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You scored 30% leadership, 57% spirituality, 57% violence and 19% intelligence!

LEADER - SPIRITUAL - VIOLENT - UNEDUCATED Possibly the most famous Norseman of all is Eirik the Red, who discovered Greenland. He was exiled from Norway for killing a man, so he decided to sail west until he found something, which just so happened to be Greenland. Trusting in the gods to keep you safe with your sword by your side to ward off any troublesome trolls and skraelings in new lands you discover, you are the glamourous viking explorer. You name will be remembered forever and the skalds will sing for centuries of your daring exploits in uncharted lands.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • leadership Distribution

    They scored 30% on leadership, higher than 78% of your peers.

  • spirituality Distribution

    They scored 57% on spirituality, higher than 96% of your peers.

  • violence Distribution

    They scored 57% on violence, higher than 96% of your peers.

  • intelligence Distribution

    They scored 19% on intelligence, higher than 24% of your peers.

All possible test results


FOLLOWER - IMPIOUS - PEACEFUL - UNEDUCATED Hey, congratulations, you're a slave! Slaves in Scandinavia around this time period were generally prisoners of war taken on viking raids from villages or m... Read more


FOLLOWER - IMPIOUS - PEACEFUL - EDUCATED You're the tradesman. Much like any society, there are people who were intrinsic to general life, but who aren't particularly noticeable otherwise. These are ... Read more


FOLLOWER - IMPIOUS - VIOLENT - UNEDUCATED The Jomsvikings were an elite army of Viking mercenaries whose base was called Jomsborg, located on the southern shore of the Baltic Sea. They were a well-di... Read more


FOLLOWER - IMPIOUS - VIOLENT - EDUCATED Your life is dedicated to raiding and fighting, and since you've survived this long, you've become quite a savvy fighter. Norse fleets and armies and raiding p... Read more


FOLLOWER - SPIRITUAL - PEACEFUL - UNEDUCATED Hey, every society needs boring farmers who tend to the crops while the big boys are out fighting Saxons, right? You're a peasant, but there's nothing wro... Read more


FOLLOWER - SPIRITUAL - PEACEFUL - EDUCATED Skalds are the Norse equivalent to bards, or possibly minstrels. They are the ones responsible for over half of what we now know about Scandinavian culture,... Read more


FOLLOWER - SPIRITUAL - VIOLENT - UNEDUCATED Berserkers (or Berserks) were Norse warriors who wore coats of wolf or bear skin and who were commonly understood to have fought in an uncontrollable rage ... Read more


FOLLOWER - SPIRITUAL - VIOLENT - EDUCATED You're a freeman: the average joe of Scandinavia. Most people nowadays in the West are a variant of freemen. Freemen were allowed to vote, to carry weapons, ... Read more


LEADER - IMPIOUS - PEACEFUL - UNEDUCATED You're a jarl. Jarls were basically earls or lords who owned a plot of land and a homestead complete with slaves, peasants, freemen and tradesmen, almost like... Read more


LEADER - IMPIOUS - PEACEFUL - EDUCATED Besides fighters and explorers, the Norse were also very famous for being shrewd merchants. While no official curreny dominated trade in Northern Europe, tradin... Read more


LEADER - IMPIOUS - VIOLENT - UNEDUCATED Kingship was a fluctuating thing in Scandinavia, especially when the old king died and left behind several teenaged sons. The eldest son would usually take the... Read more


LEADER - IMPIOUS - VIOLENT - EDUCATED Hail to the king (or queen, I suppose)! You rule in splendour over whatever country you're from, and have hordes of ferocious viking warriors to command, skalds ... Read more


LEADER - SPIRITUAL - PEACEFUL - UNEDUCATED You are a navigator. It seems perhaps like a rather random profession out of many from the Viking Age to be a choice here, but navigators on longboats were ... Read more


LEADER - SPIRITUAL - PEACEFUL - EDUCATED Gothar were the priesthood of heathen Scandinavia. You are the spiritual backbone of your society. Only you can intrepret the gods' will for your jarl. You ar... Read more


LEADER - SPIRITUAL - VIOLENT - UNEDUCATED Possibly the most famous Norseman of all is Eirik the Red, who discovered Greenland. He was exiled from Norway for killing a man, so he decided to sail west ... Read more


LEADER - SPIRITUAL - VIOLENT - EDUCATED Judge, jury and executioner; you are the lawspeaker. You know the ancient lore of your people back and forward, and you can remember every charted detail of yo... Read more

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