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Theistic Evolution

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Theistic Evolution is the theological view that God creates through evolution. Astronomical, geological and biological evolution are acceptable to TEs They vary in whether and how much God is allowed to intervene -- some come pretty close to Deists. Other TEs see God as intervening at critical intervals during the history of life (especially in the origin of humans), and they in turn come closer to PCs. In one form or another, TE is the view of creation taught at mainline Protestant seminaries, and it is the official position of the Catholic church. In 1996, Pope John Paul II reiterated the Catholic TE position, in which God created, evolution happened, humans may indeed be descended from more primitive forms, but the hand of God was needed for the creation of the human soul. (John Paul II, 1996).

Also included in this group would be the Evolutionary Creationists. Basically, the only tenet that separates this group from the Intelligent Design Creationists is that they do not feel that the structures of life show examples of a Designer's Handiwork. That is to say, any Designer did not need to "step in" and play with the physical world. Generally speaking, the Cosmological Argument is used to explain that there is some Prime Mover, but TE does not require evidence of intervention.

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Theistic Evolution

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