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The Casual Spanish Speaker

92% educado!

The Casual Spanish Speaker: You scored 92% educado. You made good grades in Spanish class, and you enjoy practicando whenever you get the chance. If you moved to a Spanish-speaking country, you'd be fluent in no time.

Correct Answers:

cat = gato

dog = perro

name = nombre

very = muy

apple = manzana

red = rojo

yellow = amarillo

hand = mano

face = cara

truth = verdad

gentleman = caballero

kitchen = cocina

mail = correo

queen = reina

bird = ave

jewel = joya

egg = huevo

item = asunto

potato = papa

smart = listo

to lick = lamer

octopus = pulpo

under = abajo

waterfall = cascada

zucchini = calabacita

donde = where

quien = who

guapo = attractive

saber = to know

terminar = to end

verano = summer

falda = skirt

aburrido = bored

embarazada = pregnant

jefe = boss

oso = bear

hielo = ice

zanahoria = carrot

lengua = tongue (This is a trick question. While "tongue" is sometimes used figuratively to mean "language", "lengua" does not directly translate as "language".)

borrar = to erase

pariente = relative

nieto = grandchile

masticar = to chew

clave = key

ingle = groin

redondo = round

ulular = to howl

yelmo = helmet

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

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    They scored 92% on educado, higher than 79% of your peers.

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The Casual Spanish Speaker

The Casual Spanish Speaker: You scored $(educado)% educado. You made good grades in Spanish class, and you enjoy practicando whenever you get ... Read more

The Native Speaker

You scored $(educado)% educado. If you aren't hispanic, then you've done a great job learning. You know specialized vocabulary, and you can pass for un hispanohablante. !Felicitaci... Read more

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