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Judging solely on your answers: You have extreme passion and a Wow em technique ... plus the timing ... again, Wow! I should say, your kissing partner is one lucky kissed person.

(I know who I'd say your match is ... if your female that is) *wink*


Technique: Mid-level, but with all that passion ...

Timing: low score, but the way the scoring is set up _that_ it's a good thing! (with the right combination of variables)

Passion: Off the charts _High_ ... and as said above, This with the right 'techno' and 'timing' scoring is great ...


Why MONONUCLEOSIS as a category? (and a good one at that?) Well know as a kissing illness,

(linked to spreading from kissing)

I thought, if you get this illness from kissing ...

you probably like kissing.

So let's say KISSING is a sickness.

Also say that sickness needs a cure.

Now, say the CURE is kissing . . .

(are you following me?)

So, I'm sick with SICKNESS = kissing

Only CURE = kissing


And with your skills, you should kiss more often!


Your perfect kisser/partner should be:

ME! I am the sickness, I am the cure! Just teasing, You probably do very well with a Soul Kiss or Passionate Kisser

Your exact opposite:

The Kissing Booth (just from the facts)



Hey! -ummm-

What about the title of this test ...

The can KISSING style get you SEX Test ...

Well, it's up to you ... I've given you a list of thousands of people. Now go contact one that your interested in, Drop your prospected "KISSING MATE" a message:

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Now, I got the first move over with for you:

(The dreaded approach/cheesy pick-up line)

Now, arrange for few dates ... Less-Not-Forget the Three things preached about here on the test:




Give them one of those "World Famous Lip-Locks" You are obviously known for ...

Then you'll just have to find out for yourself where that leads!

In all, clearly this is here for fun. But, if you do use that form letter and it works ...

I'll send you my billing statement!


Thanks again I hope you had fun ... Please score fairly, And may ALL your kisses be:

Ones of pure passion

With perfect timing

And top notch technique!

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