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  • Hi! Thanks for stopping in to take my American Idol Fan Test. If you like the show half as much as I do, you should have a good time here. This test will score you not only on your American Idol Knowledge, but also on your general judging abilities according to my whimsy. (I tried hard to be reasonable and fair, I promise.) This means that every now and then, amongst the general knowledge questions, there will be randomly appearing opinion questions so you can actually put your 2 cents in. For knowledge you can get a top score of 100 and a top score of 50 for judging. Good luck! That being said... enjoy the test! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Was it this year's finalist, Heather Cox who said "I watch American Idol like a stalker." If you know the answer (100% sure) message me and let me know! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~