapersonal...) intelligence in action.

I was raised to be fairly self-reliant. I'm glad for this, and now I'm practicing my capacity to admit that I can use some help and support from time to time. :)

I care to take responsibility for my part in things, to communicate as clearly as I can about what's happening, especially if I realize I've made a mistake or been unskillful. kindness matters. touching in to a quality of care.

wilderness: I have a deep need for time in the wilderness. I got to know just how strong that need is, a couple summers ago, when I got a foot injury on the aikido mat and was grounded for 6 months. happily, this past summer my foot was well enough to carry me into the wilderness many times, making up for the wilderness famine.

music, movement, art, languages. curriculum design. charting a course. making things up as I go along...
What I’m doing with my life

part time work at the public library as a bilingual (Spanish/English) access/outreach/reference/program person

part time, slowly cultivating a peace education consultant business. mostly, this is Original Play--going into schools as well as offering private sessions, playing with kids

part time bike/bus commuter, part time car driver, part time walker (that is, walking with my feet, not with a walking-support device). I'd like to learn to ride a unicycle some day. just because. hang gliding too (though I prob'ly won't commute that way). bungee jumping--not so much (and definitely no bungee-commuting in my future).

training: full time (ideally), mindfulness practice, in connection with Thich Nhat Hanh's Community of Mindful Living; aikido (Japanese martial art) ~3 x week; mindfulness-based attunement/creative performance training.

music: I accidentally became a choir director a few years ago. it's not accidental any more; I'm loving it. the group is called Threshold Choir, a community of women who bring presence and song to people passing through life thresholds (birth, death, sickness, struggle, celebration, change...). and i became a song leader/chant master in my mindfulness community, also somewhat incidentally/organically. I've been enjoying beginning to offer workshops on mindfulness, music and (body) movement. fun stuff! and i can play a variety of instruments, though I am not practicing any of them in a disciplined way, at this point. singing with people and for people, rather than performing formally, brings me alive.

wilderness: I keep remembering how vital it is for me to get out there, to be out there. step away from the concrete, from the buildings and highways and city-spin and return to the basics: food, water, shelter, beauty, companionship, solitude, the large-deep-wide-wild belonging. stars. bare feet on earth, on rock. senses waking up. the work of travel, carrying everything I need on my back or in my boat. the joy of moving over landscape, through landscape. topographic maps.

the ongoing questions: how does it all fit? how can I do all the things that are calling to me? where's the time for more regular art-making? creative writing? scholarly reading and writing? when will I learn Vietnamese? or brush up my sign language skills? when will I hike the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail? and what about finding a life partner to share it all with?
I’m really good at
using my imagination
language learning
blending my voice with others when we sing
knot tying (and un-tying)
creative systems-oriented problem-solving
listening, supporting others
bringing complex concepts and experiences into words (sometimes) making/finding gifts for those I love...
The first things people usually notice about me
spark, lively energy, presence, playfulness

calm, grounded, competent, reliable, kind
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: I still love kids' books, though I have little patience for insipid kids' books. novels, fantasy, adventure, sci-fi. Ursula LeGuin, Madeleine L'Engle, Barbara Kingsolver, Brian Doyle, among many others. also, a pile of non-fiction waiting for my attention: empathy, interpersonal neuroscience, somatics, mindfulness. working in a library is, for me, akin to working in a chocolate shop...

movies: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Green Mile, Grand Canyon, James Bond/Mission Impossible, super hero movies, so many beautiful foreign films

shows: I don't have a TV, which is probably just as well. I can get sucked into imaginary worlds oh-so-easily. shows I've checked out from the library in the last while: Burn Notice, Heroes, Game of Thrones, Firefly

music: contemporary folk--those tight singer/songwriter harmonies! Wailin' Jenny's, MaMuse, Kris Delmhorst. alternative, soul, blues, jazz, bluegrass, some classic rock. Iron and Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Keb' Mo', Kelly Joe Phelps, Yes, Journey, Crosby Stills and Nash. classical will do it for me too, sometimes. world music. Irish music. Ayub Ogada, Bulgarian Women's Choir, Tuvan Throat Singers...

food: so much goodness! Vietnamese, Carribean/South American, Ethiopian, Indian. I love strong-flavored dishes but am a tender-tongue-- not too spicy! homemade vegan dark chocolate truffles. I love to eat food made with love.
The six things I could never do without
my core practices--mindfulness, aikido, Original Play
good friends--silliness, adventures, real conversations, intimacy
time in the wilderness
body movement, touch
music--singing, playing, receiving/listening
community connection--being of service
sleep/rest, quiet time and space (okay, that's 7...)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how many manies make very many, and how many manies are not very much? this question was in a song on a kids' record i played all the time when i was little. I still haven't figured it out...
On a typical Friday night I am
hmmm... I'm not sure there is a typical Friday night. I might be hanging out with a small group of close friends, having a music jam or an art-making party or sharing some food and silliness. I might be cozied in at home watching a movie, or going to bed early in prep for a full Saturday. I tend toward smaller-group things with people I care about. driving out to catch a meteor shower in the middle of a field somewhere. moonlight kayaking, anyone? I like to go out to hear music or see a performance. play cards or darts at an Irish bar. I might visit a cool restaurant or have some other sort of urban adventure (bouncing off the walls at the trampoline place, anyone? hide and seek at IKEA?), but I'm seldom out at random big-noise, big-group-of-strangers events (excepting music festivals), and I'll tend to avoid activities where the center of action/intention is about alcohol. I find my fun in other ways.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
to an online audience of all kinds of folks:

once when I was young(er), I was concentrating so fixedly while cooking that I drooled into the lasagna I was making. took a while to live that one down!
You should message me if
you know that "message" is not a verb :)

you like to go on adventures, planned and unplanned. joint fun? what'll it be??

you know you have a body, are glad of it, and are at home with yourself, at least some of the time

kindness and communication are important to me. integrity. I'd like to be in partnership with someone who has a sense of what he wants and needs, and is able to tell me about it. I'd love for him to be curious and interested in listening to what's alive in me, too.

you're interested in finding a life partnership if/as it unfolds naturally

we share some joys/interests in common, or something you see here awakens your curiosity. what if...? find out...?