• Hi! And welcome to my 80s & early 90s kids shows Test. This test covers your knowledge and respect of kids cartoons and shows (non cartoon) that AIRED from the early 80s anywhere up to the early 90s. What I mean by AIRED is the show was on television during that time, which does not mean it had to made in that time frame! (for example I may ask a question about a show that was made in 1978 - as long as it was still on tv in the 80s even early 90s).


    Obviously I made this for those of us who grew up in the 80s! or, maybe for those who have an interest in this era. I really can't stand the newer cartoons.. they make little if no sense! I have found many others that grew up in the 80s will agree. SOME of the many shows you should be familiar with are: Alivin and the Chipmunks, ALF, Ducktales, most any other Disney cartoon, any shows that may have been cancelled after a few episodes, Old Nick shows (cartoon or not), cartoon shorts, shows most people don't remember, and the Duh! everyone knows that one shows. Obviously I could not fit every popular show...


     I have a few questions on this test which almost nobody has given me the correct answer for! GOOD LUCK! You better be ready! lol, hope you watched alot of tv, easy is not the word for this test! All questions have a correct answer and my answers are correct, they have been checked repeatedly (just not the spelling lol)! All the shows you see on this test exist (or use to) as well!Some of the harder questions offer more points for correct answers! If you plan on taking more than an hour take this test then don't bother... This test is out of 33 possible points, 33 being the best, and hardest to achieve and nearly impossible.... a perfect is extremely hard to get! You can go into the negative for skipping questions and dumb answers! Questions? send me a message! Nope wont give u answers!

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