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You were definitely meant to be born in in Luxemborg. You prefer to keep to your close-knit social group of relatives and friends, and enjoy working with those people for mutual gain. You like to live well, and although you are by no means aggressive or hostile, you have no problem taking advantage of those outside your circle for monetary gain.

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Although you stand by your communistic viewpoint, you understand the problems that type of government faces in large c... Read more


You are a Spaniard at heart. You like to kick back, relax, and pretty much be lazy. Although you probab... Read more

New Mother Russia!

You are gruff and hostile, have little need for early possesions, and are a fearsome and intimidating person. You therefore are best... Read more


You were definitely meant to be born in in Lu... Read more


Germany isn't the same as it was 60 years ago. Although they may st... Read more


Right-O then, chap. Not incredibly aggressive, you usually like to lounge back ... Read more


You would fit very well into the Japanese nation. Despite your love of technology, personal space and gain are simp... Read more


Damn Straight! You are a true-bred American, and a citizen of the best country in the world. You are proud of you... Read more

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