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29 M Omaha, NE

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My self-summary
Every man has his secret sorrows, which the world knows not; and oftentimes we call a man cold when he is only sad.


Current march 2nd 2014

I work for a local company digging pipelines. I run the equipment, and drive the semi's. I am one of those guys you drive past wearing the bright green work shirts working in the fields. I drive a big blue ford truck, and my roommates would say i am a slightly disorganized and stinky after work. but good man who lets my dog lick the plates even though they think its gross. :) They love me. You could too, i grow on you.


Fuck the small talk! Lets get this bitch started. And read with a lite tone, of some sarcastic humor. And your good.

I think way too much. If your looking for small, shallow baby steps to dating than go to a church group. Try G.A.M.E omaha. My buddy josh met his wife there. and some other people i know met signifcunt others there. Not my cup of tea. Though. That whole passive agressive dating style just doesnt fit me.

I would say the general outcome of 5yrs on this site and counting is.

To most women in the omaha area and surrounding by a few hundred miles on okc, I am seemingly this amazing asshole that most women find to be amazing on my intellect and writing style side but repugnant on the relationship side because culture has these vails of double speak that separate us from the truth and encourage us to stay in our close and comforted isolated ponds. And networks. Which is cool. Isolation helps protect, or destroy. And its interesting to watch.

Oddly enough, its seems very few even venture any further than the exterior of my being, or even get past the verbiage I use to attempt to convey myself with. Point is. Seemingly. If You take a look at the expressed concepts and topics most women talk about online as what they value and seek from a man that they are willing to themselves express thru the use of their own verbiage or in high cases lack there of. On the surface I am just worthless shit to most women in the online world and I must look at the truths. None, few respond to my greeting or gesture of opening a dialog. Even fewer seemingly care enough to even look at who sent them a message (ie. Look at the profile that i use as a vehicle to convey... me). So I would just tend to agree with this culturally based concept of seeking the "prince" to trounce in on his white steed and provide a happy life in Never Never land. Instead to these observed concepts, I am a loser, intensely eccentric ec·lec·tic with complex ideas and a verbose polymath with skills and talents with no personal interest in sports, with a limited personal music selection, and is not overly swayed by cultural movements or trends or other seemingly trivial objects by which they report the value of a potential mate in their own verbiage.

No,... Correction Loser may be used in the wrong context and might be construed as a depressive tone... Which I am not. I would redact that to read.

I am a non winner, intensely eccentric ec·lec·tic with complex ideas and a verbose polymath with skills and talents with no personal interest in sports, with a limited personal music selection, and is not overly swayed by cultural movements or trends or other seemingly trivial objects by which they report the value of a potential mate in their own verbiage.


I recently just moved into my new house over by sapp brothers omaha ( the meadows ) just off I80 and 144th with my dog rosie, and two very beautiful roommates who are both local models.

I'll take time as i go adding, editing, cleaning and updateing my profile when i have down time. This profile; it's not all who i am but its a pesky peak at some of who i am. I have 29 very full years of tales, stories, adventures, and lessons learned. And despite most people in life who can't communicate with written word, i myself will take time to add.... Character development chapters of my life here in this profile as my time allows and as i see fit. Also; let me take a moment to say, i have been using okc for +\- 5 years now, maybe more. .... I find it very intriguing the people you see or meet on here. I am a people reader. And it allows me to develop my character basis backgrounds on similar people types that i use in my daily life. I also have to admit that i am very straight forward and honest. I may be taken by some as a "creep" mostly because they i believe have a shallow life reference pool to draw from and consider someone outside their norm of common lower IQ sports or car junkies to be "creepy". None the less. We are all entitled to express these observational opinions based upon facts or personal ignorances. Its our Al Gore given rights as interweb users. God bless you Al Gore. And may you burn in a green, environmentally frendly low carbon foot print hell along with all the other fiftom positions of government zombie employees.

(Sorry. I digress easily. )

Anywho. As a verbose writer i have a writing style some like to be gramar cunts about. For those who want to be ice cold cunty. And yes. I used the word cunty. Feel free to send me all and any hate messages you want. Trust me. I recieve anywhere from 50 to 300 messages a day from people all around the world who either love me. Or hate me. And once again. ... You have your opinion. Express it. Let that cunty opinion lose! Attempt to hold sway on my grammar. Maybe you can help me pass my 3rd grade english exam next week? I mean seriously? I wrote this on my i phone. All you do is write "lol".

Also. If you are over 30 and still a virgin. And you get all wet cause i say hello to you, Please! I repeate! Please! Dont assume we are to get married next week, or that we have to start tattooing each others names on our bodies. And here's my advise. .... Go get laid. Or at least get a dog and a jar of peanut butter and smear that baby up and let lose the collar. Cause sex is easy, fast, fucking amazing!, and not very walt desiney fucking special. And seven dwarves?..., You don't; need to get you some date rape cock from a prince. You just simply need to head out to a bar full of popped collar douche bags, lower your fairy-tail standards and act desperate. They'll circle like vultures, and be happy to help you with your quest for the desolation of your smog little vigina hole to pop the'i cherry heart of your mountain. And woo you. I am more interested in girls who dont still have a hymen of a 12 year old. I may be "creepy". But even i have standards higher than your run of the mill justin beaver fan base.

