47 San Francisco, CA
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My self-summary
Sauntering blithely through life as usual, it suddenly dawned on me that it would be so much more pleasant to have a fellow-saunterer by my side. With me, to think is to act. It was just months later that I sat down to write this profile. And immediately found out that writing about myself wasn’t easy. The profiles I was writing resembled either a police all-points bulletin or a self-aggrandized boast from one of the less reticent Kardashians. Baffled, I consulted some friends, who urged me to go with the police APB style. “Even if you don’t find a woman, the cops will certainly find you and that will be to the greater good,” they said. And these were people who owed me for beer.

Still, the story must be told, so here goes. I guess I’m an average sort of guy. So far I’ve been loafing about on my own but think it’s time to link my lot with someone who I like and who likes me. I suppose at this point a faraway look should come into my eyes as I peer into the rosy future and sentimental music plays in the background, but if that happens it’s only because I’ve forgotten my reading glasses and NPR is playing some filler music between stories.

My self-summary then, is that I’m looking for a woman who gets and likes me and whom I get and like. Then we do stuff together, figuring it out as we go along and hopefully staying out of trouble. Or seeking it, as the case may be.
What I’m doing with my life
At the pinnacle of my powers… (wait, that was one of the aggrandizing Kardashian-type profiles that I had discarded). Honestly, I’m still trying to figure it out. On the professional front, while I’m at a fairly decent place in my career and enjoy what I do, I have a bit of wanderlust and am thinking about what I want to do next. On the personal front, I’m trying to do stuff that I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before. For instance, last year I took a dance class, to the joy of the local podiatrists, who anticipated a spike in business as I trod heavily on my partners’ feet. This year I’m valiantly trying yoga, not just because it lets me say Downward Dog with a straight face, but because I really like its health and spiritual benefits. Many years after my first attempt, I went skiing again this year, and the mountains in Yosemite are still reverberating with my terror-stricken screams as I coasted precariously down the training slopes. But hey, at least I managed to stay upright longer and avoided falling into a ravine, as nearly happened the first time. I’ve always liked to travel, and am trying to get away more often,
I’m really good at
Seeing both sides of the coin, so to speak. On a practical level, I’m fairly good at making omelettes, being a very good friend, and obscure trivia. Like George Costanza, I’m really good at detecting when someone is uncomfortable at a party. I’m very good at laughing at life in a self-deprecating, optimistic sort of way.
The first things people usually notice about me
An utter and complete lack of antlers.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: almost anything by P.G. Wodehouse (go figure!). Other favorite authors include C.S. Forester (of Hornblower fame), Graham Greene, Bill Bryson, Alan Bennett. Am getting into Elmore Leonard and James Ellroy. I will read almost anything that is well-written, from The Onion to A Mathematician’s Apology by G.H. Hardy to The Economist.

Favorite movies: The Third Man, a 1949 British film, is probably my all-time favorite movie. Other favorite movies off the top of my head: My Cousin Vinny, Withnail & I, Double Indemnity, Rashomon, Witness for the Prosecution, Paths of Glory (Kubrick), most of Hitchcock (especially his early British work). I like the classics but also love movies like Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle and Superbad.

Favorite shows: I don’t watch much TV, and am way behind on my friends’ recommendations on must-watch shows. Among modern classics I love Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, Arrested Development, and The Wire. I was one of the millions swindled by J.J. Abrams into being hooked on Lost, and bitterly excoriated the finale. Contemporary shows I will watch when I have the opportunity are The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, The Mindy Project, Sherlock (the PBS version with Benedict Cumberbatch), Parks and Rec. I generally like documentaries too, especially of the NOVA and National Geographic variety.

Music: generally lean towards classic rock, but my knowledge of musicians is spotty at best. The only bands I can (usually) clearly identify are Queen, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd. The rest kind of blur into each other, and I couldn’t tell you the difference between Neil Young and Neil Diamond or Steely Dan vs. Led Zeppelin (although I enjoy them all). In terms of live music, I’d rather go to a classical or jazz performance than a rock concert. I usually go to 3- 4 operas a year and a few more times to the symphony. I actually like Wagner and sat entranced through the Ring Cycle when SF Opera performed it a couple of years ago. And I will leap at the prospect of watching any of Mozart’s operas. I also love Indian classical music and have started going to concerts at the Ali Akbar School of Music in San Rafael. Perhaps needless to say, Bollywood oldies are always a reliable staple.

Food: lean towards spicy cuisines (Thai, Indian, Mexican, lately Burmese) but also like Japanese (always up for new sushi recommendations). With so much food diversity in the Bay Area, I’m always up for exploring – from places with adjective-laden menus (“artisanal heirloom peaches gently welded to locally raised free range sun-drenched chicken drizzled with hand-pumped truffle oil”) to hole in the wall places. Oooh, and I really like egg-white omelettes.
The six things I could never do without
Oxygen, water, sunlight, vital nutrients, ambient temperature, and protection from the elements. Just kidding, I’m one of only 23 humans planetwide who CAN live without these things.

For purposes of this profile, let’s just say the works of PG Wodehouse (and other favorite authors), early morning hikes, egg white omelettes, spicy food, my favorite music (many different kinds), and Wikipedia. I’d have included my cat in the list, except that he’s not a “thing” but a living, breathing individual with a fiendish mind of his own.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
"My brain, it teems with endless schemes." I have been known to think about string theory, string cheese theory, whether moody bears in the Arctic should be called bipolar bears, and similar vital subjects. And this is just while I’m taking the trash out, dozing, or not really taxing my seven brain cells. Ask me about my far-reaching leaps of thought on the bathroom “throne.”
On a typical Friday night I am
Hanging out with friends, usually dinner at one of San Francisco’s many interesting restaurants, or having a beer or two in the Mission. Sometimes I’ll be at a theatrical or musical performance with friends. Very occasionally I’ll just go to the gym for some cardio, after which I’ll stay in and watch a movie. And so to bed.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I unabashedly croon to my cat. There, I said it. Deal with it. :)
You should message me if
You laugh from the bottom of your heart (or vice versa). You're mostly level headed, with some manifestations of insanity. You're a happy person and easy to get along with. You're interesting to get to know, and not superficial. You're okay with silences in conversations. You're a straight-shooter. You like hiking, reading, and cats. You're not cloying. This isn’t an attempt to stipulate precise engineering specifications -- I realize that everyone is different. Overall, if you're a nice, intelligent, sensible, and warm woman, I look forward to hearing from you.