• This a lot like the original incel test, except it's longer, more complex, and should be more accurate. Incel is short for involuntary celibacy or involuntarily celibate, so it used to describe both the state of being and the person who experiences it. An incel is an adult who desires romantic or sexual experiences, but has not had any for an extended time (over 6 months) for reasons other than purposely abstaining from them, especially if said person has never had these experiences. Some incels have dated or had relationships, but not had sex. Others are not looking for sex, but have been unable to find a romantic partner. There are currently two main models of incels, as well as some other limited research into the phenomena. In the 1980s, Gilmartin created the love-shy model, a very specific personality type and set of characteristics he found in most older adult, heterosexual, male virgins. A more recent and broader study was done by Donnelly and Burgess, recognizing people of both genders and all sexualities. There is also a third study that was done, but it is still not finished and has not been fully released publicly.

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