Intelligent Designer

Intelligent Design Creationism is a lineal descendent of William Paley´s Argument from Design (Paley, 1803), which asserted that God´s existence could be proved by examining his works. Paley used an analogy: if one found a watch, it was obvious that such a thing could not have come together by chance; the existence of a watch implies a watchmaker who has designed the watch with a purpose in mind. Similarly, the finding of order, purpose, and design in the world is proof of an omniscient designer.

Intelligent Design Creationism still requires the intervention of a supernatural being to bring about certain changes in life on Earth (or from one to another, or at the very beginning, however it is defined), thus it falls under creationism, not evolutionism. Although many Intelligent Design Creationists do not publically state what or who the Intelligent Designer is, the underlying principle of IDC is that there must have been some entity not bound by physical laws who somehow influenced life. The differentiating point between IDC and Theistic Evolution is simply that IDC proponents believe that they can find evidence of a designer's handiwork in the structures of life.

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Intelligent Designer

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