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The Star

Letting Imagination Run Wild...

You are the Star! Everything about you is a mystery, and maintaining that mystery is an important part of your allure.  You know that love is a game, and so you are a little bit of everything... and some of nothing.  In your elusive nature, you embody a Star or a God that others worship.  In your mysteries, others fill in whatever they want to see. You are a master of illusion, and your incredible grasp of paradox is what holds others in your thrall.

Symbol: the Idol

Famous Historical Stars: John F. Kennedy

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Sexuality Distribution

    They scored 58% on Sexuality, higher than 87% of your peers.

  • Attachment Distribution

    They scored 64% on Attachment, higher than 46% of your peers.

  • Narcissism Distribution

    They scored 41% on Narcissism, higher than 42% of your peers.

  • Extroversion Distribution

    They scored 57% on Extroversion, higher than 60% of your peers.

  • Innocence Distribution

    They scored 41% on Innocence, higher than 17% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Rake

You are the Rake! You live a life full of Sexuality, focusing on the moment rather than the future.  Danger and excitement surround you, and that mysterious confidence you carry will q... Read more

The Siren

You are the Siren, and you are the stuff of sexual fantasies.  Derived directly from Aphrodite herself, you know exactly how to flaunt your wiles, being both tantalizing and elusive.  Tho... Read more

The Coquette

You are the Coquette... brilliant, alluring, aloof.  When you walk by, others swoon, except you're more likely to be carried on your dias by young admirers than walking.  Everyone wan... Read more

The Dandy

You are the Dandy!  Your powers lie within your social gregariousness and your gender ambiguity.  You can be whomever you need to be in a given situation, and that chameleonic ability... Read more

The Natural

You are the Natural!  You have a joyful youthfulness about you that is almost magical.  Those that have become jaded by the hardships of the world are especially drawn to you with you... Read more

The Charismatic

You are the Charismatic!  Your personality is a magnet, and you were made for the spotlight.  You exude confidence wherever you go, quickly adapt in social situations, and present a stron... Read more

The Charmer

You are the Charmer! You focus on providing pleasure, comfort, and harmony.  You know that attentiveness to others is the best way to draw them into you.  Everything about you is fun, and... Read more

The Ideal Lover

You are the Ideal Lover!  Romantic, sensual, and exceptionally multi-dimenional... you have the perfect balance between danger and comfort.  You always stick up for your friends and p... Read more

The Anti-Seducer

Oh no, you are an Anti-Seducer... you might want to take a look at your approach to the world.  Your lack of self-confidence, lack of awareness for those around you, and general lack o... Read more

The Star

You are the Star! Everything about you is a mystery, and maintaining that mystery is an important part of your allure.  You know that love is a game, and so you are a little bit of eve... Read more

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