Honestly. Get! Go get laid. We all do what we do because of sex. Its used to market. Because of this very reason. And i have very skillfully take. My time with virgins before. And well. I kinda more seek the naughty girls now and days. A chick who knows how to fuck and loves to very regularly in a real relationship that involes all the other adult big person things in life. Like going for walks together with my girls, eatting dinners, watching movies, playing some video games, going shopping, reading books, going to the liquor store and buying more jack and vodka, going to fashion shows. And hot showers together. You know? The relationship stuff?

So! Lets start this bitch!

"Who are you?" You ask. Well. I am known as Devon Wheat. Of the Wheat tang clan of the kelly park region of the land of red oaks. Born at the mile high foot of the rockies in colorado to migrate as a boy to become the smart fine man i am today in iowa and now nebraska.

there is and will be, truly no reason for any of this online world for me other than broaden my search and to allow me the freedom to which i can combine the letters of a life in which i seek what all men seek, but few know the right words of how to express it. i seek to be changed by the connection with a romantic sexual partner with whom i will mate with and raise a family of other red bearded boys and maybe a red headed girl like that out of the movie brave..

Well. Lets see. Do i describe myself in the physical?, or relative terms of life or should i weave a tail of wonder and romance, filled with adventure, loss, pain, joy, sadness, broken love, romance, and friendship.

Should i suffice? By describing my relation ship to the world and how i view it?

1). 1). I came from a very small sperm into the conception in a south american jungle 29 years and 9-1/2 months ago where my parents where working for national geographic's surveying the pyramids of; El Mirador, El Danta, El Tigre, and Tikal Temple, covered in jungle. And, there was this ovum that came from my mom, but I'm pretty sure that I was mostly the sperm on my dads part. For the rest of most my cognitive life. I have been a large soft lonely man, seeking my partner. Watching others find so easily what at times I envy. I am tired of being alone and not good enough. i find it odd that wanting someone in my life makes me seem undesirable to women who flounder over guys who really don't respect or care about them.

the rest is for those who will verbosely pontificate about who I am; You may do so here and now in the digital space of ignorance and apathy. while at times, i can see you clearly.

where i am going i have not really a clue where i will end up, and i do at times envy the simplicity of others assumed lives; for we all suffer from this mental darkness of the human mind and soul. some are closer to the light while others are truly farther away but none are in the light for to do so would be to enter into the flame.

2). My personal passion is creating things, building with my hands and bron. My medium is steel. My method is to daydream of shapes and objects that are interesting and sketch them out on paper, or in my head. I keep my eye out for art work in towns and on the Internet, and sometimes add their ideas, or adapt them to my style. I also find functional items to be the most beautiful.

When I am welding, I am in my own world. I flash into a different zone far from the distractions and busy-work of my everyday life. I am mesmerized by the light, the heat, and the power to transform and build with a sold material that only heat or a great, great pressure can destroy. Being at my workbench, I am in my own world and able to think about what is important. I can play the scenes and problems from my day, or life; in my mind and puzzle my way through solutions for some of the things that may be bothering me, or wish if only I could have changed the path in my life.
For me, welding, "playing with bolts of lighting," is symbolic of a drive to change and create things in a permanent way; to use tools and skills to create a new treasure, a useful structure, a gift for a friend that will make them happy or repair those things others can not and make it better..
When I don't know how to do something, I play around until I stumble upon it and when it's beyond me, I ask others. One of my greatest pleasures is learning from experts who take time to teach me and talk me through techniques that make me better at what I just naturally do.

This skill has lead me thru life as my guide. And at 28 yrs old i am a supervising crew Forman for a company here in omaha.

3). On 12/12/13. My child of 3 yrs died in my hands after 7 hrs of pain and struggling and fighting her injuries. I rushed home from a job and was able to be with her and tell her it was truly okay and fight with her. . I know she knew i loved her more than any. And i know i was her best friend. Her accident with a truck has left my other child and i in a tough spot. Sofe's little sister hasn't really spent a day alone with out sofe. And both up until recently were by my side every day of both their lives.

To be clear. My dogs are my children. I see other people lock dogs in a kennel all day and night. Imprison and impede that soul of life and daily experiences and than tell me they love their dogs. And i shudder to think how they treat a human child. And in my past i lost an unborn child to one such woman. And i will never again give my time and energy to that kind of selfish person.

I drove 95 miles an hour home 3.5 hrs from a job to be by the side of my best friend and held her head and pet her and cried when she died. My day and week went to shit. And rode home for the last time with my pal snuggled in a blinket, and burried her at home by the tree in the front yard. I lost a good friend and kid. But i have photos and memories.

I would turn the world over for my family or the ones i love.

4). example of my character.

I had just delivered 3,000 pounds of steel to a customer of mine today, in my 6,000 pound truck running down a gravel road at maybe 45mph. Two farm cats playing and enjoying life popped out of the ditch at someone's mailbox. I caught the straggler. Sadly I killed it. Sadly its day enjoying the weather with its partner was gone. And I did it. Brakes locked up, and come to a stop. I felt the thump and I could see the cat laying in the road. I backed up and got out. I knelled down there with it while it struggled in pain for the last few moments of life, scared and in shock. With strong soft hands I talked to it while running my fingers on its head. Attempting to sooth it as best as I could. Knowing I killed it, didn't make me happy, I was not boisterous, I didn't cheer. I am sad I took a innocent life like that, I know without a doubt it was just bad timing that brought our paths together. But at that intersection, I respected its life. I waited, while the friend cat stood 60 ft away trying to understand what was going on. My day was altered. My path in life was giving me a moment to reflect and analyze how fast life, can change.

