Progressive Creation

Progressive Creationists ... have no problems with scientific data concerning the age of the earth, or the long period of time it has taken for the earth to come to its current form. Astronomer Ross, a University of Toronto Ph.D., cites the Big Bang as evidence of the creative power of God. Although modern physical science is accepted, only parts of modern biological science are incorporated into PC. PCs generally believe that God created "kinds" of animals sequentially; the fossil record is thus an accurate representation of history because different animals and plants appeared at different times rather than having been created all at once. PCs reject the inference that earlier forms are genetically related to later ones; kinds are separate creations: descent with modification does not occur. The definition of kinds is inconsistent, but usually refers to a higher taxonomic level than species. Most PCs accept that God created creatures containing at least as much genetic variation as a Family (such as Felidae, Canidae, etc) and then considerable "evolution within a kind" occurred.

This is not to say that you don't like the analogy of the Day-Age Creation. (I.e. life showed up on Earth in the order presented in Genesis.) You are differentiated (at least in this test) by believing that natual evolutionary processes have created species, but wildly different organisms (say a plant and an animal) could not have shared a common ancestor.

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Progressive Creation

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