• Hi! And welcome to my Are You A Death Eater Test. The Death Eaters, a group which included some of the most talented, ruthless and determined witches and wizards of their generation, held the entire wizarding community of Great Britain in their thrall and were never quite exterminated, even after the fall of their leader. This is hardly surprising to people intimate with the details of the Potterverse, given how members of some of the most prominent families in the Wizarding World (the Blacks, the Crouches, the Malfoys) were all leading members of the DEs. Be very clear about what this test measures, the DEs wanted a racially pure Wizarding World, with the human community as their slaves living in abject terror. It would be tough for most of us to support the Death Eaters as they are presented in the Harry Potter narrative. But tweak the situation, just a little, and things get a bit more interesting. So, here we go. Have fun. I welcome questions and comments. (Image courtesy of elfwood.lysator.liu.se)

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