Truck parked there in the road I retrieved the cat, and carried it with what some may call foolishness, but what I call respect, to the yard where it and its friend waiting there behind and underneath a truck tire parked in the driveway. Some kids bikes where in the yard and it was clear they may have had a connection. I carried the cat to a decent place to lay it, out of easy sight of any children returning home. And walked back to the house and knocked. Stood there tall. And waited. No answer.

Returning to my truck I retrieved a piece of pad paper and began to write a note. Leaving the description of events, my attempt to console the cat, and my respects for it afterward and the location I placed it. Along with my information, and placed it straight in the screen door. And on the way back to my truck the other cat still in its assumed safe place watched me. I said sorry and left.

That's the kind of man I am.

**update to this event. as of April 25th 2013**

i received a letter in my mail box today from a child's hand writing combined with the addressing and obvious events of a parent. it was from a girl Emily. 11 yrs old. she was sad to have lost her kitten White Socks. and was telling me that she was sorry i was the one who ran over her cat. but was thanking me for my efforts and acknowledgement of her cat
there was also a little note from the mom. telling me that it was kind of me to leave the note and that i was a decent man. and also saying sorry that i had been in the situation but that i had respected their family and she was thankful for my efforts.
What I’m doing with my life
*warning* profile herein contains more than fifty words. Reading. Maybe advised.
Also. I write erotic stories. And have included a few in here. If this is "creepy" to you than your advised to seek elsewhere, because i am not going to change what i know of myself or dumb down to suit others. If your offended. By these views and concepts contained here in. Good.

~the author of this fuckin profile~
I’m really good at
My lessons learned in life, and love and experimenting.

What are her Thoughts?

I ask her to spread wider for me.
Shes torn. It took enough just to sit here for me, this exposed.
The battle in her head. To please me to please herself. To prove to herself that She can embrace this her own internal sexuality. It was her idea and fantasy to do this. Fighting against the years of voices telling her she was not good enough. The voices of her dad, mom scolding her for a previous relationship with a slightly older boy who just joined the national guard few years back who took more advantage of what she was at that point willing to deal with, her dad blowing up the honest events of a young woman and a slightly older boy and villainizing him and punishing her, the heavy hands across her face the new locks and alarm system not to keep a thief out. But to imprison her in at night and the long religion lectures and culture, that tell her how she should be when they conflict with her own personal desires.

Her body has already decided where it’s loyalty lies. I can see she is dripping, I can see the feelings in her thighs are slick and hot and the tension on her face is of uncertainty.
She wants to succumb, She wants to give herself this to express this moment of intimacy with me. It was her desire. I dont want to force her.
She looks at me. My patient face. My confidence that I will follow her request. My utter surety at this outcome will make her feel good and that its totally normal, just repressed by people who have no business controlling her body and depriving her of something so natural.
I can see her body is a willing slut ready to be peeled open. Her mind rages and refuses to move.

I sit there. Quiet and patient. Encouraging only what she wants to do.

The moment runs forever in her head. Her mind churns. She hates that it can’t be easy. But i know its not. She feels So many others would just simply open up, bare all. Why is this not straight forward for her?
It is such a simple step. Why can’t she just part them?
I can see her insides are churning. God, She looks like shes going to get sick. "This is stupid" she says to herself. Is she saying inside her mind? "I hate this. I hate him. I hate me, I hate that I can’t do this one simple thing. And he just sits there. Quietly watching. Fuck. Why doesn’t he make me do it? Why doesn’t he just force me to and it’s over? Does he know what is going on inside me right now?
But he just sits there and watches. Fuck it. I just can’t do this. "

"I can’t" Is what she finally manages to say.
She waits for my response, she seeks a reprimand, a lecture. But nothing happens. I just continue to sit there. She can see as my own mind churns for the next step.

As i sit here thinking i can see her face go inward into her own thoughts.
"Oh god, please no, not a punishment, I just don’t need it. This is too hard, too much, too soon. And don’t just do nothing, that would be worse, to be punished by just leaving me here, waiting. Please."

But my admonishment doesn’t come.
I simply sit-up from the chair and walk the few feet over to her, dropping to my knees in-front of her. I can feel her body tense, She is not sure what i am going to do now,

"what punishment he will decide is fit for my failure to follow his instructions. " Is what she is thinking

But instead i gently rests my hands on her knees, they are warm but firm. As i look into her face.
I rest them there for a moment, watching her again, my eyes never leave hers.
And ever so slowly, ever so gently I apply a little helping pressure of my hands, and push gentle against her legs. Her body clamps shut as a first reaction.
But i am in front of her and she in front of me. Eyes with mine, hands gentle against her knees. And I feel her mind relax and with it her body. The decision is not hers now to take and that for now is easier for her to deal with.
She relaxes as i part her legs, running my hands along her thighs as i do. Only a gentle pressure is enough to overcome her racing minds reluctant stall.
She is exposed now, and she opens wider feeling comforted by my embrace.

