21 New Britain, CT
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My self-summary
My name is William. I am a second Semester Junior at Central Connecticut State University. I was born with a physical impairment, Cerebral Palsy, but that doesn't mean I'm any different. If anything, it defines me, makes me unique. I am majoring in theatre, so I consider myself to be pretty open and outgoing. I enjoy having late night talks, a warm fireplace, and a bear hug....my friends say I'm a teddy bear, but, hey, all I need is love.
You should also know, the closer you are to where I live, the better. I can't really get to a lot of far off places, and even though I can get into a car, it's a pain. I want whomever I find to be able to spend time with me, or vice versa, without having to worry about distance.
What I’m doing with my life
Right now, I'm in between majors, trying to do what i can to survive. The majority of my time, when I'm not obligated by school work, I'm either gaming, watching a random show on Netflix, or I'm out with friends.
I’m really good at
Keeping a handle on life and my impairments. They almost never get me down. I've also noticed that I'm great at improvising lyrics to music. If you play me something, if I'm in the right mood, I can usually come up with a coherent song. Unfortunately, I never have a pen and paper with me, so I always forget them.
Also, and I can't for the life of me understand why I didn't mention this when I started, I pride myself on being able to speak quite a bit of spanish. It's rusty, but here goes:
Me llamo Guillermo. Tengo diez y nueve años. Hace cinco años que yo estudio español. Todavía aprendido, pero estoy buscando por una persona que me quiere enseñar mas. Si usted quiere ayudárme, por favor, mandáme un message. ;-) For those of you out there who understood that, don't hate me if my grammar is incorrect. Its been a while. And, yes I forgot how to say "message". :-P. I understand the language better than I can speak it, although I do have near perfect inflection when speaking, which surprises people, because I am whiter than white. Lol. For those of you that didn't understand a lick of that, you should message me, or put it into a translator. But, then, that's cheating.
The first things people usually notice about me
My chair, sadly....
Actually, I was told recently it was the cool tattoo. I guess it all depends on the particular individuals perception. But, it is mostly the chair. I just wish it freakin' transformed or something. That would be epic.

I'm also, apparently, (According to my best friend) really wise. I give a lot of good advice, am wise beyond my years. I will listen to all your problems, no matter what I'm doing. I will drop everything to be your rock. That's just that kind of guy I am. It's also why I'm so lonely. It's a proven fact that guys like me almost never get the girl. I'm on this site to disprove that fact.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Smallville, fringe, ncis, true blood. Books: sword of truth series, comics etc.
Also, I positively adore the show "too cute" on animal planet. Whenever I'm having a rough day, watching kittens and puppies works wonders.
As for food, I will eat anything and everything, except for brussell sprouts and canned saurkraut. If you can cook, anything at all, you will be loved. Trust me, the best way to reach my heart is my stomach, because my heart is my stomach. I love food.
Music: my top five are, in no particular order, Avenged Sevenfold (RIP The Rev), static-x (RIP Wayne Static) Deadmau5, Pink Floyd and Nero. I also REALLY REALLY REALLY like the Civil Wars. If you know who this duo is, you are an automatic ten. If not, look them up. This is a small section of what I listen to. Seriously, if you name an artist, except those of the modern rap scene, I probably listen and enjoy them thoroughly. And if I come across something I haven't heard, it can be guaranteed that I will look them up. I'm very open to finding something new to sing my heart out to. I'm not very good, but you'll have to judge that for yourself.
The six things I could never do without
My chair
My music
My phone
My Xbox
My dog
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My purpose on earth.... if I have something.
On a typical Friday night I am
Sleeping? I don't get much sleep during the week. My school schedule sucks... if I'm not sleeping I'm hanging with my friiends or doing homework... which, I should be doing right about now... whoops.
I am happy to say, I am 420 friendly. I will smoke anything, and I'd be more than happy to go smoking with someone on a first date. A lot of good bonding happens when Mary Jane's present in the circle of friends. ;-)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I wasn't ready to admit this when I started, but I figured, what the hell. I am disabled. This means that some parts of my body, muscles included aren't the best at doing their required jobs. I have bladder issues. I sometimes don't make it to the bathroom. Its mostly because I waited so much as a kid, but its also because I can't get up fast enough, lol. I'm slower than molasses on a cold january morning, as the saying goes. This is the most embarrasing thing I have to admit. And, I'm only willing to admit it because I want to be completely honest. I'm an open book. There are no secrets here. ;-)
Thinking on it, I've recently discovered I have a thing for nurses and medical things. I enjoy being sedated, particularly by operating room anesthetic. I understand that this is pretty much impossible to atain, but, if you REALLY want to turn me on, put on a pinup nurse outfit, and roleplay with me. I have quite the active imagination....
You should message me if
You want to experience another aspect of life, or just something different.
If none of the above in the "most private" section has creeped you out entirely. Lol. I'm stuck in a chair 24-7... sorry.
It should also be known that when a person messages me, I see that entire conversation through, and explore all paths, before moving on. I pride myself on being pretty loyal, because love is hard to find.
kik:Djcrippletron2013, if anyone is interested.