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42 M Washington, DC

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Today – 6:41pm
5′ 10″ (1.78m)
Body Type
Mostly anything
Cancer, and it’s fun to think about
Graduated from law school
Politics / Government
Relationship Status
Relationship Type
Doesn’t have kids, but wants them
Likes dogs
English (Fluently), Spanish (Poorly)

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My self-summary
Now while I do like my R&B and romantic songs, please don't get it all twisted thinking I'm running around dropping rose petals on the ground everytime I see you. I'm still that stone cold thug (more on that later in my confession zone below).

So ummmm, this is what I'ma need for you ladies to do if you want to tell a grown azz man that he is attractive. Let's agree to move away from the "you are cute," statement. Cute is the way one describes a little boy who has just drawn you a crayon picture of a daffodil.

If you are going to use cute, break it up into 2 syllables, and add some type of neck movement like, "you are cuh-yute!" Let's make that happen in twenty fourteen.

I find myself leaning more twoard online dating because online you can filter through people faster which is why men prefer more pics (we're visual) AND profile information. We can't possibly contact every woman we think has an attractive face picture...this is the DC area, there are literally TONS of pretty face women here. Pics that showcase style, full length pics, and enough information to draw us in...i'm telling you, you would then be giving yourself a leg up in this thing.

I do have a lot of info up and I realize that could cause analysis-paralysis but's not complicated.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. Anything in life is worth putting some effort into, especially relationships. I can never understand how folks can work harder at their job than relationships.

I see I must've erased my explanation of no face pic at some point in my many modifications of this. I apologize for not posting a face pic. I have absolutely no problem sending a face pic if interested, but I'm sure with all the info I've posted, a lack of a face pic is not prohibitive as far as correspondences are concerned, because I don't think anyone in their right mind would let that stop them from meeting a potential mate especially with a pic being so easy to obtain. Plus I am now Skype friendly.

As I've explained previously, I have a politically sensitive position, and this site asks a lot of informative questions which I have not always answered politically correct. Hence the reason why there is no face pic. If circumstances change I will put a pic up, and reduce all the mess I got up here in lieu of a face pic.

My driver's license doesn't even have my face in it. Just me holding up some fingers in the 'peace' sign. In fact if a police officer is bold enough to pull me over, it is either because they are a female, OR gay. Dude will be like,
Polices: Do you know why I pulled you over?
Me: Yes, because you are gay.
Polices:Here is my number, make sure you call.

I have to take the number just to avoid him gettin all pizzed and writing a ticket. I throw it away though at the next chance I get.

Ok, as promised, this is my first attempt at this kinda thing. I have a bunch of ideas I want to do with it, so I will be changing it up. Please don't email me panty pictures, or hotel room keys...:-p

At some point I will put the rules up for how a meet will go down, if we can make something like that happen. But suffice it to say, if all goes well you should have me singin some Jodeci talkin' about,

"'Hey-aye-aye (What can I say?! What can I do?!)aye aye aye ayyyy.
Hey-aye-aye (To show how muuuch! I think about freakin you!)aye-aye-aye"

'Freakin U'

I don't do too well with narcissists, but at the same time I think I can tell when someone is trying to "sell" themselves when it comes to online profiles. So it is a good thing to list your positives. Hopefully, folks will have the same take with my profile, because other than here you won't really hear me talk about myself.
What I’m doing with my life
Leaving no stone unturned, checkin for wifey, hence my checking out of this site.

Ok I put it back on here...versatility. Help me get my mind back right.