I stand up, kiss her cheek as i do, turn and sit back down in the chair. And return back to watching what she wanted me to see once again.
"Beautiful" is all i say.
It’s all She needs to hear right now. She straightens her back and the shine of beauty returns to those lovely eyes once again and her spunky smile returns. I know this wasn’t all me, that there is still a long way for her to go. But She knows that my touch will help her get there.

Again as i sit there i watch her delicate fingers softly touch her own folds. She breaths heavier as she does focoused on the feelings with in. Her eyes revial her mental state of pleasure as she feels her own wetness and texture. Her soft plyabke lips part so gently as she opens wider to revial a pink core ringed by light brown tan flesh. She explores herself with such grace as i watch her begin to dip her own finger inward into this world guided by her own personal knowledge as she does this eyes closed. She begins to stall her own breath as if she is so focoused on the pleasure that breathing which comes so naturally is momentarily shut off. Minuets pass where only her slight gasp of pleasure are heard. Her panting is the rhythm by which her finger moves. As she spreads herself wider for a second finger. Her pace qickens as she begins to curl her toes wnd tense up involuntarily and with a flood of emotion and breath i watch as she begins to cum and convolse with her own flood of orgasm. As i sit there my own erection well visiable in my pants. The wetness from my own cock soiling a damp spot on my shorts. I watch as she clapses into the monent bearthing ragged as she does. Her fingers leave her slowly. Only to trace their way along her thy, stomic, breast, neck, and into her own mouth to tase her own fluids.

My moment is now!

Kneeling infront of her again.

I close my eyes to broaden my other senses, clear my mind and heart, let it go of my daily concerns... And focus on my partner and my continuing desire to please her.

My steps on how I love to Eat her Peach.

It!........ It is absolutely paramount to touch and caress her body first and to take your time kissing the smoothness of her skin I always love the detail of just how smooth her skin is with the little soft hairs, compared to a stupid ugly beast like me. I respect this moment with her, knowing that I am among a few in the world who will be settle into this position, and she will open herself to me and the last thing I want to do is to rush into things too quick because after the time we have spent together over the last months, I am truly in love with this girl, this is no time for a minute man, "slow down"........ "Linger on her sweet peach" is what I tell myself., let her know you love her by hitting all her spots.

I rub my big fat strong fingers gently across her body and trace her folds, without aggression or hurried-ness.. With hands more gentle than a brain surgeon or watch maker. I relish the feelings I get from my thick finger tips as the friction of my fingerprints run on her skin, the feelings is passed into pleasure instantly. I know that for every inch of pleasure I get. I give her two and then some, hoping that no man before me or after will run it out of so much love. It is my desire to set a bench mark that no other will surpass.

I have been and always will be replaced by one "better" and "excepted" more than a ugly monster loser like me ever will be.. For this is my curse.. But even though he is excepted because he knows sports, and is military and her dad will except him with out treating to hang him by his balls.... he will never do what I did to her so many times and it is my hopes that, that; the pleasure will stay in her never to be replaced. And that it will leave a kernel of hope.

Making my way around her body, and working my way up her inner thighs, I slowly trace the folds of her peach with strong firm gentleness, so many before, and so much physical knowledge ties into this moment. A blind man yet I be. I have but a few moments to find her keys.. I don't at any point want to finger her to orgasm, but for those special moments in the car or when its not feasible to please her any other way. that fucks up her mood before sex, if you haven't thought about it, you don't want her to get off on your finger or let it be a better performer than you on rhythm and speed., think about it! I have., my dick is way larger and wider than my very stout fingers, so wouldn’t she prefer that more? So when i milk her with my fingers I always leave her wanting more of me. I learned it a long time ago, never let her orgasm from my fingers.

I Don’t really kiss her too much just yet, I rub my lips up her arm to her neck, breathe lightly on her neck as i rub my lips on her neck, slowly kissing the traces of her collar bones building into that moment. Building her up tensed, and ready for me to do whatever, "if she doesn’t react to it, you are not smooth enough!" Building up her senses now she is ready to be kissed, but I don’t do it yet, I lightly brush my lips across hers, feeling her react and pick her head up with that stimulus, as she does I move to the side and begin to kiss and suck on her neck, then head for the ear lobe, gently lick around her ear, sometimes inside of it I am soft and hard with her ear. Ears have a lot of connections to the rest of her body. And so each spot on her ear has to be touched and given plenty of attention without spending too much time.

