41 Austin, TX
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My self-summary
Wow, this was so very much in need of updating!

Who am I? Heck, that's hard to say. Let me throw some labels at you. INTP. Nerd. Geek. Dork. Lesbian. Poly. Atheist. Warrior.

Well, that wasn't very helpful, was it? Hmm, let's try a different approach.

I'm in two awesome relationships with awesome women. I'm not actively looking for anyone else. My dance card is thusly pretty full, but I'm still open for friends, both with and without benefits.

I work at a major computer and personal electronics company you might have heard of, doing work for their online store. I'm pretty darn good at what I do. Currently I'm leading a team of pretty cool people, which is an interesting change from my normal job duties.

I'm passionate about the truth. Not with a capital 'T' - if I've learned anything it's that when someone talks about truth with a capital 'T' it's far more likely than average to be anything but. No, it's just little-t truth I care about. I want my beliefs to match reality as closely as I can possibly make them, and this pressing desire has led me to scepticism, which has been among the biggest blessings in my life.

I'm a good listener. I'm not such a good talker. I do write decent prose, though.

I love board games and card games. Not so much the standard fare - Monopoly is annoying, Sorry makes me near-homicidal, checkers bores me and I'm not the greatest at chess (though I do enjoy it.) But I love a lot of games; war games, strategy games, logic games, party games. I've recently been very into deckbuilding games. I've got several bookshelves full of games, and my collection is growing.

Speaking of bookshelves, I've got significantly more of those full of books. Not all are mine; a lot are my partner's and quite a few are inherited and not yet read. But even not counting those, my book collection is not small.

I'm an autodidact. I freakin' love to learn. It has led me to a fairly broad and occasionally deep education. This ties in nicely with my above-mentioned passion for the truth.

I'm shy, introverted, and I have social anxiety. Yes, those are all different, and yes, all three apply to me. That said, most people don't seem to notice. I have very good coping skills.

I love to fight. Not so much in the mental/emotional sense, though I do get involved in more online arguments than is good for me. I mean in the physical sense. I swordfight in Dagorhir every weekend, I attend monthly wrestling classes, and I'm attending two weeks of martial retreat in April, which has me ridiculous levels of excited. If I'm not fighting regularly, I get depressed; it's that big a deal for me.

I play, and occasionally run tabletop RPGs. I'm always involved in at least one, often more ongoing campaigns. It's a big deal for me; it's one of my main and my favourite ways of socialising with friends, and one of my passions.

Most of my friends are liberals. I'm not. Neither am I conservative, nor really would I call myself a moderate, or an of the convenient and helpful labels that can be readily absorbed. I'm aligned with liberals on many things, especially social justice issues. I'm aligned with conservatives on a fair amount of things as well, notably gun rights. But all that is within the context of a state, and more broadly, within civilisation, and I'm very much against both of those, and consider the issues of environment and civilisation to be the most pressing ones for me, though I do take social justice issues quite seriously as well.

I'm staunchly pro-oxford comma, and pro-two spaces after a period.

I'm a feminist, and if you aren't at all, don't bother contacting me. Life's too short to deal with a-holes that don't want equality.
What I’m doing with my life
Doing a fair amount of work at a job I enjoy, a lot of writing, spending time with friends and my girlfriend, reading, fighting, building a secure future at last after several decades spent below the poverty line.
I’m really good at
Kicking ass. Digging into an issue and getting to the heart of it. Failing. Dusting myself off and getting back on track anyway. Playing games. Critical thinking. Giving a crap.
The first things people usually notice about me
Well, that I'm transsexual. :) I doubt most people get past that, honestly. But if they do... probably my height, my nervousness, or my smile. Sometimes, my hair colour. Or the fun/nerdy/amusing shirt I'm wearing; I wear a lot of those.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
- Dr. Who novels (I own hundreds,) especially those by amazing authors like Paul Cornell, Kate Orman, Ben Aaronovich, Lance Parkin, Lawrence Miles, and other such amazing writers.
- Pretty much any decent urban fantasy, especially with a strong female protagonist. Some favourites are the Dresden Files, the Starlit Elves series, the Diana Tregarde books, and, well, a whole lot more; it's a fairly prolific subgenre nowadays.
- Graphic novels of various sorts. Strangers in Paradise is by far my favourite. Digger is an epic work. I love the Buffy continuation. I'm a huge Wonder Woman fan, and I quite like Superman as well, though I'm getting kind of tired of DC's crap in a lot of ways.
- Manga. I'm not a huge manga otaku, but I do have several collections I'm fond of, most notably Hana Kimi, Utena, Fruits Basket, and Densha Otoko.
- Any good book about biblical scholarship, which is a hobbyhorse of mine. Ehrman, Pagels, and Friedman are particular faves, and I'm getting quite interested in Carrier.
- Books by anarcho-primitivists, neo-tribalists, and others who see the urgent problems inherent in civilisation. Authors of note in this category: Daniel Quinn, Derrick Jensen, and Jerry Mander.

