DaRcy and Joe

Not All Men Are Assholes

I had just changed a few things on my profile including NOT wanting any assholes and that I love Metallica (old). These 2 things caught Joe's attention. As a fellow Metallica fan, he was hooked. (plus he had to prove not ALL men are assholes) After hours on the phone, he convinced me to go out. I picked the 13th of August because of the full moon. We all know weirdos come out in the full moon. Joe came to my place of work, a gun store. After I got off work, he followed me to my house and from there we went out to eat. Before we actually got to the restaurant his brakes locked up. So on our first date, we changed brakes in his front yard where I met the whole family. We got to see each other hot, sweaty and slightly irritated. We also got to work together on our first project. It was so much fun!!! Plus I get to see him with his shirt off!!! :) We got engaged on the 29th of August which was a new moon. After almost a year of being together, we live in bliss with NOT a single argument! Our wedding is August 31st the next blue moon. We are completely happy and thank both you and Metallica! And yes he did prove his point.....not all men are assholes!

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