I want her to experience my mind and than body, so to get her ready for what we are going to do, as i sucking on her ear, I begin to whisper out my fantasies or hers, I let her know how bad i want her, and what i want to do to her, I whisper in her ear “I want you to cum all over my face before I drive my hard shaft inside you filling you to the hilt”, because I really love her, I also say ” I wanna make love to you and hold you close” but that shit is kinda weak, I want her to know I’m a good lover but I also desire her in the carnal, animal, as she can get, I am real and descriptive with what you want, and I want her to cum on my face. :) 

By this point, as I run my fingers on her body I know her panties are drenched, she wants me more than ever, but i can’t give in to her desire to have me fill her just yet, cuz if i rush into it, she’s gonna win, and i’ll put up a disappointing performance because I too am so turned on, So what i do is work my way down to her breast, passionately sucking around them, lifting them and nibbling under them. I love her breast. They are perfect and just right. They are so very sensitive, I dont bite her breast, because I know she doesn't really like feeling that, so as i kiss around her breast, slowly nibble and lick around the nipple, but I don’t lick the nipple just yet, because i want to tease her, as she watches me doing so I look into her beautiful face and can see right now she wants me to so much, I wink at her and see her eyes lock with mine, and mine say without words, I love you, but I have control!!!  After licking around her nipples, I slowly rotate my tongue on her nipple, watching as her head rolls back and as she elicits a pure moan of delightful passion and pleasure as I finally surrender her wishes of feelings. and there is nothing like the sight of her hard nipples, and areolas wrinkle and have a finger print of pure Ecstasy as i then passionately suck her nipples, little to no teeth though. I open my mouth wide, and suck as much breast as I can fit in my mouth, then with my lips I slowly stroke her nipple up and down, and tug her nipple with ur lips, and slightly pull a few times with my teeth.

Working my way down kissing her body as much as possible I finally reach her beautiful stomach with her pierced belly button with that cute dragon. I love her, wondering what she would do if I tickled her right now, for her spots are just with in reach. But even though I would love to be sly and spring a surprise attack for all those times she tickles me. I have her so hot and wound up and fear of killing the mood stops me of this, FOR NOW. I inhale so deeply. Inches away I smell her sweet wetness. As I slowly suck on her stomach, licking every spot, and making sure my body is between her legs, she's yearning now, because she knows I am just a couple steps from her peach  I linger as i go to her belly button, and lick inside, suck on it, teasing her with things I am going to do to her peach, as she squirms and is bucking her hips asking, begging for me to give into her desires of pleasure 

Tracing the creases of her peach thru the wet softness of her panties with my tongue I slowly, lightly glance blows on her mound. With even the slightest pressure and the warmth of my breath she begins to wiggle closer to me. So impatient now for this. As I inhale deeply I pull in that beautiful smell. Pure sex fluids coming out of her. They make me so hard and desire to devour her. I start to apply more pressure with my tongue on the velvet underware. She is so wet, as I trace the folds. I move to the edge pushing aside the lose bottoms and running up her inner thighs with my fingers, she bucks more and with a fluid motion of pulling the currant as I lift her legs in the air. I re-engage with my tongue slowly tracing her folds. Watching as this contact causes her to rock and roll her head back and arch her back with delight at these slight touches.

The rest is between almost lovers. And my memories and to recall and relive in my dreams hoping that i mean something more than amazing good sex.
The first things people usually notice about me
When sex becomes a production or performance that is when it loses its value. Be mutual. Be loud. Be clumsy. Make noises, be quiet, and make a mess. Bite, scratch, push, pull, hold, thrust. Remove pressure from the moment. Love the moment. Embrace it. Enjoy your body; enjoy your partners’ body. Produce sweat, be natural, entice your senses, give into pleasure. Bump heads, miss when you kiss, laugh when it happens. Speak words, speak with your body, speak to their soul. Touch their skin, kiss their goose bumps, and play with their hair. Scream, beg, whimper, sigh, let your toes curl, lose yourself. Chase your breath; keep the lights on, watch their eyes when they explode. Forget worrying about extra skin, sizes of parts and things that are meaningless. Save the expectations, take each second as it comes. Smear your make up, mess up your hair, rid your masculinity, and lose your ego. Detonate together, collapse together, and melt into each other.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Scrubs. They always make me smile.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
For something so liquid in life this seems to be how people base the connectity of each other to themselves,

I enjoy, things. But I am not mindlessly defined by them for such polarization.

I like scrubs, hell on wheels and walking dead and pushing dasies.

The following below are links on the computer but in iphone mobile they dont link. If your interested in following them switch to a internet browser.

("My Body Is A Cage" Peter Gabriel)

(preconceived notions)

(the tone)

(Mark Knopfler - Get Lucky)

(Dark Rap Violin Beat)

(Gus Black - Paranoid - Californication)


(Heartless - The Fray (Cover))

(I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes)


(Queens of Dogtown - Plush)

(R.E.M. - The One I Love)

(Bach-double violin)

(Requiem for a Dream)

(hear your cry)

(Rolling In The Deep)

(the streets, let's push thing forward)

(on the other side)

(I still haven't found what I'm looking for)

(Destination Calabria - Alex Gaudino )

(David Gray - Please Forgive Me)


(The best thing)

(riding high)

(Hip Hop Violin)

(set me free)

(the story of Johnnie Walker)

(how i got to be this way)

(songs about me)


(Acoustic Trance)

(dirt roads)

(on the other side)

(The Soundtrack of Our Lives - Second Life Replay)

(If I Go, I'm Goin)

(Violin dubstep)

(Psychedelic Stereo)

(Milow - Ayo Technology)

(Mr Oizo - Flat Beat)

(Benny Benassi Satisfaction)

(come to me)

(clubbed to death - Matrix soundtrack)

(Love Lock Down)

(Juno Reactor Vs Don Davis - Navras - Matrix soundtrack)

sometimes when i am bored i watch these.
(NIN animal)


(Don't Cha)



(tainted love)

(perfect lovers)

