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  • 1

     Are you a cockold or want to be one?

  • 2

    Are you into be smothered?

  • 3

    Are you into CBT?

  • 4

    What is your body type?

  • 5

    Foot worship

  • 6

    Do you love to go to fetish events?

  • 7

    Would you like to be walked like a dog on a leash?

  • 8

    Are you a pony or would like to be one?

  • 9

    Into being a sissy boy?

  • 10

    Ball kicking?

  • 11

    Would you clean my house naked?

  • 12

    Pleasing me is more important than you getting yours?

  • 13

    The little things is more important to me

  • 14

    Are you a jealous person

  • 15

    I love to put my slaves to good use even loaning them out, you up for it?