Young Earther

Few classical YECs interpret the flat-earth and geocentric passages of the Bible literally, but they reject modern physics, chemistry, and geology concerning the age of the earth, and they deny biological descent with modification. In their view, the earth is from 6 to 10 thousand years old. Henry Morris defined antievolutionism in its modern form. In 1961, he and John C Whitcomb published The Genesis Flood, a seminal work that claimed to provide the scientific rationale for Young Earth Creationism (Whitcomb and Morris, 1961). As the title suggests, the authors accept Genesis literally, including not only the special, separate creation of humans and all other species, but also the historicity of Noah´s Flood. The Genesis Flood was the first significant 20th century effort to present a scientific rationale for special creationism. "Creation Science" was fleshed out by subsequent books and pamphlets by Morris and those inspired by him.

I'm curious to know how many people (percentage wise) end up here. I know I shouldn't ask, but... If you're taking the bible this literally, why don't you believe that the Earth is flat and square?

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Flat Earther

From Members of the Flat Earth Society believe that the shape of the earth is flat because ... Read more


From Both flat-earth and geocentrist views reflect the perception of the earth held by the ... Read more

Young Earther

From Few classical YECs interpret the flat-earth and geocentric passages of the Bible liter... Read more

Gap Creationist

From One of the better-known accommodations of religion to science was Gap or Restitution C... Read more

Day-Age Creationist

From Another attempt to accommodate science to a literal, or mostly literal reading of the ... Read more

Progressive Creation

From Progressive Creationists ... have no problems with scientific data concerning the age ... Read more

Intelligent Designer

From Intelligent Design Creationism is a lineal descendent of William Paley´s Argument fro... Read more

Theistic Evolution

From Theistic Evolution is the theological view that God creates through evolution. Astrono... Read more

Agnostic Evolution

This is the only one not found on Generally speaking, though, an Agnostic Evolutionist is indistinguis... Read more

Material Evolution

From It is important to distinguish two ways that "materialism" is used. One is in science,... Read more

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