The money, the cars, the clothes, the home, all my goals…

Yeah, I want the money,
Money and the cars
Cars, and the clothes, the home
Of my goals, I just wanna meet,
I just wanna meet, Beautiful
I just wanna meet,
I just wanna meet, Beautiful
I just wanna meet,
I just wanna meet, Beautiful

Aw yeah, waited long to meet ya’
Got me staring at you, gawkin’ at all of your features
This is it, can't miss it, to me the finest creature
Soon enough wanting to say vows-- in front ya’ preacher
And best believe those words will be crystal clear
This nonfiction that every woman wanna hear
A lot of yall that I've met but YOU have no peers
It may sound strange but you're the one I want to tell my fears
Share with you my thoughts, tears that I shed
Put our dreams together like communion breaking bread--
Yep these words are serious, come with me
And we will turn all our fantasies into reality
Yeah, I want it all, do what it takes for it
Big dreams and you, I'd trade all up my pride for it
I'm fly by myself but I want you as my co-pilot
I know that you are comin’ I just hope you don't lose sight of it

I want the money,
Money and the cars
Cars, and the clothes, the home
Of my goals, I just wanna meet,
I just wanna meet, Beautiful
I just wanna meet, I just wanna meet Beautiful
I just wanna meet, I just wanna meet Beautiful

Yeah, I want things to go my way
I call you Beautiful but listen to what I say
Not talkin’ bout your fine-ness that's well known
But I want you for kindness and su muy intelligente
So don't hide it from me-- talkin' heart's jewel
Turn it over and you'll never feel you've been fooled
Spent many hours turnin' pebbles, stones up
And many thousand dollars worth of TIME for this rare love
Damn, my reality has set in
No more bouncin’ around hoping that this the magic weekend
And we can tell our friends that we are through with all the waitin'
And show this world another couple that they can start to hatin'
It's not playa but F^(k it-- this is my goal
and sweetie I'm the truth cuz I just had to get Ms. Beautiful
Through life changes I will love you every way and mo'
It’s all good as we both will watch our kids grow
cuz I want

I want the money,
Money and the cars
Cars, and the clothes, the home
Of my goals, I just wanna meet,
I just wanna meet, Beautiful
I just wanna meet, I just wanna meet Beautiful
I just wanna meet, I just wanna meet Beautiful


Next verse you must understand, I'm not a perfect person
but I'm trying to be all I can
The best laid out dreams with imperfect plans
But if you work with me I will be equal to the task at hand
In person I am everything and more
Go everywhere those other fellas never would explore
InMyMind this waiting feels like I am drifting far off shore
Imagine how I'll be when I find what I'm searchin’ for.
Yeah, this search is spinning me dizzy--
Chicks call me Mr. Damn,Why-He-Actin'-All-Picky?
But scans for this woman can turn out to be tricky
Though some women highly touted can turn out to be dit-zy
So Beautiful, I promise this-- know you'll be glad
That I waited cuz YOU’RE—“The Best, I Ever Had”
It's real sweetie, so don't pass believe, trust
And I swear you'll be filled with true love, all I want is

I want the money,
Money and the cars
Cars, and the clothes, the home
Of my goals, I just wanna meet,
I just wanna meet, Beautiful
I just wanna meet, I just wanna meet Beautiful
I just wanna meet, I just wanna meet Beautiful
Yeah, it's like
I know what I gotta say
I just don't know where you are to say it…to you…
I’m really good at
Making up R&B songs about mundane subjects...on the spot.
Coming up with dares to do to strangers while out shopping, as if we're on a practical joke tv show.
Transposing letters when typing really quikc like I just did!
Shifting blame to other folks for bad stuff, taking credit for good.
I can ejaculate words into a regular conversation that make people think, "is he using that word correctly?" of course I did Grammer Hitler, now go play with your dictatorship somwhere else! (Grammar misspelled on purpose).

If you have a phatty (and you know who you's a requirement for public appearances) I'm very good-VERY good, at palming it in public so that everyone involved maintains their dignity.

Seriously though, I do feel I have many talents you'll have to trust me.
The first things people usually notice about me
Sense of style. I prefer to be modest, but since I don't have a pic I will list things I've heard on more than one occasion, so I guess it depends on what day you're catching me and what one likes (I got some things goin on now, haha).

Eyes-they are brown but I guess something about them make folks try to guess my ethnic background (hint both my parents are African-American but I'm sure something was happening in the lineage).

