Aga and Lisa

OkCupid was the last site I decided to give a try after visiting so many others without any results. We want to thank you so much for creating a place where love happens!!! We will never forget OkCupid and are indebted for life! Read more »

Alastair and Sarana

Met on this site, emailed, skyped, fell in love, visited. Our future together awaits. Read more »

Camille and Lee

And then we kissed properly at the station and all time stopped and I was entranced. It was magical, I didn't want to stop, but he had to go. I was so stunned (in a good way) by that kiss that i couldn't see straight, or find my way to the right platform in the tube station, so utterly awe-struck, dumb-founded, with my whole body tingling that it took several minutes to regain composure. Thanks OkCupid! Read more »

Dave and Tarra

From the start Tarra and I "clicked". Her fun personality and upbeat attitude was definitely attractive to me. We are the classic "opposites attract" in regards to personalities. Now after a couple years, we have grown as a couple and still get excited to come home to each other. Read more »

Kendra and Joe

How nobody swooped Joe off his feet before me, I'll never know, but I'll always be grateful :) We've been married about 2 weeks now, and the last few months have just been this whirlwind of sparks! Read more »

Dorthy and Mark

In 2006, my son-in-law and daughter signed me up on your site. I refused to go on it, so they went on as me and found Mark. He was interested and kept on e-mailing me. The kids told me to get on and chat with him, he seemed like the right guy for me. Well, I did. Read more »

Pax and Adele

We're now engaged! We just bought a house together (which is a real wreck) and we are remodeling it. We're both super excited! We're going to raise chickens and bees and goats and have a huge garden. Read more »

Jane and Robert

Everyone told us we were moving too fast but we didn't think so and we still don't. Robert and I are having a wonderful time sharing our lives together. Read more »

Chris and Katie

Perfect for each other, honestly can say I love her and not think twice about it. Read more »

Betsy and Toby

On my way to meet her, I saw a wooden sign carved with the words "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." I thought: Wow. I get it. This is it. The second I saw her down the street I had to stop walking because I knew this was it. I was totally hers. Read more »

Chelsea and Kristin

This is the best (seriously) dating story of my life. I had my profile set to users only within my area. Usually I don't look for out of town because I've done my fair share of long distance. Read more »

Chloe and Craig

I noticed he was polite to the extreme, but a little shy. About a week after than, he decided to ask me out. Read more »

Allegra and Nick

I would tell him when I was a kid and even into my adolescence whenever I went through tunnels I would wish for someone exactly like him. He then told me, "Well you don't have to hold your breath anymore..." Read more »

Andrea and Michael

Every day we battle with distance, language, expensive trips... but it is all worth it. I never thought I could be this happy. I am so glad we didn’t hear everyone who thought we were crazy for doing this and took the risk. Good luck to you all!! Read more »

Zack and Becca

What we both expected to be about an hour long rendez-vous turned into four hours. We continued to hang out and two months later began officially dating. Seven months after our first OkCupid message here we are! Read more »