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My self-summary
*Update - okcupid decided that I'm a bi-man & wrote that on my profile without me knowing for perhaps a while now... ugh, I love all humans and their unique paths and orientations. When it comes to romance, intimacy, and partnership, I am only into women. I'm a straight arrow male with a blazing heart beating love & respect. Peace to all my brothers & sisters.*

- The username is the phonetic spelling last name of my russian ancestors before it changed during immigration to America. Note: this profile is a bit of a book. A book strategically filled with comedy, ideas, & attributes. I hope you are happy on your path. If scanning this page brings some laughter and inspiration, then it's all good.
discovery and adventures, serious ridiculousness, libertarian dog & cat whispering (one of my jobs: dog training/pet care)--especially whispering to the people that live with the dogs/cats, intuitive herbalist & healer (my other gig). conversing with and eating wild foods & medicinal plants, musical noise making, hiking/finding wild edible & medicinal plants; natural deep healing, & dreaming of a world beyond buying & selling. What would such a future look like? Not simply any of the economic-isms (that's beyond capitalism, socialism, communism, technocratic dictatorism, fascism...when you leave all those currently in use, where does your imagination go...outgrow all those systems, co-create something elegant & without price tags.

I'm in love with old world traditions of music, spirituality, medicine/healing, and my good friends from just south of Florida.
On a mission to transform the strange attachment to chemlawn here in Connecticut and elsewhere. Have you ever looked closely at the graphics on those little yellow "herbicide/pesticide sprayed here" signs? If not, look at them and get back to me for a brainstorm of changing this dreamspell for the better. The line art on those signs speaks to the lost connection between humans and our little green friends. I see dandelions as little saints that keep resurrecting & offerring food/medicine despite being assassinated by terminator type people over and over again.
I enjoy giving voice to situations.
A Dandelion Connor as John Connor conversation with chemlawnminator as terminator:
"You and me, we've been at war since before either of us existed. You tried killing my mother Dandelion-ara Connor from last season at the lawn over there. You killed my father Dandelion Reese across the street last year at the house that prefers an astroturf lawn to an edible landscape of wonder. You will not kill me."

To awareness, light, liberty, love, and the highest good on your path :-)
What I’m doing with my life
whispering back and forth with dogs (dog training and more training the people the dogs live with to be better listeners), intuitive herbalist & healer, farmers market gourmet tea booth operator. Always getting into creative zany musical stuff with my friends, getting beat up in a good way by my martial art friends (Bagua lately). Walking in the woods foraging, and learning from my healer friends. Exploring & pioneering solutions to radiant health for humans & other creatures.
I’m really good at
playing music with friends (I play assorted percussion, electric bass, and endless noise scientist on most other instruments)

-Here's a friend's film in which I served as narrator.
I'm the voice attempting to reproduce the ridiculous dubbed kung fu film narration style of the 70s-80s. Three parts: 1. start of film-the voice in the first few minutes of the film; 2. the narrator voice that kicks in just after the 28:00 min scene starts (about 28:18); and 3. the stupid background chanting during the dream sequence starting around 33:23

If you're not into the cosmic banter, the ending scene, from 34:08 forward, is truly amazing, with my friend Drew starring & choreographing the fighting sequence (he's the guy with the santa beard).

forgiveness and figuring out what "triggers" might be causing communication breakdowns, listening to plants when I'm quiet, making amazing energetic food with lots of friends, conversing with cats, dogs, and insects at times (for nonbelievers, you'd be surprised what's possible in communicating with insects...you're in Cuba and you don't want any creeping critters in your bed, so you ask them politely and then 2.5 months of peaceful sleep. It's all in the open heart, focus, and offerring something in return like "I go out of my way to not step on your kind and enact relocation programs when you're too numerous in the kitchen/bathroom"; both their antennae and yours should be active. It's funny and true.)
The first things people usually notice about me
friendly guy
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Varied films/books/food. I love learning about natural approaches to diet, farming, healing, and the ways of our ancestors. But I also really like learning about contradictory approaches...i.e. Weston A. Price view of our ancestral ways, but I've also learned from and practiced the more plant based approaches of folks like Durianriders, Andrew Norton Webber, Lisa Wilson, Atom Bergstrom (a bit of many things), the herbalism & alchemy of David Wolfe & friends, and lots of other good folks. I have worked on organic farms and at a bunch of restaurants; I love learning and playing with nature's elements. I'm kind of a hunter/gatherer when it comes to food; I like to hunt around and see different people's relationship with food, gather what feels good, and then share good meals with the world. Lately, I've been learning about pine needles for making tea/medicine, poke berries in tincture form, & chaga tea alchemy.

