• The questions in this test are irritatingly random. This test has four variables, how attracted I would be to you, how attracted you would be to me, how clever you are (the "intelligence" variable is actually a measure of intelligence and education, but that didn't fit in the "name your variables" box), and how classy you are (or possibly just how much I like your tastes). If and when you finish my test, please rate it, I'd like to know what you think of it.
  • Ok Cupid already has 4498 compatibility tests, I don't expect very many people to take this one. So if you are taking it, you are likely to have just looked at my profile, if not, please do, there are questions about it in the test(and I've been told it's a good read, but that just sounds like a corny pick up line to me, you can judge it for yourself). This test is designed for straight and bisexual men who are single, if you are not in that category, your scores (on "I like you" and "you like me") are likely to be lower, so take that into consideration when you read your score page. Gay girls, feel free to take my test and contact me if you want to, I'm not as striaght as I look.
  • Just to warn you, this test contains some low level (smudged and cartoon) nudity (no, not of me, nor anyone else you can't find on google). If this is against the rules, please send me a message and tell me so, I haven't found any rules for tests. You might want to get a cup of tea, this test is pretty long (and tea is good anyway).
  • Welcome. This won't hurt a bit... you have been warned.

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