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Their result for The Political Moral Systems Test ...

The Pitchfork Populist.

36% Utilitarian, 27% Nationalist, 45% Liberal and 86% Individualist!

You hate liberalism.  You hate Big Government.  You think people, by and large, should Mind Their Own Business and stop telling other people what to do.  You don't think anyone in power cares about the little people, and you are angry.  At everything, pretty much.  You probably identify as (paleo)conservative or libertarian.  You are similar to Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, H.L. Mencken and possibly Murray Rothbard if you are extreme enough.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Utilitarian Distribution

    They scored 36% on Utilitarian, higher than 13% of your peers.

  • Nationalist Distribution

    They scored 27% on Nationalist, higher than 20% of your peers.

  • Liberal Distribution

    They scored 45% on Liberal, higher than 20% of your peers.

  • Individualist Distribution

    They scored 86% on Individualist, higher than 95% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Rankled Reactionary.

You think that everything which has happened in politics since the French Revolution and possibly before has been an utter disgrace.  People simply have bizarre ideas about what individual rights are... Read more

The Concerned Catholic

You are probably a Catholic or a religious Christian of some sort.  You feel that modern society has gotten way out of whack with Christian morality and charity.  Every day secularism grows stronger... Read more

The Pitchfork Populist.

You hate liberalism.  You hate Big Government.  You think people, by and large, should Mind Their Own Business and stop telling other people what to do.  You don't think anyone in power cares about... Read more

The Sanctimonious Socialist.

Your friends probably just wish you'd shut up.  You ruin everyone's breakfast by telling them their organic, fair-trade coffee was grown on cleared rainforest.  You go on and on about trade unions u... Read more

The Latte-sipping Liberal

You live in or near an urban area, don't you?  You probably think of the people who love God and country as rank idiots.  In fact, you aren't really much of a nationalist at all; but you transfer yo... Read more

The Bourgeois Revolutionary.

You probably call yourself a libertarian or a classical liberal, or something along those lines.  You believe strongly in limited and constitutional government, individual rights, capitalism, and a p... Read more

The Fastidious Fascist.

You are a firm nationalist, while also being hostile to liberal democracy and individual rights.  You believe that the individual exists to serve the State. You believe that liberalism and capitalism... Read more

The Prussian Imperialist.

You believe that you live in the greatest country in the world, and that your country's strength lies in its traditions.  You believe in a strong military, and probably increasing your country's bord... Read more

The Snobby Nationalist.

You think that people generally don't know what's good for them.  Left to their own devices, they would sacrifice their hard won freedoms and culture at the altar of socialism and egality.  Instead,... Read more

The Happy Warrior.

You are likely a critic of capitalism and of the status quo in your country from the left, while maintaining a belief in democracy and the rule of law.  What distinguishes you from others of your bel... Read more

The Liberal Internationalist.

You support the values of the "liberal consensus," as it existed in post-war America; a market economy nevertheless tempered by a strong social safety net, support for democratic forms of government, ... Read more

The Cold Warrior.

You subscribe to the view that there should be a small government at home to protect individual rights, and a powerful national presence abroad to protect the rights of others.  You believe in the va... Read more

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