Herzog's films-especially "The White Diamond", "The Future By Design", Hulk by Ang Lee (see through the cheese to the journey of the wounded healer), "Altered States", Susun Weed & her mentor Juliette de Bairacli Levy- "Juliette of the Herbs" the film; silly b-cult films; comedy, MST3k, American Movie. All of John Thomas Bryant's talks on youtube - his model Astrotometry is really pure genius - moving from the heliocentric model to the chronocentric & hypertime models, highly recommended: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81E8364D0310E18E

music with real blood in it (could be Elvin Jones, Johnny Cash, KRS-1, Kavinsky, Los Papines, Cuba, especially Timba and Afro-Cuban folklorica....Bata Drums, 80s electronic styles, NYC Hip Hop, DJ A-Trak, some metal (classics Iron Maiden to early 3 Inches of Blood from Advance and Vanquish), some bluegrass, Congo music, some stuff out of Jamaica (not the hate, though, I love everyone), Freddy Bastone's mixes, new, old, ancient, from every land if it's got spirit in there),

A youtube playlist I made for someone I met here. Explores sorceric jazz-afro-cuban-electronic-island-hip-hop tunes:

Hey Yo! DJ Lajedi, turn it up:

I appreciate the magic of decent remix-ers.

--Sometimes they're subtle.
to this:

--sometimes they create a different but awesome vibe.
to this, 80s roller skate rink styles:

--Ladyhawke original, My Delirium:
to this DnB synthy style:

-The Fauns original, 4am:
to this by Power Glove - love these guys so much:

--Also, check this amazing transformation:
original, by The Outfield:
cover, Argentina metal style \m/:

Just a cover of a classic 80s metal Dokken track....BUT, from JAPAN! <3s and prayers to Japan, especially regarding the Fukushima situation \m/:

next level artists like Krispy Kreme and Money Maker Mike...now known as Froggy Fresh:

Dragon Sound!!!

What's a little reign? - by The Fucking Champs:

J5, of course:

Riff Raff, good funny songs to start up the car to on a cold winter morning...like Party Time by 45 Grave:

independent media/news: naturalnews.com, westonaprice.org, aquariusthewaterbearer.com and much more potent independent media that require bravery and open minds...for the brave: theglobalreality.com

The golden era of classic Hong Kong kung fu cinema. Especially, but not limited to: "Shaolin Drunkard" (watch this with friends soon, helps explain the world); "The Mystery of Chess Boxing" also called "Ninja Checkmate" on youtube. Seriously, there is so much going on in this film genre that is missed/easily dismissed as dumb action. When you consider that the chinese communist revolution persecuted real traditional kung fu schools, many of these schools went underground and joined circuses/theater to continue their arts...this is one of the hidden layers of these films. Also, the music, the comedy, the stories playing with ancient Taoist & Buddhist lore, it's all pretty amazing.

Typical dinner with my grandpa at video time 22:30 forward

The Outrunners (French 80s inspired electronic group)
---here's an Outrunners' track, Diamonds and this dude's video interpretation with 80s clips, freaking gold:
Powerglove....sci fi head nodding goodness!
There's something so mother scratching cool about the 80s music/art style...this weird happy & sad sparkly vibe all braided with a sort of cosmic circuitry. How'd it happen? Some ingredients in my opinion:
1. humanity's DNA evolving amidst all the fallout from cold war era atmospheric/underwater/underground nuclear testing getting into the air/water/soil (We basically had nuclear wars when you consider that the powers-that-wanted-to-be of the world ran 1000s of nuke bomb tests, and the jetstreams and biosphere innately connect all of us.)
2. the overlap phase where analog & digital technology met
The six things I could never do without
a mission, stinging nettles, percussion and making noise with friends even if that friend is a tabletop, weeding the fields with evangelists found on the road until you see little green plants behind your closed eyes (counts for at least 4 things)-weeding by hand for 8-10 hours is an amazingly therapeutic activity.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The 200,000+ year old 7 story rock wall underground in Rockwall, Texas:

