Their result for The 20 questions for all humanity Test ...

the stay at home mom

You scored 73 creativity, 64 self esteem, 56 adventurousness, and 63 eccentricity!

you're creative and a natural leader, which is good when you ahve a ton of kids, but you lacked the ambition to do anything 'real' with your life.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • creativity Distribution

    They scored 73% on creativity, higher than 90% of your peers.

  • self esteem Distribution

    They scored 64% on self esteem, higher than 78% of your peers.

  • adventurousness Distribution

    They scored 56% on adventurousness, higher than 63% of your peers.

  • eccentricity Distribution

    They scored 63% on eccentricity, higher than 81% of your peers.

All possible test results

The robot

Wow, you're really dull; you completely lack creativity, you have no self-esteem, and your not really very adventurous. Luckily, you're also not crazy, but try and stir things up a bit, please? Mayb... Read more

Eccentric robot

How is it that someone with no personality can be so completely insaine? well, don't ask me, I jsut work here, and your score proves that such creatures do indeed exist! Try working on your self-est... Read more

Adventurous robot

For someone with no emotion, courage, or craziness you sure are likely to start something new, or at least try something new, as long as it's safe, proven, and easy Read more


ALthough you completely lack creativity in what you do, and you could use a little more self esteem, you love trying new things when people point them out to you. Backpacking with a trailguide is pro... Read more


Well, you're a little dull, but at least you believe in yourself, most of the time... Read more

True Eccentric

You're crazy and you love yourself for it, what more can we say? Try something new to make sure you don't get stuck in an adventureless rut, and listen to your instincts for more creative endevors. Read more

The Adventurer

You believe in yourself enough to get anything done, even if you must rely on others to come up with the best creative ideas. Read more

The modern artist

You have a great furver for leadership, adventure, and you're slightly insaine. That, and you completely lack creative talent. but you would never let natural lack of talet stop you from doing what ... Read more

creative robot

you ahve no emotion, no self esteem, and no desire to try anything new, but at least you can come up with some pretty cool ideas. Read more

True Artist

You're creative, and jsut crazy enough to follow your ideas. With enough recognition your self esteem and adventurousness will bloom like crazy, so put yourself out there a bit and enjoy the praise! Read more

Stunt coordinator

You have what it takes to design the craziest of all stunts; adventurousness and creativity. Unfortuantly you get yourself into trouble a lot with your low self esteem, as others are disinclined to f... Read more


you have everything it takes to be fantastic, but you're too afraid to be anything but fake. embrace your inner nature and let loose, people will love who you really are, you jsut need the right peop... Read more

the stay at home mom

you're creative and a natural leader, which is good when you ahve a ton of kids, but you lacked the ambition to do anything 'real' with your life. Read more

eccentric mother

you're creative and a natural leader, which is good when you ahve a ton of kids, but you lacked the ambition to do anything 'real' with your life. and now you're going a wee bit crazy... Read more

sane artist

is it possible? well, you exist to prove doubtors wrong. you have the tenacity, the desire, and the creativity to accomplish anythign! and you're damn sane! Read more

Cool Bean

You rule! not only because you already know that, but because you're creative, adventurous, and eccentric enough to find real joy AND real success in life! Read more

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