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Their result for The could you be a psycho killer Test ...

A little unstable

Your 30% certain to be a psycho killer

Dont worry your safe but id hide the kitchen knives just to be sure!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • psycho Distribution

    They scored 30% on psycho, higher than 25% of your peers.

All possible test results

Pussy Cat

My gran has more chance of becoming a psycho killer than you! You'd probably faint if you pricked your finger on a pin! Read more

A little unstable

Dont worry your safe but id hide the kitchen knives just to be sure! Read more

Borderline crazy

You may turn psycho later on in life, you probably dream of killing dogs and stuff but i dont think you have the balls to go any further with it. Glad i dont know you though! Read more

Ted Bundy wannabe

You'll probably kill one or two people in years to come but your not completely nutty... you may die before the rage comes out but you better stop watching those horror films, hide your dads gun and y... Read more

Definate Psycho

Go lock yourself in a cage because your certain to be a psycho killer in later life... thats if your not already one now! You want everyone around you dead and youve probably already killed your cat a... Read more

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