Hair (when it's grown out)
Solid build (I used to play football).
Complexion (during the summer)
Chest (I do run shirtless on South Beach when I go, haha...sometimes even up here in the District).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
It's been a minute since I've read a book for pleasure. Favorite movie of all time is FORREST GUMP, favorite comedy is THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY and FRIDAY. I tend to go to comedy movies, I do like a good rom-com, LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS, and Comic Book superhero movies. I like going to the movies in general.

Music, Hip-Hop (A Tribe Called Quest), R&B (especially old school 80-90's) Stevie Wonder is my favorite artist.

Seafood, American, Italian, Mexican in that order. I don't really eat a lot of red meat and even less pork. My diet is mostly seafood, and poultry.

I don't watch much TV other than NFL. But I do dvr some shows, The Walking Dead, Key & Peele, Parks & Recreation (LOVE Aubrey Plaza, & Chris Pratt really the whole cast). Real Time with Bill Maher. **Just added** Workaholics! Those are some FOOLS! "New Girl" (I have a secret crush on Zooey Deschanel).
The six things I could never do without
Music, Internet, Money,Smartphone, Health, Street Smarts.
I do talk to my smartphone even while it is's so smart!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Football, Romance, of course getting married and having kids.
While I want to get married, I don't feel it is something one just jumps into for the sake of doing it.

"In time, i knew that love would bring--
This happiness to me,
i've tried to keep-- my sanity
i waited patiently

Girl You know it seems,
My life is (now) complete
A love that's true--because of You
Keep doing what You do!"

I come from 2 parents that are still together, and for me it merely means that I do know what it means to be in a committed relationship.
On a typical Friday night I am
It depends. If I decide to work on Saturdays, in the family business, I will probably be sleeping early/catching up on the tv shows I've dvr'd, or I'm out and about "touching the people" to see if I can come across my Queenie.

I was formerly very active in a community service group that has activities, (dance classes, pool night, karaoke night) and occasionally I will dip in there to see what's happening.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I tell you I'm about to go "hug the block"
I actually mean I'm about to go jogging. There-- I admit it.

I'm revealing this because this will nip stress and arguments in the bud when you're all like, "No, Wot, you gon' get kilt out there."
and I'm all like, "baby, I gots to do this, you know how I do, the streets raised me."
Then you're all like, "why can't you give up the street game?"
and I'm all like, "you knew what you were getting into when you met me, you not complaining when I give you gifts."
then you're like, "I hate when you do this, when you come back I won't be here."
Me: "Baby stop it, come gimme a kiss, it could be the last time you see me."
You: "No I'm not, you crazy, I mean it you gon get yo self kilt. C'mon baby stay here with me…(Monster's Ball voice)make me feeeeel good."
Me; "Baby I'll be back, I promise, it's not gonna take long for me to move this work."
You: "Wot, stop …please…*collapse to knees* you know I love you I can't handle this anymore!"
Me: "Baby I'ma be back. *ties up sneakers looks back one more time then leaves*

Now usually when this happens we're about 3-4 weeks into the relationship, when I get back I'm understandably sweaty but you just figure it's because the "block got hot" and I had to high tail it out of a situation.

to be continued...
I’m looking for
  • Girls who like guys
  • Ages 27–38
  • Near me
  • Who are single
  • For long-term dating, short-term dating
You should message me if
You are very attractive, in shape (I prefer pear shape over apple...c'mon now, lol), romantic, can laugh at yourself, good sense of humor, CONFIDENT, fairly ambitious, want children.

1) Marriage leaning, you enjoy your dating life but um it's time for a change.

2) Want to have at least one good laugh everyday.

3) Have great fashion sense so you can assist me in my business and women's fashion.

4) Have a fairly healthy lifestyle because I need to believe you will outlive me...

5) Believe in fairytale endings.

"My fingers on the hook of your neck...
Deep in your eyes is a look of respect-
Soft wet brown sugar-- mixed with cinnamon...
said you learnin to trust men again...
If this is love, made unselfish
made for you to feel empowered at the same time helpless
You've dealt with a lot and your screams and moans
but somethin 'bout your walk that I've seen I'm home
For we don't have to think no more - it's synchronicity and raw
and this-is-what-I-came-here-for.

You have come so far
You've got so far to go..."