Their result for which god of chaos do you serve? ...

champion of tzeentch


You scored 31% tzeentch.

tzeentch is the changer of ways, the weaver of fates, tzeentch is the puppet master.

the followers of tzeentch are master wizrds as well a skilled warriors, tzeentch does ot respect martial skill alone, to impress him you must be both a skilled warrior and a thinker.

the followers of tzeentch are manipulative, intelligent, and impossible to predict. tzeetch is the god of change, meaning that his followers endlessly change, both physically and mentally.

to follow tzeentch is to give up everything you are accustomed to, to change every aspect of yourself. you will mutate, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.


everything is part of tzeentches grand scheme

none can stand against the changer of ways


what this says about you: you are manipulative, or at the very least subtle. you dont like confrontation. you prefer to do things from a safe distance, rather than the knitty gritty stuff. you use your mind first, body second.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • tzeentch Distribution

    They scored 31% on tzeentch, higher than 94% of your peers.

  • khornate Distribution

    They scored -11% on khornate, higher than 3% of your peers.

  • slaaneshi Distribution

    They scored -2% on slaaneshi, higher than 21% of your peers.

  • nurgle Distribution

    They scored 16% on nurgle, higher than 70% of your peers.

All possible test results

champion of khorne

khorne i the god of battle, bloodshed, rage, skulls, and violence. he sits atop a huge throne of skulls in a tower of brass, delighting in savage close quarters combat and despising tricker... Read more

champion of slaanesh

slaanesh is the prince of excess, darkly beautiful to beyold, any that look upon a chosen of slaanesh instantly fall in love, and would do anything to be in their prescence again, but benea... Read more

champion of nugle

nurgle is the lord of decay and disease. master of rot. followers of nurgle become bloated, rotting leviathans that are disgusting in just about every meaning of th... Read more

champion of tzeentch

You scored $(tzeentch)% tzeentch. tzeentch is the changer of ways, the weaver of fates, tzeentch is the puppet master. the followers of tzeentch are mas... Read more

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