- I'm a sucker for romcoms. Shut up, I ain't ashamed. Some notable examples - Playing By Heart, Jack and Jill vs the World, Definitely Maybe, Love Actually, About Time.
- SF/Fantasy/Superhero movies. I've watched most of the mainstream ones that everybody knows about (LOTR, Avengers, etc), and the beloved classics (The Last Unicorn, The Fifth Element, etc), and quite a lot in between. Disclaimer: I actually have a pretty low opinion of the Star Wars movies. Yes, all of them.
- 'Cult,' and other random movies I'm fond of, such as Empire Records, Toys, the Gamers series, Surf Ninjas, and so on.
I'm not trying to be comprehensive, here. Can you tell?

- Joss Whedon. Yes, I will watch anything he has his hand in. Buffy, Angel, and Firefly were some of the best shows ever. Dollhouse was pretty great. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is blossoming into an amazing show.
- Doctor Who. Old and new. Yes, this gets its own category.
- Other SF/Fantasy/Superhero - Blake's 7, Orphan Black, Misfits, Farscape, Les Revenants, Babylon 5, etc.
- Anime - Shoujo Kakumei Utena. Neon Genesis Evangelion. Those are the two really big ones. I've also quite enjoyed Mobile Battleship Nadesico, Detective Conan, and Trigun.
- Dorama. I'm fairly obsessed with these. Some favourites: Hana Kimi (all four versions), Long Vacation, GTO (both versions), Love Generation, Engine, Kurosagi, Densha Otoko, Mahoro Ekimae Bangachi.

There's just too much, even when broken down into categories, so I'm just going to throw out some of my very favourites at random. Kate Bush. Dar Williams. The Levellers. Flogging Molly. VNV Nation. K'naan. Ingrid Michaelson. The Polyphonic Spree. John Denver. Stevie Nicks. Dolly Parton.
Stuff as I've currently got on heavy rotation includes VNV Nation, Marina V, Burial, Lorde, K'naan, Professor Elemental, and Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer.

In related news, I'M GOING TO SEE KATE BUSH IN CONCERT IN SEPTEMBER!!!! ::dies from squee::

A lot! I love diner food, southern cuisine, good burgers, pizza (especially Chicago style), salad, soup, sandwiches, ramen shops, Chinese, Italian... I can eat well most places, though I tend to be picky with what I choose. I'm not a huge fan of Indian or Thai, but I can work with it. I can handle just about any level of spice/heat, but I'm not a fan of it, as I feel it detracts from the flavour. I don't generally like mixing sweet and savoury (for some reason, sweet & sour at a Chinese place is the exception, don't know why.) Oysters are gross. Peas and celery are evil. Fish and chips are wonderful.
The six things I could never do without
Imma take this in the spirit of 'six things you consider particularly precious' rather than picking at the poor phrasing.

my loved ones. my hormones. combative competition and martial art. gaming/interactive storytelling. a home to return to. something new to learn.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The various stories I've written and/or participated in, or am in the process of creating. Ontological matters. Really mundane stuff.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either out taking in some of Austin's fine entertainment or at home with my partner having a fine, quiet night in.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
...yeah, I don't really have much in the way of a 'filter.' So it's hard to say.
You should message me if
you think I might be someone you'd like to know.

Oh, this is probably a useful note - if I message you here on OKC, I'm more than likely interested in you. The above-noted shyness,anxiety, etc. means that I will probably just have an interesting conversation with you and then stop talking when that ends without actually expressing interest/attraction/hey-wanna-get-coffee-some-time/etc. I tend to assume people aren't into me unless told otherwise. So, if we do converse here and it happens that you're interested and wondering why the heck I'm so blah blah blah, my advice is to either make the proverbial first move or make it clear that you're open to me doing so.

If you're not, then obviously that doesn't apply and I hope we have a fun conversation! :)