35 Kirkland, WA
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My self-summary
I think PostSecret is beautiful, shame is useless, and love is only constrained by time.

I'm currently dating casually, I consider myself single, I'm open to both polyamory and monogamy, and I have experience with both. I am strictly and completely honest about who I am seeing (if anyone), my sexual status with them (if any), my current STI test results including when, and so forth (because safety is sexy) - I expect anyone I see to be the same.

Ultimately, I'm looking for my Player Two. I want a wife, possibly kids, and a life together; I want someone to cherish and be cherished by. However, that doesn't preclude other relationships beforehand nor does it preclude them during assuming that's what my [future] wife and I agree on. So, I'm currently looking for female (cis or otherwise) partner(s?) (ideally into my kinks, though that's not mandatory). I'm open to a lot of possible types of relationships (monogamous, new poly primary, new poly secondary, friends with benefits, play partners, ...). My only stipulation is that dating someone exclusively requires a conversation about it first - yes, that conversation is first date material if you want. If all you want is poly or all you want is mono, I'm good with that, but you need to tell me. A one-night stand does NOT interest me. Like I said, I want a primary, but I'm open to all possibilities until then. (Clear as mud? Good. Not so much? Ask away. I respond very willingly to very personal questions. Really, ask me anything. ANYTHING. Shame is useless, remember? :)

I have a passion for trying new things with whomever I happen to be hanging out with, as long as they do the suggesting. Doing more exploring is on my ToDo list - just tell me where and when. "I'm game." While we're at it, I often say, "I'm a gamer". Board, Tabletop, PC, Console, etc. My biggest creative outlets are being a GM and writing software, and if you think either one doesn't require plenty of creativity, we should chat so I can disillusion you of that notion.

I don't like coffee but like the atmosphere of coffee shops - you'll find me drinking hot chocolate. I prefer listening to talking unless I get going on one of my many passions. I hate large parties and love small groups / 1:1. Give me a political or philosophical or scientifical (which I'm now insisting is a word to maintain the rhyme) discussion with "coffee" (see above) and with friends over too much alcohol and strangers any day. (Not that I don't enjoy the occasional drink.)

I tend to avoid paying attention to the news because it's too depressing. That's assuming you don't count Daily Show and Colbert Report when I remember to stream them, of course, but even that is rare - too many other things to do.

I'm inquisitive. Expect me to ask questions. Sometimes I get lost for hours on Wikipedia or TVTropes and consider neither one a waste of time. I like to reread my physics textbooks from time to time. Museums about almost anything are awesome.

I volunteer at PAX. I play frisbee golf and bocce. I hate bigotry and rape culture. I identify as feminist. I love Tim Minchin.

INTJ/INTP. It's not that I care, but I also don't care if you do.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm trying to figure out who I really am. I think everyone doesn't know themselves as well as they think they do. I'm certain that I know what I want right now, but who's to say I won't want different things in the future? Can you say you've always wanted the same things? I keep trying new things and self-introspecting in order to learn more about both the world and myself.

Career? I write software at Microsoft, I love it, and I'm extremely good at it. In non-technical terms, I might as well have a big red phone on my desk labeled "Netflix" because they constantly need my help.
I’m really good at
I've been told I'm a good singer (at least when I stay within my range). I'm great at most games. I'm a speed-reader and speed-typer. In the right programming languages, I can probably code rings around you and anyone you've ever met, but I'm a also great teacher and love it enough to consider it a potential alternative future career - maybe after I retire from my other career passion.

I also love to eliminate internal inconsistencies and help others do the same (by revealing them).
The first things people usually notice about me
People immediately notice that I'm quite thin. If they first see me while I'm sitting down, then they're often surprised at my height when I stand up. They usually start reading my T-shirt, whichever one that is, and then they laugh at or comment on said T-shirt (which is really the whole point).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Sci-Fi, fantasy, and non-fiction. "Time Enough for Love", "The Name of the Wind", and "A Brief History of Time" are my favorites in each of those respective categories.

Movies: I like Sci-Fi, fantasy, kids movies, and dramas. I watch comedies but they're rarely my first choice (Monty Python being a notable exception). "The Princess Bride" is my favorite movie (and I can quote much of the script).

TV: Firefly. Anything Joss. Anything SciFi, Fantasy, and/or well written. Yes, that means I like bad SciFi and Fantasy.

Music: I like pop, electronic, symphonic/gothic metal, and industrial the best. Taylor Swift is my favorite musician. Seriously.

Food: I am simultaneously a very picky eater and someone who loves trying new food and can always find something to eat at most restaurants. I seem to eat a lot of American and Thai food. I love raw fruit; I love raw vegetables with certain exceptions; I love chocolate (dark, milk, and "white").
The six things I could never do without
Company. I may be an introvert and love my alone time, but it's awfully difficult to "silverware" by yourself - I obviously include love, sex, and cuddling as part of this item. Physical touch in an ongoing relationship is *extremely* important to me.

Books. Not that sissy Kindle, but real, paper books can make you feel their weight, listen to their pages turn, and recall the scent of libraries. Ok, if you use a Kindle (or similar) for the convenience, I really can't blame you. Hell, lots of people I like do. I just prefer the real thing.

Creativity is the closest thing to a soul I believe in, so Music, Movies/TV, and Art are great. Did I mention I like museums (of art, of science, of /.*/)? I probably did. I just hate going to them alone; want to go?

Modern industrialized technology or better. Readily available hot water cures many ills, and "no pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater...than central air". The summers are getting hot enough for me to get on that latter one...I'd blame global warming but using anomalous local weather events as evidence (rather than the mountain of good scientific evidence) would be disingenuous.

Gaming. It can be social or alone; challenging or easy; relaxed or intense; inside or outside. Regardless of my mood, a game that suits almost certainly exists.

A car. I'm more of a suburbanite, and having once lived in the suburbs without a car for a while, the resulting inconvenience was monumental. I drive a high-gas-mileage car; the environment is important to me.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I can be a better person: a better friend; a better engineer; a better lover; a better feminist; etc. ("I call it feminism instead of equality because it is the feminine traits that men and women are shamed for." - goblinfae). How things/people work. Why things work the way they do and why people do the things they do. The problems the world faces and how to solve them. The nature of life, humanity, existence, sentience, and the universe. Art, music, politics/policy, literature, TV, movies, games, work, play, people, places, and things. I also usually have at least one song playing fragments in my head. In computer science terms, I have a blazing fast CPU with hyperthreading and think about things even while thinking about other things. I was thinking about whether being uploaded into a massive computer would be a better way to live or not while I wrote this. The jury is still out.
On a typical Friday night I am
On a date; playing, reading, or watching something interesting; at a museum, show, or event; taking a nap. My best Friday nights include at least two items from that set.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The first six characters of my okcupid alias form my FetLife alias. GGG, SSC, role-play. If that's a problem, this is not the profile you're looking for, move along, move along.
You should message me if
You're enthusiastic about meeting in person assuming our first few messages go well. Chemistry is vital and you can only test it in person.


My FetLife profile intrigues you.


You'd like to discus hypothetical alternate realities; gush/geek out over our shared interests; introduce me to a restaurant, band, show, comedian, museum, etc; do some gaming together; or thumb wrestle.