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The Perfect Woman...

...do you have any idea how rare people like you actually are?

This test is probably best understood as a measure of openmindedness and communications skills. These are things I cherish highly in my friendships. I sent out invitations to people that seem to be open minded, creative, intelligent, and who seem to communicate well.

The test is geared toward possible new friends... but it is also geared to recognize special and intelligent people... and you are these things. You make the world a better place by just being a part of it.

It should be noted that in order to get to this particular status, you have made it known that you either live in Lincoln, or are willing to visit... (maybe) Please drop me a note so we can find a time to get together!

...oh, and if you want to find out What *Kind* of Friends we would most likely be, I have another test just for people like you! I think you would enjoy it... feel free to take it HERE...

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All possible test results

You're a Man, Baby!

You are not only in the lowest category, you are also a probably a 12 year old boy. Please go away. Now. Read more

*No Wang Zone*

Yeah, you might live nearby, but that isn't helping matters. You really need to go... you can decidedly *not* hang... Read more

Out of Towner...

You have the right plumbing, but live too far away. I have way too many friends that I never see without making more that I will never be able to spend time in three dimensions with... And there are ... Read more

Nice try...

You live close enough, and have the right plumbing, but you really need to work on your communications skills and open-mindedness. Hanging with one another would end up creating critical mass and eith... Read more

Nope... not talkin'

Um... wrong plumbing and too far away too boot... at least communication might be an option... but not a good one, considering that you don't seem to be very openminded... You might also ... Read more

No Guys!

Sorry dude... only innies need apply... I don't care how close you live. ...oh and take that communications class already... like yesterday... Read more

*sigh* too far away

I like that you have good communication skills, and being an "innie" definitely helps, but there are some distance issues that would pretty much mean you would end up killing me... ok? p... Read more


You like to talk, you are close enough in lots of ways... but I don't think we are very likeminded. So long as you don't turn into a klingon we might work it out, but I am not holding my breath... b... Read more

Open... but WRONG...

Congrats... you are openminded... but you don't actually communicate with people, will never visit, and probably have a dick as well... try again, dillhole... You might also be too young.... Read more


Yeah you are open minded and live nearby... ...but you not only don't like to communicate well enough, but also seem to have a dick! Try again, once you are post-op and take... Read more

Not Even Half Way?

I enjoy openminded people... but we really have to be able to talk. The bigger issue is that there is a bigger distance thing going on here than is likely to be healthy. It might just be age... but i... Read more

Danger Will Robinson

Wow. You could so be the perfect woman... if you worked on those communication skills. The problem with communication stuff is that eventually no matter how good things are, its all about the fighti... Read more

Dick the Distance!

Well you have an open mind and seem more willing than most blokes to communicate, but not only are you locationally challenged, you also seem to have a dick! ...sorry... I don't trust gu... Read more

No Sausage Fests...

Too bad you have a dick... ...oh well... Sorry... I don't trust men. I am sure you are a decent bloke, but you will never be more than a casual acquaintance... Read more

Damn the Distance..

If not for distance, you would be the perfect woman for me. It might be age, it might be geography, but there is distance. That means you are still a perfect woman... just probably... Read more

The Perfect Woman...

...do you have any idea how rare people like you actually are? This test is probably best understood as a measure of openmindedness and communications skills. These are things I cherish h... Read more

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