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You scored 22 in the Crayola test!

mysterious, powerful, sophisticated

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Color Distribution

    They scored 22% on Color, higher than 56% of your peers.

All possible test results


daring, courageous, energetic, agressive Read more

Atomic Orange

radiant, glowing, stimulating Read more

Laser Lemon

warm, cheerful, bright, radiant, idealistic, optimistic Read more

Electric Lime

positive, successful, energetic Read more


magical, visionary, intuitive Read more


highly creative, spiritual, introspective Read more


mysterious, powerful, sophisticated Read more

Sky Blue

tranquil, peaceful, wise Read more

Tropical Rain Forest

close to nature, clean, environmentally friendly Read more

Screamin Green

hopeful, youthful Read more


comfortable, relaxed, reliable Read more

Midnight Blue

confident, strong, and secure Read more

Hot Magenta

warm, cheerful, and romantic Read more

Carnation Pink

Sophisticated, frilly and feminine! Read more

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