• a test by Roman Wilderness


    Anyway this is my classic rock knowledge test. It deals primarily with rock music from the period commonly known as the "Classic Rock Era" ... which is to say the mid-1960s to the late-1970s. It starts off easy and gets progressively more difficult towards the end. The first 5 questions are super-easy, the next 10 or 15 questions are fairly basic, and then it gets more in-depth. I scored it so the easier questions are worth a little more, so if someone gets most of the easy ones and misses most of the hard ones, they should still score 70% to 80%. Be advised that very few people will break 90% because it gets hard near the end. And if you learned most of your classic rock from modern classic rock radio, you probably won't even get to 60%. Why, you ask? Because most classic rock stations today are owned by corporations, which are run by greedy yuppie whores who make the DJs play the same 30 or 40 classic rock songs over and over, based on the latest marketing research. Classic rock radio has stagnated to the point where rock & roll is effectively deadWe sit and listen to "Breathe,"  "D'yer Mak'er,"  "Pinball Wizard,"  "Bennie And The Jets,"  "Rebel Rebel,"  "Wonderful Tonight,"  "Lola,"  "Maggie May,"  "All Right Now,"  and  "You Shook Me All Night Long" (among others) day in and day out, regular as clockwork, boring as shit, and Wall Street sits back and watches the money roll in. God Forbid they should play some Frank Zappa by accident ... McDonalds might pull their ads. And now that all that's been cleared up, ha ha, let's move on to the test ...



    (above picture from the back cover of "KISS : Alive" ... and slightly edited)

  • Special Thanks to the rocket scientists making all the brilliant new changes to OKCupid for introducing us to this shit-engine called HelloQuizzy ... thanks to this incredibly slow and error-riddled new testmaker, I can now finish making a 5 hour test in just 50 hours, essentially getting the same results for ten times the normal time and effort. Isn't technology wonderful?