Their result for The what kind of PIE am I? Test ...

Pecan PIE

You scored 53 childishness and 56 evilosity!

Sweet but surprisingly naughty, you can sometimes be a handful but only in the name of fun. There's plenty to you and generally speaking, one slice is just right for most people.

All possible kinds of people PIE:
Mushroom PIE
Chicken and leek PIE
Steak and kidney pudding
Broccoli and asparagus PIE
Spinach and ricotta PIE
Fish PIE
Shepherd's PIE
Apple PIE
Key lime PIE
Pecan PIE
Chocolate and cardamom tart
Cherry PIE
Lemon meringue PIE
Banoffee PIE
Mississippi mud PIE

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • childishness Distribution

    They scored 53% on childishness, higher than 53% of your peers.

  • evilness Distribution

    They scored 56% on evilness, higher than 83% of your peers.

All possible test results


You're not even really a PIE are you? You're so tremendously good and diligent that you probably consider PIEs to be frivolous. Frankly it's a shock that you've finished this test! All possible ki... Read more

Mushroom PIE

Jolly serious and down to earth, well often under the earth in the case of mushrooms, I guess. That's your PIE and that's you. You probably enjoy gardening, come to think of it. All possible kinds... Read more

Chicken and leek PIE

Unassuming and tasty, just a hint of evilly delicious fattiness seeping in there. You're a good, honest PIE but you're not afraid to be yummy sometimes. Or something like that, anyway. All possibl... Read more

Steak and kidney pud

You're a steak and kidney pudding. You're an evilly stodgy and serious PIE. You mean business and woe betide the colon that dares to question you. All possible kinds of people PIE: ... Read more

Broccoli + asparagus

Broccoli and asparagus PIE. Well, you're pretty clean and healthy living, aren't you? You probably laugh politely at people's jokes. You're probably laughing politely at this now, damn your wholesome ... Read more

Spinach and ricotta

Spinach and ricotta PIE. You're serious but you don't mind letting your hair down a little from time to time, you appreciate that sometimes, just occasionally, you might have to be a little bit naught... Read more

Fish PIE

Flavoursome and rich, with perhaps just a hint of sweetness and creaminess about you. You're a complex beast and what's more, some of you grew up in the sea. Freaky. Just remember to bathe frequently.... Read more

Shepherd's PIE

Dastardly rich but for the whole family. If someone dares to have a second portion, you may well make them regret it in the morning, just for kicks. All possible kinds of people PIE: ... Read more

Apple PIE

Made by mom, and probably still living with her. You'd help an old lady across the road, but it's possible you were on your way to the back of the bike sheds for a bit of naughty frolicking when you s... Read more

Key lime PIE

Sweet and tangy, you're fun and a little bit naughty but you're generally home by midnight and you've generally remembered to mask the smell of booze with a refreshing mint or somesuch. All possib... Read more

Pecan PIE

Sweet but surprisingly naughty, you can sometimes be a handful but only in the name of fun. There's plenty to you and generally speaking, one slice is just right for most people. All possible kind... Read more

Chocolate + cardamom

You're a chocolate and cardamom tart. Rich and complex but not for kids, you have a delicate edge hiding behind that sometimes overwhelming front and you're opinionated enough to think that you're not... Read more

Cherry PIE

My my, cherry PIE. You wear a gingham dress, even if you're a boy, and what's more you'll probably still be wearing it in ten years' time. Also, your mum calls you every day and she knows you'r... Read more

Lemon Meringue PIE

Sweet and very playful but just occasionally a hint of tartness and seriousness about you. You probably remember everyone's birthdays and what's more, you probably don't have trouble picking them cute... Read more

Banoffee PIE

Mmmm, banoffee PIE. Sweet and messy like a spring evening with a bottle of whiskey on your friend's porch when their parents are away. What mischief have you been up to lately? Come on, you're always ... Read more

Mississippi Mud PIE

Oooo, you're a naughty one, naughty and sweet and playful and dangerous. Like a loaded pistol with a sugar coated barrel. Everyone likes a loaded pistol with a sugar coated barrel, just not necessaril... Read more

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