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Capoeira (Angola)

You scored 0% romantic, 0% modern, 0% aggressive and 0% sensual!

Sexy! You are Capoeira!

You can read people like a book, and you love to show off your creativity. This makes you a very empathetic person.

Perhaps because of your high romantic ideals, you sometimes have trouble getting close to people. In fact, you are expected to avoid directly touching them.

Don't worry, take things at your own pace. You're worth the wait!

Pragmatic - Old-Fashioned - Receptive - Thoughtful: Judo
Pragmatic - Old-Fashioned - Receptive - Sensual: Pankration
Pragmatic - Old-Fashioned - Aggressive - Thoughtful: Taekwondo
Pragmatic - Old-Fashioned - Aggressive - Sensual: Muay Thai
Pragmatic - Modern - Receptive - Thoughtful: Krav Maga
Pragmatic - Modern - Receptive - Sensual: Jeet Kune Do
Pragmatic - Modern - Aggressive - Thoughtful: Combat Sambo
Pragmatic - Modern - Aggressive - Sensual: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Romantic - Old-Fashioned - Receptive - Thoughtful: Ba Gua Zhang
Romantic - Old-Fashioned - Receptive - Sensual: Capoeira (Angola)
Romantic - Old-Fashioned - Aggressive - Thoughtful: Pencak Silat
Romantic - Old-Fashioned - Aggressive - Sensual: Monkey Kung Fu
Romantic - Modern - Receptive - Thoughtful: Aikido
Romantic - Modern - Receptive - Sensual: Capoeira (Regional)
Romantic - Modern - Aggressive - Thoughtful: Competitive Wushu
Romantic - Modern - Aggressive - Sensual: Savate

Your Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

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You are Judo! Simple, straightforward, respectful. Your antique sensibilities belie a very realistic approach to love and life. However, you may be relying on the same techniques over and ove... Read more


You are Pankration! Pankration started at the original Olympic games way back in in 646 BC! It was certainly ahead of its time, combining striking, throws, locks and holds. Like Pank... Read more


You are Taekwondo! You tend to focus on well-timed, explosive attacks to the heart or head. It's good that you go for what you want, but perhaps you could be a little more spontaneous. ... Read more

Muay Thai

Nice Shorts! You are Muay Thai! Your raw vitality is very appealing. You have a masculine style. You tend to move in quick, and your partners are helpless to stop you! I've got no ad... Read more

Krav Maga

You are Krav Maga! You're very effective and in touch with the times. You're very focused and can get things done. But, like the Israeli anti-terrorist forces, you've been sta... Read more

Jeet Kune Do

Fluid like water, you're Jeet Kune Do! You're a very practical person: you remember only what is useful, and forget everything else. You use "no way" as way, and have "no limitation" as limit... Read more

Combat Sambo

You are combat sambo! No messing around! Invented in Russia as the pinnacle of its native martial arts, Sambo has an illustrious history in the armed forces. President Vladimir Putin is a top... Read more

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

You are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, putting another "J" in BJJ since 1921! Everyone loves you, because you're great at piercing people's guards. No doubt about it, you're a very intimate and intense... Read more

Ba Gua Zhang

You are Ba Gua Zhang! You have a gentle idealistic temperament, and a feminine style. You handle your lovers with an open palm... figuratively speaking. But you're not to be trifled ... Read more

Capoeira (Angola)

Sexy! You are Capoeira! You can read people like a book, and you love to show off your creativity. This makes you a very empathetic person. Perhaps because of your high romantic idea... Read more

Pencak Silat

You are Pencak Silat! You're exotic, intense, and a little mysterious. Everyone finds you beautiful. But you stay low to the ground, taking things slow. That's all right. You'll have... Read more

Monkey Kung Fu

Wow, really? You're Monkey Kung Fu! You are creative, intuitive, physical, and romantic. A lot of people have crushes on you. I think I/... Read more


You sweetheart, you're aikido! You use rotation, fluidity, and sensitivity to send people spinning around you. You are a very kind and loving person. Even if you had to dump someone,... Read more

Capoeira (Regional)

You're capoeira, you sexy beast! You can read people like a book, and you love to show off your creativity. This makes you a very empathetic person. Perhaps because of your high roma... Read more

Competitive Wushu

Well, aren't you cool? You are Wushu! You really know how to make a big production. Some people talk bad about you, but they shut up when they see you in action! The problem is peopl... Read more


You are savate, you virile beast! You're very physical, romantic, aggressive, resourceful, creative. Awesome. Even though you consider yourself a forward-thinking person, you're stil... Read more

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