• Hi! And welcome to my What song are you Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine which one of my favourite songs are you. You might get a song you're not familiar with, or you don't like, but I'm pretty sure, that the overall mood and phylosophy of the song will be quite close to your answers....if you answered honestly, that is... Disclaimer: The pictures in the results were taken from allmusic and wikipedia. They are meant to entertain, nothing more, I don't own them inany way and hope no one will sueme for using them in this small test... :) P.S.: Since this is my first test would you be so kind and rate/comment it? No flames though, just constructive criticism. And if you liked it, please tell me!!! Thx. P.P.S.: For some of you, who don't understand... This is about MY favourite songs, not yours. I don't care how stupid/depressed you think my questions and results are. And DO NOT take the results seriously, as they aren't meant that way. Have fun...

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