Their result for Preferences & Perspective ...

51% Open Minded, 58% Creative, 52% Healthy & Fit, 68% Compatible!

52% Healthy & Fit

59% Organized

60% Mentally Stable

58% Creative

71% Honest

58% Compassionate

70% Sexy & Kinky

43% Logical & Intelligent

47% Educated

51% Open Minded

68% Polyamorous

68% Compatible with me!


To discover how high your scores are, look at the graphs that show how your scores match up with other takers.  Are you higher or lower than most?  Some percentages may be deceiving.  For example, it may be unusual to have a score higher than 50% in some of these areas.


52% Healthy & Fit

This score measures mostly your physical health, but somewhat your mental health.  A low score is a result of eating poorly, doing drugs, drinking and having very unhealthy life habits.  A high score is a result of physical activities and good food choices.

Did you score low on health? If so, try signing up for the free e-course offered on this website:


59% Organized

This score is based on how organized your life style is.  It's mostly based on how clean your living area is, but also somewhat on how organized your choices are.


60% Mentally Stable

This rating reflects how stable you are.  Are you likely to have an angry episode with a loved one?  Are you easily frustrated?  Are you likely to cheat?  If you answered yes to these, then your score is likely not very good.  A high score reflects someone who is responsible and mature.


58% Creative

A high rating in this area suggests that you know how to have fun, have a good imagination, enjoy creating things, and are an awesome person.  A low score in this area suggests that you should spend more time exercising self expression.  Self expression is healthy, useful and fun!


71% Honest

A low score here shows a lack of integrity.  If you ever want to have a family, perhaps you should try being more serious, and making your loved ones your highest priority.


58% Compassionate

This rating reflects how much you consider the planet and other beings in your decisions. A high score reflects your ability to see a need, and fill the void.


70% Sexy & Kinky

Are you fit?  Are you active?  Are you kinky?  These attributes will result in a high rating in this area.


43% Logical & Intelligent

Can you come to logical conclusions?  Do you make intelligent choices?  If so, this score should be fairly high.


47% Educated

This score comes from how many facts you know, how often you read and study, and also how much you enjoy it.  After all, enjoying it makes you retain more.


51% Open Minded

Is it possible that you could be wrong?  Refusing to explore other ideas and options aside from what you're accustomed to can be very limiting, and frustrating to those around you. The more flexible and adaptable your mind, the better you can communicate with people from all walks of life.

Did you score low in this area? Try watching the Thrive documentary:


68% Polyamorous

This score shows how polyamorous you are or could be if you decided to be. Successful polyamorous relationships require a lot of honesty and willingness to grow and heal emotionally.


68% Compatible with me!
The higher your score in this area, the more I'd be interested in talking to you. Message Art_Phoenix on OKCupid.


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Important Note On Scoring System
Don't think of 50% as a bad score, but as an average score.  Most people (if I've designed this the way I mean to), will get around 50% in many areas.  Below 40% is a bad score in an area, 50% is average, and above 60% is a good score.  Also, this test is completely biased.  It's made by me, a subjective human.  And I have some opinions that likely differ from yours.  So, your scores are not 100% factual, they are what I would probably believe if I got to know you.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Healthy Distribution

    They scored 52% on Healthy, higher than 31% of your peers.

  • Organized Distribution

    They scored 59% on Organized, higher than 91% of your peers.

  • Stable Distribution

    They scored 60% on Stable, higher than 26% of your peers.

  • Creative Distribution

    They scored 58% on Creative, higher than 46% of your peers.

  • Honest Distribution

    They scored 71% on Honest, higher than 44% of your peers.

  • Compassionate Distribution

    They scored 58% on Compassionate, higher than 29% of your peers.

  • Sexy Distribution

    They scored 70% on Sexy, higher than 85% of your peers.

  • Intelligent Distribution

    They scored 43% on Intelligent, higher than 10% of your peers.

  • Educated Distribution

    They scored 47% on Educated, higher than 6% of your peers.

  • Open Distribution

    They scored 51% on Open, higher than 54% of your peers.

  • Compatible Distribution

    They scored 68% on Compatible, higher than 65% of your peers.

  • Polyamorous Distribution

    They scored 68% on Polyamorous, higher than 73% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Super Pure One

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