Gap Creationist

One of the better-known accommodations of religion to science was Gap or Restitution Creationism, which claimed that there was a large temporal gap between Genesis chapter I:1 and chapter I:2 (Young, 1982). Articulated from about the late 18th century on, Gap Creationism assumes a pre-Adamic creation that was destroyed before Genesis I:2, when God recreated the world in six days, and created Adam and Eve. A time gap between two separate creations allows for an accommodation of the proof of the ancient age of the earth with Special Creationism.

Gap Creationism is awfully hard to differentiate from Day-Age. If you're more comfortable calling yourself a Day-Age Creationist, by all means, go ahead.

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Flat Earther

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Young Earther

From Few classical YECs interpret the flat-earth and geocentric passages of the Bible liter... Read more

Gap Creationist

From One of the better-known accommodations of religion to science was Gap or Restitution C... Read more

Day-Age Creationist

From Another attempt to accommodate science to a literal, or mostly literal reading of the ... Read more

Progressive Creation

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Intelligent Designer

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Theistic Evolution

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Agnostic Evolution

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Material Evolution

From It is important to distinguish two ways that "materialism" is used. One is in science,... Read more

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