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Friendly Alien

You scored 49 alien-ness, 37 mythical-ness, 49 angelic-ness, and 10 regal-ness!

Have you ever seen the Steven Speilburg film E.T? You also are a gentle being from another planet, where you have spent most of your previous incarnations. The strife and violence on earth hurts you. Your only wish is goodwill and kindness to mankind. You have a talent for healing - both plants and animals - and should consider some study in this area. At best you were gentle, gracious and radient. At worst you were indecisive, aloof and clumsy. In this lifetime you have gifts of diplomacy you should put into use! You'd be wonderful at running a country but are too gentle to promote yourself in election. Be assertive. You're a lovely human being.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • alien-ness Distribution

    They scored 49% on alien-ness, higher than 96% of your peers.

  • mythical-ness Distribution

    They scored 37% on mythical-ness, higher than 64% of your peers.

  • angelic-ness Distribution

    They scored 49% on angelic-ness, higher than 81% of your peers.

  • regal-ness Distribution

    They scored 10% on regal-ness, higher than 2% of your peers.

All possible test results

Mr Mega Bucks

In your last life you were busy on the social ladder, making friends, influencing people and trying to scrounge a quick buck. One of the professions you might have taken was: Kept woman/Courtesan, Cl... Read more


You were the undisputed Queen of the Nile, Queen of Men's hearts, Fierce Stratagist and Occult Misstress. You were at times both loved and hated by your people. At your best you were seductive, genero... Read more

A Goat Herd

In your last life you lived in poverty, but were always proud of your own freedom. You had nothing - but the song of the birds, the wind in the trees, the crowing of a rooster meant everything to you.... Read more

The Dolphin

You were last the highly intellegent, extremely playful, dancer of the deep. You were curious, full of laughter and beautiful, with many friends who all adored you. You and your pod patrolled the wate... Read more

The Faery/Elemental

In your last, and in many of your previous lives you were a faery (broad term for faries, elves, sprites, pooka etc) elemental and one of the spirit guardians of an animal, stream, tree, plant or huma... Read more

The Dragon

You are an old, old spirit. You have been reincarnated many times and each time you spend longer pondering in the astral planes before you return. Your last time on earth was over 2500 years ago. You ... Read more

The Woodland Faery

In your last life and many before you were a Woodland Faery and member of the Seelie Court, Sidhe heirachy. Unlike the Elemental Faerys you were not the guardian spirit of a particular animal or tree ... Read more

The Arch Angel

There are few who will make it to this catagory. As an Arch Angel you had the power to create and destroy anything anywhere in the universe. You answered prayers, took lives, brought the sun or the ra... Read more

The Grey Alien

You are not from this planet. Most of your incarnations have been somewhere else in space and sometimes you are not entirely sure whats going on around here. Things like violence and anger confuse you... Read more

The Demon

In your last life you had an extraorinarly good time burning things, shagging everything that moved and leading Empires into battle. I strongly reccomend you resist the temptation to do that now. It s... Read more

Friendly Alien

Have you ever seen the Steven Speilburg film E.T? You also are a gentle being from another planet, where you have spent most of your previous incarnations. The strife and violence on earth hurts you. ... Read more

The Seraphim

Pictured as the epitome of physical beauty in many Renaissance paintings, Seraphim spend their time as the soaring messengers of the Heavens. They are mid-ranking in the Angel Hierarchy, below Arch An... Read more

The Wolf

In your last life you were a wolf. Strong, protective and graceful. You had great leading ability and thrived in social situations; but were predominantly a loner, happiest fending for yourself and ha... Read more

The Pegasus

The Pegasus sprung from Medusa's severed head and made his home on Mount Olympus, with the Gods of Greece. His huge hooves crunching on the Mountain drew fourth a spring. Mortals often spied him there... Read more

The Weasel

In your last incarnation you were a weasel. You were a tricky little beast, clever in the extreme. You also had a wicked sence of humour and very few morals. This attracted many friends. You always ha... Read more


Stop the Press! You are none other than the incarnation of Elvis Presley. Wow! In your previous life you rocked the world with your shocking pelvic thrusts, revolutionised music and were worshipped by... Read more

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