48 Lisbon, Portugal
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My self-summary
So, the big question: who am I? Let me look for my thinking hat....

I am a real nice guy, friend of my friends...wait...I have read that somewhere already.To be precise, at about half of all the profiles I have read on contact sites and online communities. Sigh. Actually, if I read that in one more profile, I cannot be held responsible for my actions.
But still - nothing about myself.

I like to laugh. A lot. But I work in the wrong places with a lot of serious people. Or I don't get their jokes and they always manage to keep a straight face. Who knows. Actually, they are not that bad. But not laughing much, anyway.
And I like to do the things I am doing in my life (further down). Really, that describes probably best who I am: I am what I do.

I like water and all kinds of water activities. But I don't like cycling in the rain. I like it warm (which is why I am still thinking of ways to improve the 4-month cold season in Portugal - maybe simply by moving somewhere else...or, alternatively, by moving the Earth's axis so that it is perpendicular to the sun and Portugal comes to lie pretty close to the poles - I said "poles", not "Poles", those would have to hope that France or Germany comes to lie at the actual pole, so they don't have it too hot or cold). Actually, I sort of don't mind cycling in warm rain. But windsurfing in the rain is a bit gross. At decent wind speeds the rain drops become like hailstones in the face and it's better to surf with a diving mask, if it wouldn't look so stupid. Well, maybe I should get rid of the snorkel... And the flippers.
Anyway, I'd like to learn how to sail and kitesurf, so bonus points are given to ladies who can teach one of those (or preferably both, if I may be that audacious).
I try to understand how the brain works, but I guess mine is still working mechanically, and a few cogs have become clogged, so I sometimes try to unclog them with Vipassana meditation, which works oK, except for the part where my buttocks fall asleep.

Sometimes I just like to sit and watch. The clouds. The horizon. People. It's actually pretty hilarious, come to think of it, how we are running around, pursuing our lives, wondering about petty stuff and not getting anywhere; or moving in circles; working our arses off to make the next payment for our cars* that we just need to take us to work where we are working our...; trying to make sense of something that really doesn't seem to want anybody making sense of it. And it is simply amazing that, considering how little we know and how limited our perception of the world is, we can actually maybe not understand, but at least predict quite reliably, an impressive number of stuff.
Yeah, I think it is called wonder.
Now, was it the blue pill, or the red pill?

* and I don't own a car; at least I managed to exit that part of the hamster wheel and I feel very happy with it
What I’m doing with my life
Dreaming. Windsurfing. Swimming, cycling, running. Playing guitar, keyboards, singing. Writing and recording music. Recording and editing video. Dreaming again. Of making movies. Making music. Well, actually, both is already a bit of a reality, but I'd like yet more. Going back to working as a scientist. Well, that stuff, you know:-D

Apart from dreaming, here are some facts: I am a MS in Biology, my specialty and interest being neurobiology. I am also a programmer and have worked in that capacity as freelance the bigger part of the last 10 years. But Neurosciences is my love, I am trying to align circumstances that we can be together again, which is not that easy, especially if you are already touching, but nothing more. Maybe I should be more zen about it, maybe I should put more energy into it. It's not all that easy to decide. I have put too much energy in things in the past, and it nearly crushed those things and/or drained myself. Time will tell.
I’m really good at
Can't think of anything really. But I am not really bad at anything either. Ok, well, maybe at dancing. But that is a just a childhood trauma, my parents made me dance in a Saturday Night Fever formation when I was 8 or so. Bad move. Never recovered. But I like to think I can hold a rhythm and don't look half ridiculous doing so. I just feel ridiculous. And two bodies moving in synchronicity I find more appealing in the bedroom; dancing as foreplay is way too complicated and time-consuming. But maybe I learn samba, one of these days. I am lazy. And it is simply becoming harder and harder to escape from not learning it than to give in and learn it and be done with it.
The first things people usually notice about me
Black. Outdoor. Gear. I guess. I have been called a paratrooper far more often than could be put down to coincidence or bad judgement. I am not. Martial, that is. Martial artist, a bit, yeah, but not marching with anybody. However, my rucksack is almost surgically attached. I am almost 100% waterproof. Well, actually Gore Windstopper does not hold such a high water column, but it is sufficient for most rains, if well integrated. And for serious water I have my semi-dry suit. oK, I am an equipment freak, I guess, and a gadget freak. Although the mantra is: travel light. I like to have few stuff, but what I have should be good.

Oh, come to think of it, I think I have a certain dexterousness with languages. Bummer, that they only allow to list 5 here on okCupid. It's funny actually, that I can communicate in so many languages, but actually really understand very few people. Or does everybody else have the same problem?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Neil Gaiman, Orhan Pamuk, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Helliconia Trilogy by Brian Aldiss, Otherland by Tad Williams, Javier Marías, Désert by J.M.G. Le Clézio, Michel Houellebecq, John Irving, Jorge Amado, De Kus Van Esau by Meir Shalev, Tom Wolfe, TC Boyle

Memento, Garden State, Where The Heart Is, American Pie 1, In the Name of the Father, Blade Runner, Spanglish, Matrix 1, Trainspotting, Uzak, Bang Boom Bang, Drei Chinesen mit dem Kontrabass, Terminator 1, 5th Element

Jean Sibelius, Pearl Jam, Avial, Antonin Dvorak, Icehouse, INXS, Mercedes Sosa, Evanescence, The Chameleons, Claude Debussy, Johnny Clegg & Savuka, Tori Amos, System of a Down, Chris De Burgh, Honolulu Mountain Daffodils, Psychedelic Furs, U2, Juan Luis Guerra

I'm a bit of a Barbarian when it comes to food, but I do like spicy and/or Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Turkish and ----- Stroopwafeltjes!

Shows (I guess that refers to tv, and not to varieté):
I don't have a tv, and that's good. But when I was sharing with people who had one, I liked Star Trek, Big Bang Theory, 6 Feet Under, The Fresh Prince, Saturday Night Live, Conan O'Brien and Prison Break. No vampires, please. Vampires suck!
The six things I could never do without
Sports, art, sex (actually, I could of course do without, but given the choice, I'd rather do with), my computer (as long as I am earning my money with it), science, water
I spend a lot of time thinking about
wtf am I doing here? (as referring to this planet, dimension, apart from OKC, being here on OKC is actually par for the course in terms of craziness, all in a day's work and going with the times)

Does the light in the fridge stay on when I close the door? Really???
On a typical Friday night I am
What's so special about Friday night? Why not Wednesday? Monday? Heck, even Sunday? Or Yesterday? Carpe diem. Don't wait for a special day. Make TODAY special.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That there are private things.
You should message me if
you can write and like to show it off