(holiday in spain)

(sex with passion)

(part 1) tenderness)
(part 2) my best friends boyfriend)

(sex with a super model)

(every mans desire)

(after hours)
The six things I could never do without
I need nothing. I am a fucking saint.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
If pluto was a dog..? Than what the fuck is goofy?
On a typical Friday night I am
A common example of any night of mine lately. Work on the computer to try to create something that doesn't exist, get tired of that, look to find nothing worth watching on tv, netflix, prime, or youtube, check my phone, (no messages) no one interested in me yet again, check the few women who had shallow interest in me. Nothing, go out and play fetch with sofe & rosie get them run down, look at my phone again and decide to go to bed @ 10pm cause sitting on the back of my truck is 3,000 pounds of steel I need to weld up an make into 425 hubs, so I go to bed. Dogs come in from their plays and watching the windows, they settle down somewhere on me, or next to me, the snuggle close to me, cause its cold tonight and we close down for the night,

In my dreams I am taken to my tasks and thoughts, my stress is relieved in my dreams and sorted. My dreams play out lives away from this one, where I chase monsters, where I save the people, where I find love and happiness, I search forgotten or hidden lands, I make love to those I miss, and those I desire to hold, I fuck in my dreams, I cry in my dreams. I live and die in them. And while my body rests, my mind moves forward away from it. Some nights I wake restless, and quietly dress as four sleepy eyes stare at me, waiting for their que. And with a not verbal word I word walk? And they sometimes eager, other times desiring the comfort of the blankets. And because my restless spirit, I place one foot in front of another followed and led by 8 others and quietly we walk in the middle of the country, down the hidden trails, encountering no one. Some mornings it is cold, others the right temperature. But still out of loneliness I lead my companions down another road of lonely sorrow. And when we return I hug them and rub their head and say good friends, and we snuggle in again until the forward rays of dawn climb over the horizon for a new day of physical labor and struggle.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I had a cop shove a gun in the back of my head after he tackeled me to the ground at the age of 8 yrs old and tell me he was going to shoot my fucking brains out if i moved. Because my friend marrio and i were walking home and passed behind the builders square at the wrong time? Finally the employee who called them about something came out and said no. Those arent the kids. They were older and black. The cops got up. And drove away. I had a bloody nose and had been terrorized and they just drove away. 2 years later marrio was stabbed to death walking home because some kid wanted to steal his bike and he fought back. I have hated cops from that day forth. They are thieves and highway men. Thugs and bullies. And i will not cowar down to them ever again. Especially if i did nothing wrong. My life changed that day. I realized that all the bullshit they tell you about how cops are there to help you. Was a fuckin lie. They are to steal from you, treat you like a piece of shit. And than drive away like they did nothing wrong.

women killed my unborn kids. My dogs are their replacements. Kinda. They help with the pain. And give me joy.
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Its Saturday morning, and I wake up to see the sun beams coming in from the window laying in my bed in my loft apartment and bringing the world to life from the night before.  Where we watched movies and slept close to each other agreeing that we would not do anything sexual on our first date.

You are not lying next to me and thinking of how you said you had to work this morning, I figure your getting ready.   I hear the shower shut off. And the sounds of dripping water.

I tiredly get out of bed and pad my way to the bathroom eyes half closed wearing my boxers.

My mouth drops, hung open as I gather my Barings and see you standing there naked patting yourself dry with a towel as you step out of the shower taking in a nice look at your lovely body and all you have to offer is more than enough to start my thoughts to race.

“hey beautiful.” Is what I say to you as I enter the bathroom as you begin to wrap the towel around yourself like women always do.

We stand there face to face my voice is soft placing my hand on the top of the towel where you clutched the knot of the towel against your chest.  “You are so beautiful.”

You swallow thickly as the warmth of my hand seeps into yours.  Your heart starts to beat faster when your thoughts of how easily I could rip the towel away from your body and expose yourself to my gaze once again.

“You have no idea, do you?”

You return my intense gaze, wide eyed and curious as to what I am saying, “what do you mean?”

Wordlessly, I walk backwards tugging you along with me.  I move to get behind you, gently pushing at the small of your back to have you stand in front of the mirror.  I rest my hands on top of your shoulders and tell you to look into the mirror and tell me what you see.

“Devon what are you ..-“

“ill tell you what I see, I see a young woman who has no idea just how sexy and beautiful she is to me.  You can walk into a room and have every guy following her every move stripping her naked with their eyes.  There’s no need to be shy.”

“you’re only saying that because you want to fuck me.” You add in a playful voice.

You stand there silent eyes wide and breathing heavy as you watch my face in the mirror, you grin when I step even closer to you, forcing your body to move forward against the sink as you feel my erection pressed against your back.

“do you feel that?” I wispier against your ear.  “that’s what you do to me.”

Your jaw falls slack at what I am insinuating, your cheeks reddening when my eyes gaze intently at your reflection.

My eyes fluttered shut as I inhale the fruity scent of your shampoo.  I can barely hang on to my control any longer, wanting to do so much more than just stand in front of the mirror with our bodies pressed together.  And you haven’t pushed me away yet.  The thought had me smirking, wanting to see just how far I could take things.

