• Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to see how much (or not) of a Skank you are. This test is STRICTLY for chicks. Its a long, VERY thorough, DETAILED, comprehensive 8 catagory test with 122 questions. DONT be a puss and quit. You DO want to know if youre a Skank or not right? Well, the truth doesnt come easy or quick. And hey, it took me a week or so to write it, so YOU can spare 25 minutes to take it. When done, you will be given a raw score which will place you in one of six catagories. If you want your percentage of Skankness, youll have to calculate that yourself by dividing your score by 11900, the max total possible. Dont try to cheat or skip questions, it counts against you. If a question doesnt apply to you, pick the least distasteful answer. I ONLY deal in truth. Sometimes it hurts. So dont get mad or pouty because you dont like your result. Good luck and happy Skankin. Heh.

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