The mysteries of the common cold. Maybe, it is nature's own vaccine...you ever think of that? A beneficial cellular expression possibly preventing other ailments while being framed as the illness. I will share more on this later - but basic idea is that the 'cold' or 'flu' or similar sets of body phenomena are how the body changes its fluids & refreshes the intra/extra cellular environments by removing toxins & stagnant metabolic waste. The body uses phlegm & other fluids to move these materials out, while using the fever to increase enzyme & organ efficiency to accomplish this, while squeezing the bones & joints to move stagnant materials from the deepest spaces in the body out, while using alternative hot/cold chills to expand & contract the tissues to continue clearing these materials outward, while finally culminating in a sweat. These cellular refreshing routines can be supported & fostered to be easier through nutrition & radiant lifestyles. Yes, humans have messed up things like this before. In this view, the notion of searching for a "cure" for the "common cold" is crazy, because the "common cold" could be the cure which the body creates/undergoes to prevent greater problems.

I love learning about the healing wisdom of plants, what Nikola Tesla was up to, what cats might be saying, and the interesting stuctures at Baalbek aka Ba'albek & Coral Castle.

The effect that satellites and space junk may have on climate and human/other lifeforms' health.
Check out NASA's own site tracking orbiting objects.
Click on those pics to see how much crap is up there. The last pic is a movie animation modeling what all that debris looks like when in motion (movie clip probably works better in browsers other than Chrome, for some reason Chrome has issues sometimes with quicktime):

The answer to 1984 is 1982. As in, the antidote to Orwell's description of reductionist technocratic elitism might just be the innocent party vibe of the 1982 era.
On a typical Friday night I am
up late with friends getting creative, house and pet sitting, isolating bass drum parts by ear on old electro tracks like Shannon's "Let the Music Play", there's a subtle trick that I kept missing on the turn around.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm pretty sure the fluoride in the water is making Americans crazy. Ok, but that's not personal really. I'm a nobel prize winning scientist while in the shower; for some reason that's where I figure it all out. And, yes, probably, without fluoride in the shower water, I'd make more discoveries.
You should message me if
-if you're into silliness, life, compassion, nature, liberty, creativity, healing, growing, zany adventures, you laughed at the joke about Dandelion Connor vs. chemlawnminator or want to learn how.


here's some inspired okc continuously evolving rhymes, just for you, to go with the above song:

that beat...of what origin?
liberation, electric mindsend
beyond their time, Tesla, Schauberger, and Bedini
back-emf trickles from the aether field activity
thanks USA and tripleCP,
you killed cold fusion & your garbage tech irradiates my peoples & me... Y'all dug up the uranium 235, junk DNA starts breakin' alive....earth was supposedly flat kind of jive...
Super Power time!! Super power time!!
Cold wars, glowing cores, mediocrity whores, really?
before all that...that which knows you are unborn, indestructible and beyond scorn...
primordial innately good pressure waves, self liberating delusions' slaves....
Look! dandelion roots, leaves, & flowers, alchemically created life force over hours and hours...eat some and you'll awaken your powers...
I wonder 80,000 years forward on the planet's dial,
will pure awareness mistake itself again as temporary dramatic style?
a color palette identity built from hope and fear, peppers your awareness mirror
reality seems obstructed and unclear
what's the signal that's been distorting?
Endless creative & joyful beings with beginningless beginnings
May you and all beings attain immortal happiness...
May you manifest the most radiant relations ever...I'm out.

and this:

PRIVACY NOTICE: Warning - any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photos, and/or the comments made about my photos or any other "picture" art posted on my profile. The contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information, and the violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law. UCC 1-103 1-308 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WITHOUT PREJUDICE