I rolled my hips, grinding my erection against your round ass, earning a small moan with pleasure.  “You have no idea how hard it is to sleep next to you at night with you wrapped around me and having these thoughts of you running around in my head.”  I keep thinking of how full your tits are while I feel them pressed against my side, how good your legs are wrapped around my waist as you throw them over mine.  And here we are.  I walk in on you completely naked and I have to say that the real thing is much better than I could ever have dreamed.

“you should have told me,” you said weakly with the thoughts racing in your head.  “you should have pushed me against the bed and kiss me.”

“there are worse ways to suffer,”  …  “just like having to deal with wanting to fuck you so bad.”

*** 1 ***


With out looking into the mirror you know that your face is getting flushed, your so called innocence kicking in.  you couldn’t really believe that I could think of you that way, always thinking that I thought of you as nothing more than a friend or maybe a sister.  But no, there I am not only looking at you, like you were a piece of meat to be devoured but also grinding my hard cock against your ass.

“will you let me show you how beautiful you are?”

Instead of saying anything else I tug away the towel, your lose hold on the terry cloth allowing for it to fall to the floor easily.  My hands traveling up your chest, cupping your breasts, eliciting you to moan as  I fondle your breast,   “look at you.” I say into your ear.  “you look so sexy.”

You look at your reflection though half-lidded eyes, an ache growing between your legs at the image they made.   As if sensing your thoughts, one of my hands leaves your chest and moves further down your body,  my soft touch leaving a fiery trail on your skin.  You gasp when my finger plays between your folds, tracing your slit to spread your essence on my fingers.

I moan when I feel just how wet you have gotten, my cock twitching in my shorts as I think of how slick and good you would wrapped me.  Your mind is telling you to push into me your body does it for you,  my caresses feeling too good to stop now.   My ministrations have your body writhing against me.  My cock growing painfully hard at the friction you create.

“you like that?”  my tongue tracing the shell of your ear.

All you can do is nod in response, no coherent thoughts forming as my finger starts pumping faster into you.  You whimper when a second finger joins the first, you walls stretching.

“fuck!” Is what I groan feeling your tightness around my fingers.

It had been a while since the last time you had sex, and even then, he wasn’t exactly blessed.  You know you are tight.  And now, so do I.

“Devon, please.” You pleaded.

“what do you want me to do to you?”  I ask teasingly.  “come on, tell me.”

“I need you to fuck me.”

I grown at your words.  Now, I am so turned on that you say that.  Those words coming from your mouth.

At once the thoughts spurred me on, pulling my fingers out of you and quickly pushing my boxers down my hips, I hadn’t even bothered to take them off before I take my cock in my hand, spreading your pussy and juices all over my shaft.  Wrapping one hand around the base, I tease your opening with the hard full blunt tip of my cock.  “you sure you want this in your tight pussy?”  I ask, giving you one last chance to stop me from destroying your cunt.

“I want you to fuck me, Devon.”  You say gruffly.  “fuck me now.”

The urgency in your voice has me surging into you with one quick thrust, my groans of pleasure drowning out your gasp of pain. I stilled and kept my eyes on your reflection, waiting until you appeared comfortable enough.  I leaned forward, pressing soft kisses along your neck and shoulders, my hands traveling up and down your sides in an effort to make you feel more relaxed. I wait until you start grinding your ass against my hips before I start to move.   I keep a slow and steady pace for both our sakes.  Yours, so I wouldn’t hurt you.  Mine so I wouldn’t reach climax before giving you pleasure.

All the while I keep my eyes on the image we make in the mirror.  “take a good look at what we are doing baby,”  I say softly in your ear.

You raise your head to face the mirror, watching yourself get fucked.  I lean down and whisper more words into your ear – from how beautiful you look to how soft your skin was to how you felt wrapped around my cock to whatever else I wanted to do to you.   Each word that comes from my mouth brings you to a new level of stimulation and even some curiosity.

*** 2 ***


“I wanna see you make me cum, I wanna watch you fuck me hard, and see what we look like.”

The smirk I made had your shivering with anticipation.  I gripped your hips firmly in my hands, telling you to hold tight.  You pressed your palms flat against the counter with even more anticipation of my next move.


I pull back, only to the tip of my cock staying inside you.  Before slamming back into your wet pussy, burying myself to the hilt. You whimpered as pain shot up your spine, but unlike earlier, it wasn’t give any reprieve as I keep pounding into you with the same force and at a faster pace.

The pain didn’t linger for long, and soon however turns to immense pleasure.  With each stroke bringing you closer to what your feeling building up inside your core.  I can feel your walls start to get tighter, telling me that you are close to your climax.  One hand leaves your hip and moves towards your clit, my fingers pressing hard circles against the sensitive nub. My continued assault had your hurtling into release in no time, a scream bubbling through your throat as the first waves of your orgasm hit.

“shit,” I ground out as your walls clamped down hard around my cock forcing me to slow my pace down before having to pull out completely.

Your legs give out and your clasped onto the sink counter, only for me to sweep you off your feet and into my arms, I carry you bridal style back into the bedroom and place you gently on the bed, your hair splaying across the mattress, your eyes filled with greater lust and pleasure as you watched me discard my boxers, your gaze drawn to my cock as I walked over to you.  You reached your arms up when I get close enough pulling my frame down to your body.  Your head tilted up, clearly asking me to kiss you, not hesitating to give it to you.  My tongue delved between you parted lips, greedily gathering your taste into my mouth.

