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Social Darwinism

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You have an adequate knowledge of evolution, but you lack a knowledge of scientific methodology. In other words, you believe the right things, but for the wrong reasons. You support the theory of evolution, but may be ignorant about how scientific theories are proven or the very nature of science itself. You probably tend to think of science as proving things with absolute certainty, when nothing could be further from the truth. Science is essentially a process of trial and error, of continual testing and doubting. Scientific theories are validated by the accumulation of facts that fit the framework, and could always be potentially falsified by new information. This is why Newton's ideas on physics, which were taken to be absolutely true for so many years, were eventually overturned by Einstein's theory of relativity.

You also tend to believe things based solely upon scientific authority. Perhaps you are not interested in knowing why certain theories are true, or how they can be proven, but simply trust the research of the scientists. This is probably the way the majority of people receive their scientific knowledge. It is not at all uncommon, and it is thoroughly better than trusting the likes of people who produce non peer-reviewed research on Intelligent Design which no sane biologists support. However, should you wish to truly understand evolution, it would help to know exactly how it is proven and how it could be potentially falsified. It is proven by the large array of facts we have observed that fit the framework, such as the presence of vestigial organs and structural excesses, the order of organisms found in the fossil record, and the similarities between biological parts of descendants and ancestors. Obviously, were we to find facts which falsified these predictions of evolution, the theory would be in trouble. Finding a fossilized mammal in the precambrian, for instance, would thoroughly falsify the theory, because the nearest possible ancestor of mammals, on an evolutionary view, would exist millions of years into the future. Furthermore, if we found no similarities between species, genetic or otherwise, we could reason that they were not descended from each other.

Of course, you should be proud of yourself for not succumbing to the dangers of Intelligent Design. Even though you tend to view science as a dogmatic, absolutely certain enterprise, you are at least wary enough to realize when something is blatantly non-scientific, as is the case with Intelligent Design. In comparison to you, creationists and the supporters of Intelligent Design have a much worse grasp on the scientific method, and use their flawed ideas of science to produce "theories" which cannot be tested or proven in anyway.


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In case you're interested, and you're probably not, you may want to check out my blog for more assaults on religious silliness and defenses of science and right thinking. Here it is, silly gooses: Saint Gasoline

(And yes, I know that the plural of goose is geese. I just like to fuck the system.)

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    They scored 82% on Evolution, higher than 21% of your peers.

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