You gasped for air when we finally broke apart, but my assault with my lips didn’t stop as I trailed a path down the length of your neck.  Your nails raked down my back when I bit down on the juncture between your neck and shoulder.  My lips ventured further south, tongue darting out to lick at your skin.

I took your breasts into my hands, pushing them together before my mouth closed onto one nipple, sucking on the hardened peak.  Your hands traveled to the back of my head, fingers tangling and running on my shaved head as I repeated my actions with your other breast.  You wanted to pull me back up to have my mouth at yours, but the pleasure I was giving you was too good to have me stop.

Your breath hitched when I started moving down your body again, earning a chuckle from me,  “no one’s done this to you huh?”  I asked a smug smile on my lips.  You shook your head and bit down on your lip nervously as I settled between your thighs.  “relax and I will do the work.”  I say in a soothing voice.  “I promise I’ll make you feel oh so good.”

“OH GOD!” you said heavily at the first languid lick of my tongue against your wet slippery slit.

I moaned at the taste of you, the vibrations causing you to buck your hips upward, pushing your pussy further against my mouth.  I place an arm over your waist to hold your down on the bed as my lips closed down on your mound.  Gathering as much of your earthy flavor as I could get.  You are addicting and your willingness to succumb to me didn’t allow  me to give up my desire to you.  I licked, sucked and nibbled at your pussy until you scream out my name, your body turning into a trembling mess as you second orgasm washes over you.

*** 3 ***


I make my way back up your body, lips searching yours, you slip your tongue inside my mouth, tasting yourself on my tongue.  You moaned straight into my mouth when my cock plunged into you again.  You wrapped your legs around my waist, your feet locking at my lower back forcing me deeper into you.

“fuck” I whispered “you feel so fucking good.”

“is this what you wanted to do to me?”  you ask between ragged breaths.

“yes.”  I say confidently.  “if I knew it was going to be this good I would have fucked you the first time I saw you.”

“tell me more” you urged.  “tell me how you wanna fuck me.  I wanna know all about it.”

A wolfish grin spread on my face.  I wasn’t just enjoying the fact that I was having some of my fantasies about you come true, but I am also being rewarded with the minx in you coming out just for me.  So did I, telling you everything I wanted to do to you. – from getting to fuck you from behind to having your legs thrown over my shoulders as I fucked you hard and fast to making you suck my hard cock until I cum.  “I wanna do all those things and more to you, baby. I am going to make you scream my name every fucking time.”

You eyes rolled to the back of your head just at the thoughts of my words turning you on even more.  You started to buck your hips upward to meet my thrusts, wanting so much more to reach your climax for the third time this morning.

“you wanna cum don’t you?”

“yes” you whimpered.  “I wanna cum all over your hard cock.”

I pried your legs from around my waist, my hands moving to the back of your knees and forcing them closer to your chest.  I shifted my weight to my knees and started pounding relentlessly into you.  The sound of flesh hitting flesh echoing around the room, the sound of your wet pussy, you held on tight to my arms, your head thrashing from side to side, rendered completely helpless as I bring you to new heights as your try to push me away.

I take your legs and cross them grabbing your ankles with one hand and reaching out to grab one of your hands and pulling it down to your core.  “play with your clit.” I say to you in a strong voice  your small hand made its way to your pussy, finding the sensitive nub and rubbing in circles.  “that’s it baby. Make yourself feel good.  I want you to cum all over my throbbing cock than I want you to suck it until I cum in your mouth.”

“FUCK YES, Devon I wanna taste you.  Make me cum, Devon.. Make me cum all over your cock.”

I grabbed at your hips with a bruising grip, pulling you down on my cock hard as I thrust into you, burying myself hard to the hilt at every stroke ending with a solid thud.  Your hand tried to match my forceful pace, bringing you to a violent orgasm.  Your screams bounced off the walls and filled the room with obscenity after the other, along with my name.

“I’m going to cum.”  I muttered, pulling out and hastily making my way to your mouth, as your continue to rub your own clit and pussy.

You reached for my cock once I was within reach, pulling it into your mouth.  You moaned at the taste of your pussy and cum all over it mixed with mine, coating my shaft, greedily sucking and eagerly waiting for my taste to invade you senses.  One hand cupped the back of your head assisting with your fevered sucking holding you in place as I reached my climax, my creamy cum spurting straight into your throat in jets of milky liquid.

*** 4 ***


I was pleased and turned on by feeling you swallow it as you pulled back I reached down and forced load after load of it ejecting from my cock onto your chest, and face, as you kept rubbing yourself you looked up at me with such pleased satisfaction and release,  as the final spurts of cum shot from my cock you once again closed your mouth around it licking your lips taking in every last drop, even running a finger thru the load on your cheek and plunging the finger into your mouth.  You sat there sucking on my cock for a few more minuets as my body quivered with each slow engulfment of my fat cock into your mouth, until finally pulling away.  Saying “fuck”..  “I need another shower before work,….   I believe there were a few other things you wanted to show me?”

We smirked as you threw one leg around my waist and pulled me closer as I leaned down to take your weight into my arms picking you up to eye level as we walked into the bathroom.

*** 5 ***